September 15-20, 2019
Grand Hotel San Michele
Cetraro (Calabria), Italy

Editors:   Franco Berruti, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada
  David Chiaramonti, RE-CORD, University of Firenze, Italy
  Ondrej Masek, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  Manuel Garcia-Perez, Washington State University, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Franco Berruti, David Chiaramonti, Ondrej Masek, and Manuel Garcia-Perez (Article)


Biochar beyond carbon sequestration: Life-cycle emission reductions, nutrient recycling and food security, Johannes Lehmann (Abstract and Presentation)


Experimental design and testing in a pilot-scale rotary kiln for the torrefaction of beech wood under system restrictions, Jorge López-Ordovás, Ibai Funcia-Muguerza, Katie Chong, Javier Gil, Raúl Pérez-Vega, and Tony Bridgwater (Abstract and Presentation)

Farm and laboratory size biochar and heat coproduction in reducing atmosphere compact autothermal pyrolysis reactor, Dušan Klinar, Nataša Belšak Šel, Štefan Čelan, and Klavdija Rižnar (Abstract)

Small-scale biochar production on Swedish farms, Elias Azzi, Erik Karltun, and Cecilia Sundberg (Abstract)

Optimum biochar application rate for improving soil moisture characteristics, Ifeoma Edeh and Ondrej Masek (Abstract)

Flame cap kilns for hazardous fuels reduction and biochar application in the western United States, Darren McAvoy and Juan Villalba (Abstract)


Influence of feedstock and operational conditions on bio-chars derived from the pyrolysis of selected biomasses, David Chiaramonti, David Casini, Giovanni Ferraro, Emiliano Fratini, Giuditta Pecori, Andrea Maria Rizzo, and Luca Rosi (Abstract and Presentation)


Influence of heating rate on the solid yield of biomass pyrolysis, Markus Lang, Kathrin Weber, and Peter Quicker (Abstract and Presentation)


Effect of pyrolysis conditions on sewage sludge derived biochars for high value composites applications, Paola Giudicianni, Maurizio Troiano, Roberto Solimene, Raffaele Ragucci, Mauro Giorcelli, Alberto Tagliaferro, and Mattia Bartoli (Abstract and Presentation)

Influence of hydrothermal pretreatment on the pyrolysis of spent grains, Maciej P. Olszewski, Sabina A. Nicolae, Maria-Magdalena Titirici, Pablo J. Arauzo, and Andrea Kruse (Abstract)

What if electricity from wood costs two-euro cents / kWh and produces high quality charcoal?, Benjamin Hupfauf, Angela Hofmann, and Marcel B. Huber (Abstract)

Crab body pyrolysis: Characterization and applications of crab biochar: "A crabby solution", Stephanie MacQuarrie, Doug Richards, Haley Armstrong, and Kelly Hawboldt (Abstract)


Biochar production though combined solar drying & single chamber pyrolysis, Dirk Weichgrebe, Moni M Mondal, and Rahul Ramesh Nair (Abstract and Presentation)

The Hammenhög biochar plant – residues and by-products to produce biochar and residential heating, Ann-Mari Fransson, Jonatan Malmberg, Sven-Olof Bernhoff, and Markus Paulsson (Abstract)


Biochar - just a black matter is not enough!, Andreas Hornung and Fabian Stenzel (Abstract and Presentation)

Minerals-carbon interaction during biomass pyrolysis: Implications to biochar carbon sequestration and bioenergy, Ling Zhao and Ondřej Mašek (Abstract)

Sludge transforms into biochar: Doping calcium induces phosphorus transforming into a plant-available speciation, Hongyan Nan, Ling Zhao, and Xinde Cao (Abstract)

Mechanism of hydrochar formation from black liquor, Elsa Weiss-Hortala, Hélène Boucard, Radu Barna, Ange Nzihou, and Fabienne Espitalier (Abstract)


Characteristic studies on the biochars produced by hydro-thermal and steam gasification of canola hull and canola meal fuel pellets, Franco Berruti, Sonil Nanda, Ajay K. Dalai, and Janusz A. Kozinski (Abstract and Presentation)

Preliminary study on the influence of pyrolysis process conditions on the textural properties of activated carbons from wheat straw-derived biochars, Joan J. Manya, Gianluca Greco, Belén González, Christian Di Stasi, and María Videgain (Abstract)

Cultivating Camelina for sustainable aviation fuels in EU med marginal land recovered with co-composted biochar and digestate: Preliminary results, David Casini, David Casini, Tommaso Barsali, Yuri Herreras Yambanis, and Javi Prieto Ruiz (Abstract)


Activation of biochar from olive residues: A predictive model for yield and surface area, Franco Berruti, Anastasia Colomba, and Cedric Briens (Abstract and Presentation)

Validation and application of a multiparameter model for the densification of biochar, Lorenzo Riva, Therese Videm Buø, and Henrik Kofoed Nielsen (Abstract)

