May 6-11, 2018
Saddlebrook Resort
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Editors:   A. Robinson, PhD, Tulane University.
  R. Venkat, PhD, MedImmune
  E. Schaefer, ScD, J&J Janssen

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Dxb11/taut host cell engineering strategy enabling the establishment of strains producing the highest yield of advanced recycling antibodies, Hisahiro Tabuchi, Masaki Yamaguchi, Tao Jialin, and Hirokatsu Makitsubo (Abstract and Presentation)

Development of high-producing CHO cell lines through target-designed strategy, Dalton Chen, Wei-Kuang Chi, Bor-Shiun Chen, Chun-en Yang, Ying-Ju Chen, Ying-Jie Wu, Ching-Jen Yang, Chao-Yi Teng, Hsueh-Lin Lu, and Hsin-Lin Lu (Abstract)

High-yield antibody production using targeted integration and engineering CHO host, Wei-Kuang Chi, Chao-Yi Teng, Hsin-Lin Lu, Ching-Jen Yang, Dalton Chen, Bor-Shiun Chen, Hsueh-Lin Lu, Ying-Ju Chen, Chien-I Lin, and Chi-Chen Hsu (Abstract)

Evolution of rCHO cells under mild ER stress to make them super producers, Sarika Mehra and Vikas Chandrawanshi (Abstract)

Overexpression of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier increases CHO cell and recombinant protein productivity and reduces lactate production, Dubhe Bulté, Laura A. Palomares, Octavio T. Ramírez, and Carolina Gómez (Abstract)

Rolling cycle translation of circularized infinite open reading frames; fooling the ribosome, Alan Costello, Martin Clynes, Nga Lao, and Niall Barron (Article)

CRISPR/Cas9 mediated targeting of microRNA-24 improves the bioprocess phenotype of Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, Niamh Keogh, Kevin Kellner, Paula Meleady, Nga T Lao, and Niall Barron (Abstract)

Elimination of the Warburg effect in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells improves cell phenotype as a protein production platform, Hooman Hefzi, Soo Min Noh, Iván Martínez Monge, Nusa Pristovsek, Marianne Decker, Maria Javidi, Kristian Jensen, Anders Holmgaard Hansen, Stefan Kol, Johnny Arnsdorf, Zulfiya Sukhova, Karen Kathrine Brondum, Patrice Ménard, Sara Bjorn, Helle Petersen, Lars Nielsen, Helene Faustrup Kildegaard, Gyun Min Lee, Bjorn Voldborg, and Nathan E. Lewis (Abstract)

Metabolic engineering of CHO cells towards reduced novel growth inhibitor production and amino acid prototropy, Bhanu Chandra, Pauline Geoffroy, Cameron Harrington, Jeffrey Mitchell, Pamela Pegman, and Gregory Hiller (Abstract)

Targeted epigenetic glyco-engineering in CHO cells, Nicolas Marx, Heena Dhiman, Inmaculada Hernandez, Nicole Borth, and Gerald Klanert (Abstract)

Enhancement by reduction - Pushing the N-glycosylation capacity of CHO cells by cleaning up the Golgi, Nina Bydlinski, Daniel Maresch, Richard Strasser, and Nicole Borth (Abstract)

Improving developmental timelines through the generation of predictive scale down models, Nicholas Abu-Absi, Brendan S. McGuire, Sean W. McDermott, Guogang Dong, and Nicholas Abu-Absi (Abstract)

Upstream process development and scale-up of complex glycoprotein production using a long duration perfusion process, Adriane Schilling and Kumar Dhanasekharan (Abstract)

A systematic approach to implement HTST for legacy mammalian cell culture processes, LiYing Yang, Ramin Afrasiabi, Scott Rosenthal, Gordon Walker, and Min Zhang (Abstract)

On-line monitoring and controlling of cell apoptosis in mammalian cell culture processes using dielectric spectroscopy, An Zhang, Fuduo Ma, Orlin D Velev, Vivian Shen, Kelly Wiltberger, Rashmi Kshirsagar, Jun Ren, Michael Farrow, Rob Guenard, and Caitlin Kurtz (Abstract)

