September 17- 21, 2023
Park City, Utah

Co-Chairs:   Jimmy Burns, University of Virginia, USA
  May Martin, NIST, USA



23 Conference program - International Hydrogen Conference Understanding Hydrogen-Materials Interactions, Jimmy Burns and May Martin (Article)

Electrochemistry of hydrogen uptake – Implications for evaluating resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, Alan Turnbull (Abstract)

Predicting hydrogen embrittlement in steels and high entropy alloys, W. A. Curtin (Abstract)

Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement/Environment-Sensitive Behavior of Materials via Microstructural Characterization: Advances, Applications and Opportunities, M. Grace Burke (Abstract)

Advances in mechanical testing methods for hydrogen assisted cracking, Kevin Nibur (Abstract)


Computational models for predicting hydrogen-assisted failures, Emilio Martínez-Pañeda (Abstract and Presentation)


Hydrogen-enhanced creep deformation of SUY-1 pure iron, Kentarou Wada, Ryosuke Komoda, Toshihiro Tsuchiyama, and Masanobu Kubota (Abstract and Presentation)

Hydrogen enhances cross-slip of dislocations in the vicinity of grain boundaries, Ali Tehranchi, Tilmann Hickel, BAM Federal, and Jörg Neugebauer (Abstract)

Surface engineering impacts on hydrogen charging and hardness of high strength steels, David F. Bahr, Jia- Huei Tien, Megan Reger, and David R. Johnson (Abstract)

Role of T phase in the hydrogen embrittlement suppression for Al-Zn-Mg- Cu alloys, Yafei Wang, Bhupendra Sharma, Yuantao Xu, Kazuyuki Shimizu, Hiro Fujihara, and Hiroyuki Toda (Abstract)

Hydrogen embrittlement of CrCoFeMnNi high-entropy alloys: Cases of monotonic tension and fatigue loading, Motomichi Koyama (Abstract)

Effect of hydrogen at cryogenic temperatures on tensile properties of 316L stainless steel obtained by different manufacturing process, Laura Moli-Sanchez, Christophe Mendibide, and Nicolas Bulidon (Abstract)

Hydrogen-assisted fracture of additively manufactured type 304L austenitic stainless steel, Chris San Marchi; Thale R. Smith, Sandia National Laboratories; Richard A. Karnesky; Dorian K. Balch; Joshua D. Sugar; and Joseph A. Ronevich (Abstract)

Mechanistic influence of sub-micrometer porosity on the hydrogen environment-assisted cracking behavior of additively manufactured 17-4PH steel, Zachary D. Harris, Trevor K. Shoemaker, Alfredo Zafra, Emilio Martinez-Paneda, and James T. Burns (Abstract)

Defect-hydrogen interaction in Al alloys: Challenges and benefits revealed by ab initio calculations, Tilmann Hickel, Ali Tehranchi, Poulami Chakraborty, Marti Lopez Freixes, Huan Zhao, Jörg Neugebauer, and Baptiste Gault (Abstract)

Hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of deposited nickel-based alloy 82, Anaïs Barou, Éric Andrieu, Pierre Joly, Lydia Laffont, and Christine Blanc (Abstract)

Effects of hydrogen on 4130 steel microstructure during tensile loading, Zachary N. Buck, Matthew Connolly, May L. Martin, Damian Lauria, Jason P. Killgore, Peter Bradley, Yan Chen, Ke An, and Andrew Slifka (Abstract)


The power of the chemical potential – Beyond textbook wisdom, Reiner Kirchheim (Abstract and Presentation)

A mechanistic interpretation for the initiation and propagation of hydrogen induced and assisted cracks, Kim Verbeken, Margot Pinson, Aurelie Laureys, and Tom Depover (Abstract)

Mechanisms of hydrogen trapping and clustering at nanovoids and dislocations in BCC metals, Jun Song and Jie Hou (Abstract)

Three-dimensional crack propagation behavior in hydrogen-related fracture of high-strength martensitic steel, Akinobu Shibata, Ivan Gutierrez-Urrutia, Akiko Nakamura, Kazuho Okada, Taku Moronaga, Yazid Madi, Jacques Besson, and Toru Hara (Abstract)

Incorporating mechanistic understanding of the H-embrittlement process into next generation EAC testing approaches, James Burns and Zachary Harris (Abstract)


