Conference Dates

September 7-12, 2003


The construction industry is continuously looking for superior building components. Innovative production processes are, in combination with tight quality control, the keys to structural steel grades with outstanding properties. Especially the thermomechanical treatment allows for combining material properties which were formerly thought to be incompatible: high yield strength for big material thicknesses, good toughness and excellent weldability.

This paper presents the Quenching and Self-Tempering (QST) process which allows for the production of heavy hot-rolled H-beams in high strength structural steel grades with excellent weldability characteristics. The new steel grades fully comply and even exceed the requirements of the European and American structural steel standards. The good toughness and ductility of these grades also make them very suitable for applications in earthquake areas. Ten years of experience in producing and commercializing heavy beams in high strength grades world-wide also allow to present the economical use of these products in various structures, such as long span trusses, high-rise buildings, bridges and offshore applications.