Leveraging a deeper understanding of Poloxamer188 to improve cell culture processes, Kevin Chang, Douglas Osborne, Rashmi Kshirsagar, David Chang, and Orlin D. Velev (Abstract)

Enhancing and enabling advanced process controls - reducing variability at the source, Mats Akesson, Mads Hougesen, Finn Mortensen, Halfdan Stenholm, Anne Tolstrup, and Brandon Berry (Abstract)

Overcoming scale-up challenges for a First-In-Human (FIH) antibody production process at the 2000L scale: Successful optimization of bioreactor equipment and harvest conditions to improve process performance and product yield, Meena George, Josephine Tressel, Brett Vincent, Anil Chhibbar, James Cuenca, Wilbur Asprec, and Henry Lin (Abstract)

Making large scale processes transparent – The application of CFD and classical engineering approaches to mitigate risk during cell culture process transfer, Jochen Schaub, Thomas Wucherpfennig, Johannes Wutz, Garima Chaudhary, Henry Lin, and Marcella Yu (Abstract)

Use of the ambr 250 to enable rapid clone selection and process development for large scale manufacturing processes, Colleen Clark, Gary Lye, Martina Micheletti, and Anurag Khetan (Abstract)

Development and qualification of a scale-down model of a commercial mammalian cell culture bioreactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics, Brianna Biscardi, Angela Au, Matthew Vetere, Steven Kechichian, Johnny Nolan, Mandar Makwana, Arash Abedijaberi, and Parviz Shamlou (Abstract)

Step-wise strategy to address process characterization - Toward the definion of a standardized approach, Claudia Berdugo, James Crichton, Kevin Humbard, Ben Kester, Jeet Krishnan, Li Yunsong, and Victor Vinci (Abstract)

Suspension culture of Pk15 cells for veterinary antigen production, Ziomara P. Gerdtzen, Felipe Véliz, Kurt Pohlhammer, Iván Valdés, Samuel Valdebenito, and Harold Oliva (Abstract)

Development of a highly efficient and flexible media system for CHO fed-batch culture, Yang Li, Zhe Zhang, Aaron Zheng, Nicole Polombit, Weiwei Hu, and Xiao-Ping Dai (Abstract)

Integration of CHO cell culture process improvements with continued process verification, Jun Luo, Bunyada Kwong, Jesse Bergevin, and Lisa Vulliet (Abstract)

Technical assessment approach for vendor initiated changes of direct materials, Eric Huang, Martin Rempt, Kara Calhoun, Thorsten Kaiser, Ralph Quadflieg, Philippe Maillan, Wei-Lien Yang, Ying Cheng, Anthony Tomlinson, and Salim Charaniya (Abstract)

Cell culture manufacturing of accelerated projects - Lessons from life in the fast lane, Kyle Hirst, Joanne Amazona, Jason Gu, Ross Crockett, Arthi Narayanan, and Anu Bansal (Abstract)

Process characterization for an updated legacy product, Sharat Varma and Natarajan Vijayasankaran (Abstract)

Characterization and control of culture media and buffer preparation processes: Closing the gap, Wayne Mauro and Thomas Fletcher (Abstract)

Reduced scale model qualification of a 5-L bioreactor using multivariate visualization & Bayesian inferential methods, Kevin Clark, Dwaine Banton, Sara Naguib, Eugene Schaefer, and Christopher Canova (Abstract)

Bioreactor process optimization of the ambr15 for an IgG producing CHO cell line, Michael Gillmeister and Mark Bundy (Abstract)

The EB66® cell line for yellow fever vaccine production at high cell concentrations, Alexander Nikolay, Arnaud Léon, Klaus Schwamborn, Yvonne Genzel, and Udo Reichl (Abstract)

Understanding elevated lactate level in a large-scale perfusion process to improve performance, Peter Amaya, Chris Klaver, Jeong Lee, and Brena Williams (Abstract)