NewCarbon Innovation for the production and application of biochar, wood vinegar and energy, Marius van der Merwe (Abstract)

Biochar in residual ash from gasifier cookstoves, Henrik Kofoed Nielsen and Erlend Rosaceae (Abstract)

Production and characterization of HTC solids from lignin-rich biomass and downstream application in anaerobic digestion, Mingyu Hu, Ondřej Mašek, Marcus Fischer, and Pro.Dr.Thomas Hoffmann (Abstract)


Nanoindentation characterization of microwave-pyrolysis biochar, Muhammad T. Afzal, Chase Wallace, and Gobinda Saha (Abstract and Presentation)


Changes in pore size distribution with pyrolysis temperature, particle aspect ratio and pretreatment by leaching of large beech wood particles, Przemyslaw Maziarka, Peter Sommersacher, Stefan Retschitzegger, Wolter Prins, and Frederik Ronsse (Abstract and Presentation)

Commercializing biocarbon and building markets, Jamie Bakos (Abstract)

Pyrolysis of organic side stream materials for the production of biochar as an amendment in green roofs: Characterization and field experiments, Tom Haeldermans, P. Samyn, D. Vandamme, A. Cuypers, K. Vanreppelen, and S. Schreurs (Abstract)

Core level binding energy for nitrogen doped char: XPS deconvolution analysis from first principles, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Michael Ayiania, Matthew Smith, Alyssa J.R. Hensley, Louis Scudiero, and Jean-Sabin McEwen (Abstract)


Comparative analysis of low nitrogen emissions fertilizers based on activated carbon from residual materials, Javier Pallarés Ranz, Javier Pallarés Ranz, and Maite López-Franco Jiménez (Abstract and Presentation)

Biochar characterization of raw versus spent common ivy: Inorganic nutrient behavior, Willem Vercruysse, Jolien Smeets, Pieter Samyn, Peter Adriaensens, Jan Yperman, Dries Vandamme, Robert Carleer, Wouter Marchal, Kenny Vanreppelen, and Tom Haeldermans (Abstract)


The role of feedstock for biochar and energy in reducing the carbon footprint of bioenergy projects — A case study in North Europe, Lydia Fryda and Rian Visser (Abstract and Presentation)

UKBRC standard biochar and its use by the global scientific community in its first 5 years of existence, Ondrej Masek (Abstract)

Artisanal and industrial biochar production and co-composting for acidic mine waste reclamation, Gustavo Adolfo Gutiérrez Fernández and Christina Siebe Grabach (Abstract)

Analysis of peat-based biochar as an additive to control greenhouse gas emissions in manure management systems, Josephine Getz, Alan Gilmer, John Cassidy, and Vivienne Byers (Abstract)

Biochar-mortar composite: manufacturing, evaluation of physical properties and economic viability, Harn Wei Kua, Souradeep Gupta, and Sze Dai Pang (Abstract)


Biochar based silicon composites for sensors applications, Mauro Giorcelli, Mattia Bartoli, Alberto Tagliaferro, and Carlo Rosso (Abstract and Presentation)

Post-processing of biochars to enhance plant growth responses: a review and meta-analysis, Sean Thomas (Abstract)

Biocidal activity in soils by biochar from pyrolysis biorefinery process, Akwasi Boateng, JB Gurtler, DD Douds, Y. Han, and CA Mullen (Abstract)

Synergistic effects between nitrogen functionalities and metals content on the removal of phosphate ions, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Michael Ayiania, Yaime Jefferson Milan, Sohrab Haghighi Mood, Aidan Garcia, and Jean-Sabin McEwen (Abstract)

Assessment of the effect of pyrolysis operating conditions on phytotoxicity and potential as carrier for AM fungi of vine shoots-derived biochar, Joan J. Manya, Gianluca Greco, Christian Di Stasi, Belén González, and María Videgain (Abstract)

Multi-physical model for describing self-healing mortar containing biochar- immobilized bacteria, Harn Wei Kua (Abstract)

N doped and N-Metal doped biochar catalysis, Manuel Garcia-Perez (Abstract)

Biochar as potting soil constituent and as carrier of Bacillus in the cultivation of Cyclamen, Rian Visser, C. Blok, R. Leyh, and L. Fryda (Abstract)

Designing activated mineral biochar composites for the adsorption and degradation of emerging contaminants, Christian Wurzer, Ondřej Mašek, Pierre Oesterle, and Stina Jansson (Abstract)

Review of biochar application in anaerobic digestion processes, Marco Chiappero, Francesca Demichelis, Omid Norouzi, Franco Berruti, Mingyu Hu, Ondřej Mašek, Francesco Di Maria, and Silvia Fiore (Abstract)


Biochar and organic matter co-composting: a critical review, David Chiaramonti, David Casini, Tommaso Barsali, Yuri Herreras Yambanis, and Javi Prieto Ruiz (Abstract and Presentation)