Fatigue crack growth behavior of pipeline and pressure vessel steels in gaseous hydrogen, Joseph Ronevich, Milan Agnani, and Chris San Marchi (Abstract and Presentation)

Fatigue crack growth of type 304/304L stainless steel in pressurized hydrogen gas at elevated temperature, Bryan D. Miller, John R. Brockenbrough, Fassett Hickey, Brian P. Somerday, and Thomas. W. Webb (Abstract)

Mechanistic model for hydrogen accelerated fatigue crack growth in a low carbon steel, Mohsen Dadfarnia, Zahra S. Hosseini, Masanobu Kubota, Akihide Nagao, Brian P. Somerday, Petros Sofronis, and Robert O. Ritchie (Abstract)

Effect of water vapor content on the toughness and fatigue properties of two storage steels under NG/H2 gas pressure, Lisa Blanchard, Laurent Briottet, Xavier Campaignolle, and Christophe Pommier (Abstract)

On the possible role of hydrogen in the formation of fatigue striation in a moist atmosphere, Gilbert Hénaff, Sarah Saanouni, Guillaume Benoit, Thomas Billaudeau, Jérôme Rousset, Manuel de Araujo, Hadi Bahsoun, and Patrick Villechaise (Abstract)

Understanding of the hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms of nickel base alloys: A review of some recent advances on intergranular fracture, Abdelali Oudriss, Marie Landeiro Dos Reis, Jamaa Bouhattate, and Xavier Feaugas (Abstract)

Influence of /' lattice misfit on hydrogen embrittlement mechanism of single-crystal nickel-based superalloy CMSX-4, Jisung Yoo, Seungwoo Song, Jeonghyeon Do, Dae Won Yun, In Soo Kim, and Baig-Gyu Choi (Abstract)

Modeling the frequency-dependent hydrogen-assisted fatigue crack growth in engineering alloys, Zuhair M. Gasem (Abstract)

Atomic Mechanism and Criterion for Hydrogen-Induced Transgranular to Intergranular Fracture Transition, Yu Ding and Zhiliang Zhang (Abstract)

Kelvin Probe Techniques for mapping effective local hydrogen activity and permeation rates, Michael Rohwerder (Abstract)


Neutron dark-field imaging of hydrogen-fatigued pressure vessel steel, Youngju Kim, Daniel S. Hussey, Katie M. Weigandt, Pushkar Sathe, Peter N. Bajcsy, Paul A Kienzle, Sarah M. Robinson, Nikolai N. Klimov, Ryan P. Murphy, Michael G. Huber, Caitlyn M. Wolf, Zachary N. Buck, and Matthew J. Connolly (Abstract and Presentation)

Integrated analysis of hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms of a steel from its mechanical behaviours and atom probe tomography, Suqin Zhu, Qi Wang, Murata Yuya, and Simon P. Ringer (Abstract)

In-Situ TEM study of the effect of hydrogen on crack propagation in steel, Cynthia A. Volkert, Lin Tian, Masanobu Kubota, Petros Sofronis, and Reiner Kirchheim (Abstract)

Hydrogen trapping mechanisms of TiC and (Ti,Mo)C precipitates in steels, Pang-Yu Liu, Ranming Niu, Patrick Burr, Yi-Sheng Chen, and Julie Cairney (Abstract)

In Situ neutron diffraction study of effect of hydrogen on deformation mechanisms in austenitic and duplex steels, Lawrence Cho, Donald W. Brown, Bjørn Clausen, Sven C. Vogel, Joseph A. Ronevich, Chris W. San Marchi, Samantha K. Lawrence, Lucas Ravkov, Levente Balogh, Yuran Kong, Kip O . Findley, John G. Speer, and Pawan Kathayat (Abstract)

Imaging hydrogen interactions with materials at the nanoscale: SIMS-based correlative microscopy, Santhana Eswara, Dustin Andersen, and Tom Wirtz (Abstract)

In-Situ measurement of hydride corrosion of uranium using X-ray and neutron scattering techniques, Samantha K. Lawrence, Travis Carver, Bjørn Clausen, Reeju Pokharel, and Donald W. Brown (Abstract)