Impact of mixing and aeration on cell culture performance and quality, Pooja Jambunathan, Krithiknath Tirupapuliyur, Satish Cheepala, Shailen Singh, Sarath Moses, Gargi Maheshwari, and Parimal Desai (Abstract)

Experiences and challenges during the commercialization of a licensed-in monoclonal antibody, Robert W. Leighty, Jonathan Cacciatore, A. Peter Russo, A. Graham Tulloch, Gargi Maheshwari, and Jeffrey Ly (Abstract)

Characterization of a non-originator NISTmAb expression system, Lila Kashi (Abstract)

A combinatorial use of titer and titer normalized to confluence as early reporters allows for selecting Chinese Hamster Ovary cell clones with high volumetric productivity of Etanercept, Nusa Pristovsek, Henning Gram Hansen, Daria Sergeeva, Helene Faustrup Kildegaard, Nicole Borth, Gyun Min Lee, and Mikael Rørdam Andersen (Abstract)

Establishing a small scale model with MULTIVARIATE and bayesian statistics, Peter Slade, Brad Evans, Matt Stork, Erwin Yu, and Derrick Ruble (Abstract)

CFD applications in bioreactor development and strategies for scaling up and down, Einer DosSantos (Abstract)


Off-target at-scale Scale Down Model verification of a marketed biopharmaceutical, Markus Emmler, Stefanie Menrad, and Yosuke Watanabe (Abstract and Presentation)

Elimination of Fetal Calf Serum (FCS) in industrial cell culture media for manufacturing of diagnostic Anti-bodies, Marco Jenzsch (Abstract)

Carbon dioxide driven pH reference method for transfer and scaling of fermentation processes, Christian Klinger, Katrin Greppmair, and Detlef Eisenkrätzer (Abstract)

Scale-down high-throughput perfusion development with ambr 250, Jarno Robin, Nathan Bandow, Shawn Barrett, and Aleksandar Cvetkovic (Abstract)

Overcoming manufacturing challenges for an early phase development program, Yang Yang, Thomas Gagliardi, Joe Yakamavich, Matthew Beaton, Vartan Madonian, Tracy Hsiao, and Hang Yuan (Abstract)

Clone selection and process lever optimization using an AMBR® 15 system for conversion of a roller bottle process to a suspension, perfusion bioreactor platform, Seshu Tummala, Pubali Banerjee, Omar Quintero Monzon, George Baviello, Elise Huang, and Thomas Gagliardi (Abstract)


The relevance of cell size in a CHO fed batch process: Metabolic and transcriptomic characterization, Dirk Martens, Xiao Pan, Rene Wijffels, and Ciska Dalm (Abstract and Presentation)


The journey from tech transfer to BLA submission: Case study of a NS0 cell culture process from 2000L stainless steel bioreactor to 2000L disposable bioreactor, Jincai Li (Abstract and Presentation)

Rapid protein production using CHO cells: From transfection to 100g in 6 weeks, Jill Cai and Weichang Zhou (Abstract)

Fast predictive expression platform – CHO-K1 with transposase, Bram D. Estes, Eric Gislason, Darren Bates, Jennitte Stevens, and Zhulun Wang (Abstract)

Sanofi in-house medium: Exceeding expectations in cell line development as an alternative to commercially available basal medium, Christine DeMaria, Nidhi Thaker, Christopher Lin, Jin Zhang, Chantal Turner, Susan Elliott, and Anthony Paiva (Abstract)

Development of a novel high-throughput platform for efficient perfusion-based cell culture process development, Thomas Gagliardi, Yang Yang, Hang Yuan Shire, and Rahul Chelikani (Abstract)

A reference genome for the Chinese hamster based on a hybrid assembly strategy, Kelvin H. Lee, Oliver Rupp, Sven Griep, Karina Brinkrolf, Alexander Goesmann, Kelley Heffner, Haiping Hou, Michael Betenbaugh, Shangzhong Li, Mojtaba Samoudi, Nathan Lewis, Heena Dhiman, Inmaculada Hernandez, Vaibhav Jadhav, Nicole Borth, Madolyn L. MacDonald, Shawn Polson, and Brewster Kingham (Abstract)