Adsorption of Pb2+ on magnetic modified hemp biochar prepared using microwave-assisted pyrolysis, Muhammad T. Afzal, Patrick Godwin, and Huining Xiao (Abstract and Presentation)

Effect of co-composted charcoal from gasifier plants on plant growth, nutrient uptake and soil fertility, Thomas Hämmerle and Benjamin Hupfauf (Abstract)

Effect of operating conditions on hydrochar production from digestate, Lucio Zaccariello, Lucio Zaccariello, and Daniele Battaglia (Abstract)

Hydrothermal carbonization coupled with ultrasound assisted extraction for recovery of phenolic compounds, Pablo J. Arauzo, Michela Lucian, Maciej P. Olszweski, Lin. Du, Andrea. Kruse, and Luca. Fiori (Abstract)

A circular economy approach by co-gasification of water hyacinth and algae bloom for high-quality biochar production, Fanghua Li, Ye Shen, Xin He, Hugh Tiang, Wah Tan, Daniel J. Sweeney, and Wang Chi-Hwa (Abstract)


Immobilization of heavy metal in contaminated mine technosols using biochar: A phytomanagement strategy, Domenico Morabito, Manhattan Lebrun, Romain Nandillon, Florie Miard, Nour Hattab Hambli, Simon Chevolleau, Melissa Simiele, and Sylvain Bourgerie (Abstract and Presentation)

Toxicity screening of different modified biochars on the germination and early seedling growth, Muhammad Khalid Rafiq, Wolfram Buss, and Peters Clare (Abstract)

Household biochar production and use by smallholder farmers in Kenya, Cecilia Sundberg, James K Gitau, Mary Njenga, Thomas Kätterer, Ruth Mendum, and Kristina Roing de Nowina (Abstract)

Structural and chemical developments of biochar used in horticultural trials for various periods of time, Rian Visser, L. . Fryda, and C. Blok (Abstract)

Biochar in urban applications, Ann-Mari Fransson, Bert Sandell, Jonatan Malmberg, Lina Pettersson, Sven-Olof Bernhoff, and LarsOla Bromell (Abstract)

Biochar micronization and material applications, Eveliina Kuokkanen, Anne Gango, and Lasse Pulkkinen (Abstract)

The potential for biochar to mitigate the impact of climate change, Naeema Al Nofeli and Fred Worrall (Abstract)

Effect of biochar addition to metal-contaminated soil on Phaseolus vulgaris, Stéphanie Vandionant, Marijke Jozefczak, Sonja Schreurs, Ann Cuypers, Dries Vandamme, and Jan Yperman (Abstract)

Effect of biochar amendment on nutrient fluxes during manure fermentation, Oldrich Latal, Martin Brtnicky, Tereza Dokulilova, Jiri Holatko, and Antonin Kintl (Abstract)

Testing biochar as sorbent to decrease samarium mobility in contaminated areas, Anna Rigol, Sergi Tudela, Miquel Vidal, and Oriol Ramírez-Guinart (Abstract)

Factors affecting the sorption of perfluoroalkyl substances in biochars and other carbon-rich byproducts, Anna Rigol, Amaia Fernández-Iriarte, Miquel Vidal, and Anna Rigol (Abstract)

Characterization of tree bark biochar and evaluation of its potential to use in horticultural growing mediums, Dilani Rathnayak, Hamish . Creber, Reinhart . Van Poucke, Ondřej Mašek, Saran Sohi, Erik Meers, and Frederik . Ronsse (Abstract)

Chemical stabilization of Cd contaminated soil using fresh and aged wheat straw biochar, Dilani Rathnayake, Filipe Rego, Reinhart Van Poucke, Erik Meers, and Frederik Ronsse (Abstract)

Production and characterization of biochar produced from co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and plastic mulching sheets, Dilani Rathnayake, Saran Sohi, Ondřej Mašek, and Frederik Ronsse (Abstract)

Practical assessment of biochar stability indicators: Sensitivity to feedstock type and production conditions, Dilani Rathnayake, Przemyslaw Maziarka, Stef Ghysels, Saran Sohi, Ondřej. Mašek, and Frederik . Ronsse (Abstract)

Point of Zero Charge determination of ten standard biochars for the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions, Ondrej Masek, Leonardo Betini Sebton, Suzimara Rovani, Nilce Ortiz, Jorge Albero Soares Tenório, and Ondrej Masek (Abstract)

Biochar activated by nutrient- and microorganisms-enriched liquids as a soil amendment, Oldrich Latal, Martin Brtnicky, Katerina Havlickova, Rahul Datta, Jiri Holatko, Tereza Dokulilova, and Antonin Kintl (Abstract)

Green and non-mechanical method for production of colloidal-size biochar from agriculture waste, Jiri Holatko, Rahul Datta, Tereza Dokulilova, Lukáš Richtera, Amirmansoor Ashrafi, and Martin Brtnicky (Abstract)

Immobilization of heavy metals by microwave torrefaction of sewage sludge with additives, Jiri Holatko (Abstract)