Conference Dates

July 14-17, 2019


The formulation development of parenteral peptide therapeutics frequently encounters aggregation challenges. In-depth biophysical understanding of the molecule and formulation are required to achieve formulation robustness. Further, unique considerations need to be given for peptide products that require multi-dose as the use of preservatives can promote aggregation while preservative effectiveness can also be impacted by its interaction with the peptide. This presentation will focus on the reversible and irreversible fibril aggregates in peptide formulations. Biophysical characterization of aggregation and formulation will be discussed in detail. Formation of reversible aggregates and the impact of excipients especially preservatives will be discussed. For the development of fibril-prone peptides, analytical challenges, formulation strategies, as well as predictive test for kinetics will also be discussed. In particular, studies on the temperature-dependent fibril nucleation kinetics and its impact on formulation development will be presented.

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