September 24-28, 2017
Pierre Baudis Congress Center
Toulouse, France

Editors:   Pierre Monsan, Toulouse White Biotechnology, France
  Magali Remaud-Simeon, LISBP-INSA, University of Toulouse, France

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Pierre Monsan and Magali Remaud-Simeon (Article)

Biocatalysts for a biological chemistry: Bringing new chemistry to life, Frances Arnold (Abstract)

Programmable DNA-guided artificial restriction enzymes: Discovery, engineering, and applications, Huimin Zhao (Abstract)

Towards high-value chemicals production harnessing synthetic biology, Eriko Takano (Abstract)

Discovery and engineering systems for multi-enzyme catalysis, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert (Abstract)

Designer enzymes for industrial applications, Daniela Grabs (Abstract)

Using the CODEEVOLVER® directed evolution platform to create improved enzymes for molecular diagnostics, Vesna Mitchell, Sandy Gomes, Nikki Dellas, David Elgart, Judy Viduya, Jonathan Vroom, and Matt Miller (Abstract)

Bio-Isobutene production: When the key enzymes are nowhere to be found, François Stricher (Abstract)

Aviation biofuels: How are enzymes deemed to play a critical role in the development of sustainable solutions?, Olivier Rolland and Michael Lakeman (Abstract)

Computational design of reprogrammed and new protein functions, Tanja Kortemme (Abstract)

“Bio” catalysis for energy: Enzymes, artificial enzymes and bioinspired catalyst, Marc Fontecave (Abstract)

Design and evolution of artificial enzymes, Don Hilvert (Abstract)

Artificial (METALLO-) enzymes: Design and application, Gérard Roelfes (Abstract)

Computer-aided engineering of enzymes for in vitro and in vivo production of novel precursors, Isabelle André (Abstract)

Enzyme activity by design: An artificial rhodium hydroformylase for linear aldehydes, Amanda Jarvis, Lorenz Obrecht, Peter Deuss, Wouter Laan, Emma K. Gibson, Peter P. Wells, and Paul C. J. Kamer (Abstract)

Reaction dynamics analysis of an E. coli protein translation system by computational modeling, Tomoaki Matsuura, Naoki Tanimura, Kazufumi Hosoda, Tetsuya Yomo, and Yoshihiro Shimizu (Abstract)

Computationally designed libraries expand the functional scope of enzymes, Olga Khersonsky (Abstract)

Novel quantum mechanics based engineering approach enables transaminase to convert bulky ketone substrates, Pravin Kumar, Naveen Kulkarni, Devashish Das, Anurag Kumar, Uwe Bornscheuer, Matthias Höhne, Hubert Kasprowski, Jakub Kustosz, Moritz Voß, and Maika Genz (Abstract)

Evolution of protein dynamics over 3.5 billion years at the heart of enzyme catalysis and regulation, Dorothee Kern (Abstract)

The fourth dimension: Accounting for dynamics when engineering enzymes, Joelle Pelletier (Abstract)

KnowVolution: Redesigning enzymes for innovations, Ulrich Schwaneberg (Abstract)

Directed evolution of a fluorinase for improved fluorination efficiency on a non-native substrate, Huihua Sun (Abstract)

Engineering enzymes, pathways, and microbes through the use of an automated organism engineering foundry, Brynne C. Stanton and Reshma Shetty (Abstract)

Structure and function of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOS)and other redox enzymes involved in biomass processing, Vincent G. H. Eijsink and Bastien Bissaro (Abstract)

Lessons from data-driven stabilization of industrial enzymes, Jens Erik Nielsen (Abstract)

Redesign of water networks for efficient biocatalysis, Per-Olof Syrén (Abstract)

Behind the scenes: Science that drives Illumina's sequencing chemistry, Amirali Kia (Abstract)

Discovering novel carbohydrate-active enzymes, Bernard Henrissat (Abstract)

In silico methods in enzyme screening and gene expression, Yasuhisa Asano, Daisuke Matsui, and Shogo Nakano (Abstract)

Biological diversity and chemical knowledge as driving forces in enzyme engineering, Bernhard Hauer (Abstract)

Microfluidic droplets as tools for high-throughput biology: Enzyme evolution, recruitment and discovery based on catalytic promiscuity, Florian Hollfelder (Abstract)