Hydrogen embrittlement in energy industry: Perspective on mechanisms of Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC) and approaches to improve SSC resistance in line pipe steels, Neeraj Thirumalai (Abstract)

Engineering challenges encouterd by designers of high pressure gasious hydrogen storage vessels, John W. Felbaum (Abstract and Presentation)


Balanced material selection approach of 316 stainless steel for high pressure hydrogen systems, Xiaoli Tang (Abstract and Presentation)

Welding high strength, ferritic steels for hydrogen service, Paolo Bortot, Matteo Ortolani, Erick Escorza, Michele Sileo, Matthew Connolly, and Ashwini Chandra (Abstract)


The effect of hydrogen in the HIP treatment of additive manufactured IN718, Niklas Ehrlin, Dawid Nadolski, Aurelien Prillieux, and Mauro Ravaioli (Article)

Internal friction study of hydrogen interactions in duplex stainless steel, Liese Vandewalle, Milan J. Konstantinović, Kim Verbeken, and Tom Depover (Abstract)

Formation and deformation of hydrides in titanium, Stoichko Antonov, Qing Tan, and Baptiste Gault (Abstract)

Grain boundary networks as a fundamental feature to design materials to manage diffusion of hydrogen, Jamaa Bouhattate, Abdelali Oudriss, and Xavier Feaugas (Abstract)


An ab initio driven model for the trapping and diffusion of hydrogen in Fe- Cr-Ni alloys, Patrick R. Thomas, Jacob Pursley, John Porter, Dale Hitchcock, Timothy Krentz, Erich Wimmer, and Clive Freeman (Abstract and Presentation)

Hydrogen embrittlement in subsea pipelines – From natural gas to hydrogen gas transport, Vigdis Olden (Abstract)


Mitigation of hydrogen embrittlement by carbon monoxide impurity in gaseous H2, Ryosuke Komoda, Masanobu Kubota, Aleksandar Staykov, Patrick Ginet, Francoise Barbier, Jader Furtado, Laurent Prost, and Akihide Nagao (Abstract and Presentation)

Austenitic stainless steel weld embrittlement by hydrogen and tritium, Timothy Krentz and Joseph Ronevich (Abstract)

Strain localization and hydrogen-related fracture in martensitic steels investigated by combined digital image correlation and electron backscatter diffraction, Xiaodong Lan, Kazuho Okada, Ivan Gutierrrez-Urrutia, and Akinobu Shibata (Abstract)

ab initio insights into hydrogen UPTAKE AND EVOLUTION ON electrified solid/liquid interfaces, Mira Todorova, Sudarsan Surendralal, Zhenyu Wang, and Jörg Neugebauer (Abstract)

Hydrogen permeation and embrittlement of ferritic SOEC/SOFC interconnect materials, D. Kniep, M. Rudolphi, M.C. Galetz, and J.F. Drillet (Abstract)

Contribution of hydrogen to intergranular corrosion of 2024 aluminum alloy, Christine Blanc, Emilie Mondou, Arnaud Proietti, Cédric Charvillat, and David Sinopoli (Abstract)

Investigation and prediction of hydrogen uptake kinetics of cathodic polarized metals in aqueous electrolytes, Livia Cupertino-Malheiros, Alfredo Zafra, Tim Hageman, and Emilio Martínez-Pañeda (Abstract)

Is microstructural homogeneity the answer to hydrogen embrittlement resistance?, Andrew J. Slifka; May L. Martin; Matthew J. Connolly; Damian S. Lauria,; Robert L . Amaro; Pello Uranga; Dong-Hoon Kang; and Doug G. Stalheim (Abstract)

Co-existence of hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms of a X100 seamless pipeline revealed by fracture mechanics tests at 100bar H2 under different loading cycles, Laura Moli-Sanchez, Christophe Mendibide, Flavien Vucko, Laurent Ponson, and Michael Martinez (Abstract)


In-situ wear behaviors of various rubbers in low-pressure hydrogen environment, Byeong-Lyul Choi, Un Bong Baek, and Byoung-Ho Choi (Abstract and Presentation)

Prevention of hydrogen embrittlement in Al-Zn-Mg alloys by dispersion of novel phases, Kazuyuki Shimizu, Yafei Wang, Hiroyuki Toda, Hiro Fujihara, Masatake Yamaguchi, Masayuki Uesugi, and Akihisa Takeuchi (Abstract)

