November 12-16, 2017
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada

Editors:   Eric Duoss, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
  Waltraud M. Kriven, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Eric Duoss and Waltraud M. Kriven (Article)

Reaction flash sintering of multiphase ceramics, Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Photoelectrochemical water splitting for solar energy conversion and storage, Avner Rothschild (Abstract)

Controlling and characterizing microstructure in lithium-ion battery electrodes, Gary M. Koenig, J. Pierce Robinson, and Adam Kern (Abstract)

The impact of charge/discharge rate on capacity fade on composite structured cathodes in lithium ion batteries, Christopher Apblett (Abstract)

Improvement of electrochemical performance of SOFC composite electrode formed by EPD, Hidenori Yahiro and Yoshiteru Itagaki (Abstract)

Carbon nanotube-rich domain effects on bulk electrical properties of nanocomposites, Chelsea S. Davis, Nathan D. Orloff, Jeremiah W. Woodcock, Christian J. Long, Kevin A. Twedt, Bharath Natarajan, Jabez J. McClelland, Jan Obrzut, J. Alexander Liddle, and Jeffrey W. Gilman (Abstract)

Design of elastomeric composites for the additive manufacturing of robots, Robert Shepherd (Abstract)

Adding some "Dirt" to "Clean" energy: Applying clay nanocomposites in solar cells, Erik Spoerke, Kenneth Armijo, Eric Schindelholz, Margaret Gordon, Robert Sorensen, Kevin Holder, and Jaime Grunlan (Abstract)

Autonomous motility of polymer films coupled to stimuli gradients, Benjamin E. Treml, Ruel McKenzie, Phillip Buskohl, David Wang, Loon-Seng Tan, and Richard Vaia (Abstract)

PET – A semi-crystalline nanocomposite, Jay C. Hanan, Sudheer Bandla, and Masoud Allahkarami (Abstract)

In pursuit of blending polymers with carbon nanotubes, Marilyn Minus and Heng Li (Abstract)

Single-molecule fluorescence measurement of local polymer properties, James, A. Liddle; Muzhou Wang; James Marr; Abhishek Kumar; and B. Robert Ilic (Abstract)

Structural Reconstitution in Polymer Matrix Composites and its Significance for Performance and Functionality, John Kieffer, Manon Heili, and Eleanor Coyle (Abstract)

The Reduction of Platinum Consumption in Environmental Catalysts for Complete Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds, Nobuhito Imanaka (Abstract)

Structure and mechanical response of metallized electrospun polymeric mats and foams for filter applications, David Bahr, Temitope Q. Aminu, and Chang-Eun Kim (Abstract)

Characterization and modeling of elastic modulus across the (Al, Sc)N system, Corinne E. Packard, Dong Wu, Kevin Talley, Sukriti Manna, Cristian Ciobanu, Paul Constantine, Geoff Brennecka, and Andriy Zakutayev (Abstract)

DNA-protein nanocomposites: Microscale structures with molecular precision, James A. Liddle, Veronika Szalai, and Daniel Schiffels (Abstract)

In-vivo evaluation of biocompatibility of biodegradable Fe-Mn materials, Sabrina Huang, Marine Traverson, Michael Heiden, Lia A. Stanciu, Eric A. Nauman, Gert J. Breur, and Yava Jones-Hall (Abstract)

In-silico design of nanocomposite scaffolds for bone regeneration, Dinesh Katti, Anurag Sharma, and Kalpana Katti (Abstract)

Processing-structure-property relationships in cellulose nanocrystal/poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) composites, Meisha L. Shofner and Matthew P. Orr (Abstract)

Auxetic behavior of fiber networks: Paper and nonwoven fabrics, Meisha L. Shofner, Anselm C. Griffin, and Prateek Verma (Abstract)

A study on the failure prediction of composite laminates in bending, Jinsung Kim, Sooyong Lee, Jaesung Bae, and Jinho Roh (Abstract)

High-temperature behavior in entropy-stabilized oxide (Mg0.2Co0.2Ni0.2Cu0.2Zn0.2)O, Waltraud M. Kriven and Kuo-Pin Tseng (Abstract)

Using reaction kinetics to deduce the fiber-matrix interface/interphase in glass fiber/epoxy/amine composites, Gale Holmes (Abstract)

Micromechanical analysis of influence of voids and interface properties on ultimate strength of composite laminates, Mehdi Naderi, N. Apetre, N. Iyyer, K. Goel, and N. Phan (Abstract)

A unified numerical framework for modeling interactive failure modes in a single edge notched laminated composite under tension, Wooseok Ji (Abstract)

High temperature mechanical properties of BN particle dispersion SiC composites, Tatsuya Hinoki, Kanjiro Kawasaki, Fujio Shinoda, and Kazuya Shimoda (Abstract)

Oxidation, scale crystallization, and strength of SiC fiber after oxidation in air, steam, and low pO2, Randall Hay (Abstract)

Process-structure-property relationships of additively manufactured model sandstone, Kevin Hodder, John A. Nychka, and Rick J. Chalaturnyk (Abstract)

Novel graded honeycombs fabricated by material extrusion additive manufacturing, Brett G. Compton (Abstract)

Enhancing the sustainability of high performance fiber composites, Daniel F. Schmidt and Emmanuelle Reynaud (Abstract)

Delamination of ceramic top coat accelerated by CMAS in an EB-PVD thermal barrier coating specimen, Masakazu Okazaki, Y. Hayashi, and L. Siddharth (Abstract)

Powder-based processing of highly-loaded platelet-reinforced composites, Rafael Libanori, Sara T. R. Velasquez, Justin-Aurel Ulbrich, Marco R. Binelli, Kunal Masania, and André R. Studart (Abstract)

Bioinspired design of structural and thermal materials, Nima Rahbar (Abstract)

In-situ phase diagram determination of the HfO2-Ta2O5 binary up to 3000˚C, Scott J. McCormack, Richard Weber, Sergey Ushakov, Alexandra Navrotsky, and Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)