High-throughput functional metagenomics for the discovery of glycan metabolizing pathways, Alexandra Tauzin, Gabrielle Potocki-Veronese, Simon Ladeveze, Emna Bouhajja, Elisabeth Laville, Josefa Anton Botella, Florian Hollefelder, Patrick Robe, Marion Leclerc, and Bernard Henrissat (Abstract)

Experiment-based computational method for proper annotation of the molecular function of enzymes, Véronique De Berardinis (Abstract)

Characterization, metagenomic screening and engineering of bacterial nitroreductases for biomedical research applications, David Ackerley (Abstract)

Metagenomics and sequence similarity networks expose cryptic sequence space to enable enzyme discovery and enhance engineering strategies, Janine Copp, Patsy Babbitt, Eyal Akiva, and Nobu Tokuriki (Abstract)

New enzymes acting on bioactive compounds and unique catalysis, Michihiko Kobayashi (Abstract)

Refining and mining the phylogeny of Glycoside Hydrolase Family 74 via structure-function analysis, Gregory Arnal, J. Asohan, B. Henrissat, P. Stogios, A. Savchenko, T. Skarina, and H. Brumer (Abstract)

New glucose isomerase - fit for biorefinery challenge, Klara Birikh and Anu Suonpaa (Abstract)

Expanding substrate scope and altering stereopreference of enzymes through advanced protein engineering, Uwe Bornscheuer (Abstract)

Engineering biocatalytic nanoreactors, Stefan Lutz, Matt Jenkins, and Elsie Williams (Abstract)

Computational library design and screening: Creating elephant paths in enzyme evolution, Dick Janssen and Hein J. Wijma (Abstract)

Recognition of l--homomethionine by methionyl-trna synthetase, Giuliano Negro, Yves Mechulam, and Emmanuelle Schmitt (Abstract)

Enzyme evolution and engineering using insertions and deletions, Stephane Emond, Florian Hollfelder, and Nobuhiko Tokuriki (Abstract)

Carboxylation of phenols and asymmetric nucleophile addition across C=C bond, Kurt Faber, S. Payer, K. Plasch, T. Reiter, V. Resch, C. Wuensch, S. M. Glueck, K. Gruber, G. Steinkellner, T. Pavkov-Keller, F. Himo, and X. Sheng (Abstract)

Biocatalysis: We create chemistry - with a little help from enzymes, Kai Baldenius (Abstract)

Enzymatic glycosylation of Ellagic acid, Maude Brossat, Laure Guillotin, Magali Remaud-Simeon, Sandrine Morel, and Cosima Dufour (Abstract)

Engineering of haloalkane dehalogenase enantioselectivity towards βbromoalkanes: Open-solvated versus occluded-desolvated active sites, Radka Chaloupkova, Veronika Liskova, Jan Brezovsky, David Bednar, Zbynek Prokop, Jiri Damborsky, and Veronika Stepankova (Abstract)

Engineering the substrate scope of the Fe(II) dependent halogenase WelO15, Sabrina Hoebenreich, Sabine Düwel, Henrik Müller, Luca Schmermund, and Vasundara Srinivasan (Abstract)

Accessing new and improved enzymes for unnatural glycoside synthesis and cell surface antigen removal through metagenomics, gene library synthesis and directed evolution, Steve Withers (Abstract)

Oxidoreductase reactions for cosmeceutical production from soy bean products, Byung-Gee Kim (Abstract)

Engineering chitin deacetylases for the biotechnological production of patterned chitosans, Toni Planas (Abstract)

Enabling brighter living by enzyme engineering: From structure inspired trial and error to structure guided design, Jan Metske Van der Laan and Oliver May (Abstract)

Glucan dendrimer for carbohydrate drugs, Takashi Kuriki, Ryo Kakutani, Michiyo Yanase, Akiko Kubo, Saori Hokari, and Takashi Takaha (Abstract)

Genomic characterization and gene regulation optimization to further improve an enzymatic mix used as feed additive, Olivier Guais, A. Llanos, P. Cozannet, and A. Preynat (Abstract)

Bacillus subtilis cell factory converting phytic acid into scyllo-inositol, a therapeutic agent for Alzheimer's disease, Ken-ichi Yoshida; Kosei Tanaka,; and Shu Ishikawa (Abstract)