Investigation of grain-boundary effect on hydrogen behaviors in single- and poly- crystalline medium-entropy CrCoNi alloy, Ki Jeong Kim, Dae Cheol Yang, Sang Yoon Song, Young-Kyun Kim, Young-Sang Na, and Seok Su Sohn (Abstract)

Oxidation potential and barrier effects of Cr-based coatings on aluminized press- hardened steels, Mélodie Mandy, Florin Duminica, Maïwenn Larnicol, Xavier Vanden Eynde, Raisa Grigorieva, Pascal Drillet, and Thierry Sturel (Abstract)

Analysis of hydrogen absorption - desorption mechanisms in Al-Si coated high strength steel during hot stamping process, Mohamed Krid, Mélodie Mandy, Thierry Sturel, Raisa Grigorieva, Pascal Drillet, and Pascal Jacques (Abstract)

Probabilistic fracture mechanics toolkit for hydrogen blends in natural gas infrastructure, Benjamin Schroeder, Remi Dingreville, Joe Ronevich, and Chris San Marchi (Abstract)

Performance of conventional and additive manufactured austenitic stainless steels under gaseous hydrogen environment using in-situ hollow specimen technique, onathan Nietzke, Florian Konert, Konstantin Poka, Benjamin Merz, and Oded Sobol (Abstract)

Fractographic study for screening the hydrogen compatibility of X70 pipeline steels and welds, Lisa Claeys, Jubica Ghent, Laura De Pue, Stijn Hertelé, Wim De Waele, Tom Depover, and Kim Verbeken (Abstract)

A model of internal crack extension due to a continuous build-up of hydrogen pressure: Application to a pressure vessel component, Jean-Gabriel Sezgin, Cédric Bosch, Gilles Perrin, Andrej Atrens, and Krzysztof Wolski (Abstract)

Current status of hydrogen trapping evaluation by thermal desorption spectroscopy and advanced microstructural characterization, Tom Depover, Liese Vandewalle, Lisa Claeys, Simon Vander Vennet, Margot Pinson, and Kim Verbeken (Abstract)

Modelling of hydrogen diffusion in a steel containing micro-porosity, Alixe Dreano, Ahmed Yaktiti, Raphaël Gass, Théophile Yvert, Jean-François Carton, and Frédéric Christien (Abstract)

Application of in situ hydrogen charging during micromechanical testing, Szilvia Kalácska, Vincent Barnier, Frederic Christien, and Guillaume Kermouche (Abstract)

Fine insight on high temperature hydrogen attack initiation and morphology on case studies, Camille Flament, Nicolas Chevreux, Thomas David, Olivier Gillia, Laure Guetaz, Romain Soulas, Charles Le Névé, Raphael Goti, and Eric Andrieu (Abstract)

Combined high energy X-Ray diffraction and small-angle scattering measurements of strain, dislocation density and porosity near steel fatigue cracks grown in hydrogen, Matthew J. Connolly, Zachary N. Buck, May L. Martin, Robert L. Amaro, Peter E. Bradley, Damian S. Lauria, Jun-Sang Park, and Andrew J. Slifka (Abstract)

Effect of hydrogen on creep properties of SUS304 austenitic stainless steel, Masanobu Kubota, Daisuke Takazaki, Toshihiro Tsuchiyama, Ryosuke Komoda, Brian P. Somerday, Petros Sofronis, and Mohsen Dadfarnia (Abstract)

Modeling the frequency-dependent hydrogen-assisted fatigue crack growth in engineering alloys, Zuhair M. Gasem (Abstract)

Investigating the effect of soluble hydrogen on plasticity in low-symmetry alpha- uranium, Mary K. O’Brien, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Rose Bloom; Daniel Savage; Bjorn Clausen; Samantha K. Lawrence; and Jason Cooley (Abstract)

Application of the small punch test to evaluate hydrogen embrittlement in steels and nickel alloys, Luiz Fernando Maia de Almeida, Rodrigo Freitas da Silva Alvarenga, Felipe Caixeta, Waldek Wladimir Bose Filho, and Sinésio Domingues Franco (Abstract)


Comparison of J-r test techniques under gaseous hydrogen environment, Rodrigo V. Landim, