November 5-9, 2017
LaFonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Editors:   Yutaka Kagawa, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
  Dongming Zhu, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA
  Ram Darolia, GE Aviation (retired), USA
  Rishi Raj, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Yutaka Kagawa, Dongming Zhu, Ram Darolia, and Rishi Raj (Article)

Development and commercialization of GE's ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) for aircraft engines, Krishan Luthra (Abstract)


High temperature composite overview in France, Marc Montaudon and Eric Bouillon (Abstract and Presentation)

Application of CMC materials into aero-engines, Kuniyuki Imanari (Abstract)

ONR and NAVY Research in Ceramic Matrix composites systems for advanced naval engines, David Shifler (Abstract)

Overview of NASA transformational tools and technologies Project’s 2700°F CMC/EBC Technology Challenge, Janet B. Hurst (Abstract)

Ceramic matrix composites at GE Aviation, Jim Steibel, Jon Blank, and Brian Dix (Abstract)

Fiber creep and rupture models for design of advances high-temperature SiC- based ceramic matrix Composites, James DiCarlo (Abstract)

Progress of silicon carbide fibers and their application to ceramic matrix composites, Michio Takeda (Abstract)

Ceramic composites for high temperature aerospace structures and propulsion systems, David Marshall, Olivier Sudre, and Brian Cox (Abstract)

Twenty years of experience with carbon/ceramic brakes: Status and perspectives, Walter Krenkel (Abstract)


Overview of ceramic matrix composite research at NASA Glenn Research Center, James D. Kiser et al, Joseph E. Grady, Craig E. Smith, Roy M. Sullivan, Valerie L. Wiesner, Janet B. Hurst, Steven M. Arnold, Dongming Zhu, Amjad S. Almansour, Ramakrishna T. Bhatt, Sreeramesh Kalluri, and Sai Raj (Abstract and Presentation)

Informatics based structure-property linkages for transverse strength of ceramic matrix composites, Dipen Patel, Craig Przybyla, Triplicane Parthasarathy, Daniel Rapking, and Michael Braginsky (Abstract)

Engineering framework for Safran interlocked ceramics components, David Marsal, Eric Bouillon, and Nicolas Laval (Abstract)

SiC-based ceramic matrix composite behavior enhancement for gas turbines hot sections, Eric Bouillon, Nicolas Laval, and David Marsal (Abstract)


Updated Composite Materials Handbook-17 (CMH-17) Volume 5 - Ceramic Matrix Composites, James Doug Kiser, Rachael Andrulonis, Cindy Ashforth, Kaia E. David, and Curtis Davies (Abstract and Presentation)

Constituent development for higher temperature capable ceramic matrix composites, Michael K. Cinibulk (Abstract)

Interface engineering in oxide/oxide composites, K.K. Chawla (Abstract)

Creep durability of 3D woven SiC/SiC composites with (CVI+PIP) hybrid matrix, R.T. Bhatt (Abstract)


SiC fibers and SiC/SiC ceramic matrix minicomposites damage behavior, Amjad Almansour (Abstract and Presentation)


Image analysis, synthesis and image-based modeling of ceramic-matrix composites, Gerard L. Vignoles (Abstract and Presentation)

Effect of fiber distributions on the mechanical performance of CMC materials: Virtual manufacturing and testing approach, Wooseok Ji and Hye-gyu Kim (Abstract)

Effect of mechanical machining on surface roughness of CMCs, Ralf Goller and Achim Rösiger (Abstract)

In-situ 3D visualization of composite microstructure during polymer-to-ceramic conversion, Frank Zok and N.M. Larson (Abstract)

A methodology based on in-situ crack propagation and modeling for designing ceramic composites for use at high temperature, Raj Singh (Abstract)

Virtual simulation and design of barrier coatings for ceramic composites, Matthew R. Begley (Abstract)

Multi-scale modeling of damage and delaminations failure in ceramic matrix composites, Rajesh S. Kumar (Abstract)

Monitoring damage accumulation using acoustic emission and electrical resistance at room and elevated temperatures of SiC-based composites, Greg Morscher (Abstract)

Dual function polymer-derived non-oxide/oxide matrix prepared by additive manufacturing, Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Fundamentals of polymer precursor method for synthesizing silicon carbide based ceramic fibers, Masaki Narisawa, Yuka Ikemoto, and Kenji Suzuki (Abstract)

Implications of coupled crystallization and decomposition reactions for CMC processing using polymer derived ceramics, David Poerschke (Abstract)


SiC-SiC CMCs Using BN powder coated silicon carbide fibers, Eric Ness, Shinichiro Aonuma, Koichi Machida, and Charles Lewinsohn (Abstract and Presentation)

Non-oxide ceramic matrix composites for application in hot gas atmospheres – requirements and potential, Hagen Klemm, Willy Kunz, Katrin Schönfeld, and Bernd Gronde (Abstract)

Borosilicate wetting on ceramic matrix composites and Si-based substrates, Megan Wilson, Elizabeth Opila, and Tim Keenan (Abstract)

Ceramic matrix composite environmental barrier coating durability model, Brian Sullivan and Mike Dion (Abstract)

Evaluation of ceramic matrix composite leading edge samples under simulated hypersonic flight conditions, Triplicane Parthasarathy, Melvin Petry, Carmen Carney, Michael Cinibulk, Tarun Mathur, and Mark Gruber (Abstract)

CMAS challenges to CMC-T/EBC systems, Carlos Levi, D.L. Poerschke, W. Summers, J.H. Shaw, R.W. Jackson, D. Park, K.M. Grant, N. Verma, and F.W. Zok (Abstract)

Boria effects on the oxidation mechanisms of SiC/BN/SiC CMCs, Elizabeth Opila, Valentina Avincola, Bohuslava McFarland, Megan Wilson, and Madeline Morales (Abstract)

Issues of advanced ceramic matrix composites in aeroengine applications, Sung R. Choi (Abstract)

Calcium-magnesium alumino-silicates (CMAS) reaction mechanisms and resistance of advanced turbine environmental barrier coatings - SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composites, Dongming Zhu, Gustavo Costa, Bryan Harder, Valerie L. Wiesner, and Janet B. Hurst (Abstract)

Degradation of oxide/Si/(SiC/SiC) model environmental barrier coatings system after unexpected melting condition of Si bond coat layer, Yutaka Kagawa (Abstract)

Current EBC development and testing at NASA, Kang Lee, Bernadette Puleo, Deborah Waters, and Gustavo Costa (Abstract)

Advanced design of EBC based on mass-transfer mechanisms in oxides under oxygen potential gradients at high temperatures, Satoshi Kitaoka, Tsuneaki Matsudaira, Masashi Wada, Taishi Yokoi, and Masasuke Takata (Abstract)

APS Y2O3 environmental barrier coatings for oxide ceramic matrix composites, Peter Mechnich (Abstract)

Development of NASA's advanced environmental barrier coatings for SiC/SiC composites: Prime-reliant design and durability perspectives, Dongming Zhu (Abstract)

Delamination resistance of oxide environmental barrier coatings from SiC/SiC substrate, Yutaka Kagawa (Abstract)

Failure resistant thermal and environmental barrier coating concepts, Haydn Wadley (Abstract)

An evaluation method for interface toughness of environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) on ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), Hideki Kakisawa (Abstract)

Development of thermally sprayed environmental barrier coatings, Emine Bakan, Daniel Emil Mack, Caren Sophia Gatzen, and Robert Vaßen (Abstract)

Residual stress measurement of YB silicates by Raman Spectroscopy: First-principles and experimental studies, Takafumi Ogawa, Yoshihisa Tanaka, Hideki Kakisawa, Taishi Yokoi, and Satoshi Kitaoka (Abstract)

Oxidation mechanisms of ZRB2-based ultra high temperature ceramic matrix composites, Ryo Inoue, Yasuo Kogo, Yuki Kubota, and Ken Goto (Abstract)

Microstructure control of multi-layered EBC prepared by dual electron beam PVD, Taishi Yokoi, Norio Yamaguchi, Satoshi Kitaoka, and Masasuke Takata (Abstract)

Numerical simulation of energy release rate for interface crack initiation due to thermal stress in environmental barrier coatings for Silicon Carbide (SIC) fiber reinforced in SIC matrix composite, Emi Kawai and Yoshitaka UMENO (Abstract)


The potential of plasma activation for EB-PVD of EBC systems on CMC components, Burkhard Zimmermann, Gösta Mattausch, Bert Scheffel, Jens-Peter Heinß, Frank-Holm Rögner, and Christoph Metzner (Abstract and Presentation)

SIC/SIC composite thruster for a non-toxic liquid propellant rocket engine, Ken Goto, Shinichiro Tokudome, and Tsuyoshi Yagishita (Abstract)

Measurement of delamination toughness of EBC layer from 2D/3D SIC/SIC substrate: Experiment and analysis, Yuto Aoki, Junya Inoue, Rumi Kitazawa, and Yutaka Kagawa (Abstract)

How not to measure the tensile strength of high-modulus fibers, Joseph Pegna and Shay L. Harrison (Abstract)

Cost-performance analysis of silicon carbide fibers, Shay Harrison and Joseph Pegna (Abstract)

High-temperature ceramic matrix composites using microwave enhanced chemical vapor infiltration, Matthew Porter, Andrea D’Angio, Jon Binner, Michael K. Cinibulk, and Pavel Mogilevsky (Abstract)

Interfacial characteristics and microstructural evolution of ceramics exposed to high temperature sand laden combustion environments, Dongming Zhu, Anindya Ghoshal, Andy Nieto, Michael J. Walock, Muthuvel Murugan, Blake Barnett, Marc Pepi, Jeffrey Swab, William Gamble, Mark Graybeal, Andrew Wright, Jian L uo, Christopher Rowe, Robert “Tyler” Pegg, and Kevin Kerner (Abstract)

Environmental barrier coating fracture, fatigue and high-heat-flux environment failure mechanisms and stochastic progressive damage simulation, Dongming Zhu and Noel N. Nemeth (Abstract)