New insights in bacillus subtillis levansucrase mechanism and applications, Agustin Lopez Munguia, María Elena Rodríguez Alegria, and Jaime R. Porras Domínguez (Abstract)

Harnessing a versatile robust lactonase for biotechnological applications, David Daudé, Pauline Jacquet, Benjamin Rémy, Laetitia Poirier, Laure Plener, Mikael Elias, and Eric Chabrière (Abstract)

Synthetic biology of modular enzymes: From enzymes to enzybiotics, Yves Briers, Hans Gerstmans, and Rob Lavigne (Abstract)

Chemo-enzymatic hybrid process for production of monatin, a high intensity sweetener, Yasuaki Takakura, Masakazu Sugiyama, Shigeru Kawahara, and Kenichi Mori (Abstract)

Enzymatic biomass utilization and modification, Anu Koivula (Abstract)

Directed evolution of a Swiss knife ligninase: The unspecific peroxygenase, Miguel Alcalde (Abstract)

Soluble carbohydrate fiber production for food ingredient applications, Robert DiCosimo (Abstract)

Finding the right molecule - knowledge-driven enzyme discovery, Wolfgang Aehle and Alexander Pelzer (Abstract)


Increased trans-glycosylation activity of hexosaminidases for synthesis of human milk oligosaccharides, Jan Muschiol; Jesper Holck; Peter K. Busk; Lene Lange; Jørn D. Mikkelsen; Anne S. Meyer; and Shariza B. Jamek, (Abstract and Presentation)

Understanding and manipulating non-templated peptide bond formation by macrocyclase enzymes, Clarissa Czekster, Hannes Ludewig, Stephen A. McMahon, and James H. Naismith (Abstract)


Enzyme shielding in a soft organo-silica layer – pharma/biopharma applications, Yves Dudal, Federica Richina, Lucas Durandi, Rita Correro, and Patrick Shahgaldian (Abstract and Presentation)

New application of transglucosidase with α-glucosidase inhibitor in the digestive tract, Yoshihiko Hirose (Abstract)

Engineering of camel chymosin for improved cheese properties, Christian Jäckel, Martin Lund, Hans van den Brink, and Sridhar Govindarajan (Abstract)

Expanding the repertoire of sortases applicable for advanced protein engineering, Martin Schatte (Abstract)

Synthetic enzymes for synthetic substrates, Doris Ribitsch, Sabine Zitzenbacher, Georg Steinkellner, Birgit Wiltschi, Enrique Herrero Acero, Karl Gruber, and Georg M. Guebitz (Abstract)

Less is more: Hydrolysis of polyesters is enhanced by a truncated esterase, Doris Ribitsch (Abstract)

Absorbance-activated-droplet sorting for directed enzyme evolution, Raphaelle Hours, Ursula Schell, Florian Hollfelder, Stephane Emond, Fabrice Gielen, and Martin Fischlechner (Abstract)

In vitro production of L-cysteine using thermophilic enzymes, Kohsuke Honda, Hironori Taniguchi, Yohei Hanatani, Kenji Okano, Makoto Imura, and Ryo Iwakiri (Abstract)

Machine learning to engineer antibody frameworks for developability, Claes Gustafsson, Sridhar Govindarajan, Mark Welch, and James Love (Abstract)

Effects of antioxidant bienzyme conjugate in rats with endotoxin shock model after different regime of administration, Alexander V. Maksimenko, Anna V. Vavaeva, Alexander A. Timoshin, Alexander A. Abramov, Marina A. Zvjaginzeva, and Vladimir L. Lakomkin (Abstract)

Spray congealing for immobilization of biocatalysts, Udo Kragl and Claudia Engelmann (Abstract)

Oxygen supply to biocatalytic oxidations, Mafalda Dias Gomes, Asbjørn Toftgaard Pedersen, Mathias Nordblad, and John M. Woodley (Abstract)

In silico enzyme engineering - successful stories and future outlook, Maria Fatima Lucas (Abstract)

Engineering and preclinical evaluation of a human enzyme immune checkpoint inhibitor for cancer therapy, Everett M. Stone, John Blazek, Christos Karamitros, Kendra Garrison, and George Georgiou (Abstract)

