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June 17-22, 2018


Univercells is offering disruptive manufacturing platforms based on innovative upstream and downstream approaches, aiming at increasing the availability and affordability of biotherapeutics.

The use of fixed-bed high-density bioreactors with sequential in-line clarification and capture operations creates an intensified and integrated process, resulting in a drastic reduction of footprint and capital expenditure.

By designing a flexible process that can easily be adapted to any viral vaccine without hardware modification, Univercells wishes to reduce the burden of developing adapted manufacturing processes for newly developed vaccines, facilitating their way towards commercialization.

With this process, viral vaccines such as polio can be produced in a miniaturized fully-contained isolator for increased safety, leading to a tremendous impact on the factory design, CAPEX and cost of manufacturing.

This isolator-based bioproduction unit can be rapidly deployed locally, maximizing availability of essential biotherapeutics while offering an alternative to transport & storage problematics.

Such micro-facility is able to produce large quantities of vaccines at very low cost, offering a sustainable solution to the next challenges of bioproduction, such as the increasing demand of affordable vaccines for campaign-based immunization, or for the ever-increasing gene therapy segment.

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