Engineering of carbohydrate oxidoreductases for sensors and bio-fuelcells, Clemens Peterbauer, Dagmar Brugger, Leonard Stoica, Leander Sützl, Christoph Gonaus, and Iris Krondorfer (Abstract)

Functional transitions in enzyme evolution: Balancing stability, folding and catalytic specificity, Bert van Loo, Magdalena Heberlein, Elias Dohmen, Andreas Lange, Erich Bornberg-Bauer, and Florian Hollfelder (Abstract)

Enzymes involved in polyunsaturated fatty acid saturation metabolism in lactic acid bacteria and its application for functional lipid synthesis, Jun Ogawa, Michiki Takeuchi, Shigenobu Kishino, and Yasunori Yonejima (Abstract)

An endoglucanase, GsCelA, from Geobacilus sp. undergoes an intriguing self- truncation process for enhancing activity and thermostability, Tuan-hua David Ho, Mei-Huey Wu, and Su-May Yu (Abstract)

The enzyme mechanism of a de novo designed and evolved aldolase, Cathleen Zeymer, Donald Hilvert, and Reinhard Zschoche (Abstract)

Hydrogen bond networks facilitate the conversion of aliphatic aldehydes in the charged active site of S. cerevisiae transketolase, Stefan Robert Marsden, Lorina Gjonaj, Stephen J. Eustace, and Ulf Hanefeld (Abstract)

Engineering a robust cyclohexanone monooxygenase for the production of methyl propanoate, Elvira Romero, Hugo L. van Beek, Marco W. Fraaije, J. Rubén Gómez Castellanos, and Andrea Mattevi (Abstract)

Engineer flexible loops for improved enzyme thermostability, Haoran Yu and Paul A. Dalby (Abstract)

Two strategies to engineer flexible loops for improved enzyme thermostability, Haoran Yu and Paul A. Dalby (Abstract)

Eicosapentaenoic acid conversion by cytochrome P450 BM-3 and its mutants to bio- active epoxide derivatives, Michiki Takeuchi, Chihiro Ishikawa, Kazuki Saito, Shigenobu Kishino, Satmoi Takahashi, and Jun Ogawa (Abstract)

Development of rapid immunoasssay using nanoluc-derived peptide tags, Yuki Ohmuro-Matsuyama and Hiroshi Ueda (Abstract)

Novel biocatalytic modules for the cell-free conversion of cellodextrins to glucaric acid, Kerstin Petroll, Peter L. Bergquist, Anwar Sunna, and Andrew Care (Abstract)

Hyperthermophilic archaea as a source for novel enzyme discovery, Haruyuki Atomi, Takaaki Sato, and Tamotsu Kanai (Abstract)

Disruptive mixed in vitro-in silico approach for protein engineering and screening, Frederic Cadet, Matthieu NG FUK CHONG, and Nicolas FONTAINE (Abstract)

Successful examples of the application of novel iterative trainable algorithms to guide rational mutation strategies for enzyme engineering: From prediction to lab testing to algorithm retraining, Alvaro Olivera-Nappa, Juan A. Asenjo, and Barbara A. Andrews (Abstract)

Multiple reactions for the asymmetric synthesis of unusual amino acids, Makoto Hibi, Satomi Takahashi, and Jun Ogawa (Abstract)

Laboratory-directed evolution as a tool for anticipating insecticide resistance, Galen J. Correy, Peter Mabbitt, Nicholas Fraser, Colin Jackson, Jian-Wei Liu, and John Oakeshott (Abstract)

Engineering the substrate scope of the Fe(II) dependent halogenase WelO15, Sabrina Hoebenreich, Sabine Düwel, Luca Schmermund, Henrik Müller, and Vasundara Srinivasan (Abstract)

Entropy and water dynamics in enzymatic polycyclization reactions, Charlotte Lydia Maria Kürten and Per-Olof Syrén (Abstract)

Production of medium chain fatty acid by Yarrowia lipolytica: Combining molecular design and TALEN to engineer the fatty acid synthase, Coraline Rigouin, Marc Gueroult, Christian Croux, Gwendoline Dubois, Vinciane Borsenberger, Sophie Barbe, Alain Marty, Fayza Daboussi, Isabelle André, and Florence Bordes (Abstract)

Computational design of catalytically active TIM barrel xylanases, Rosalie Lipsh and Sarel J. Fleishman (Abstract)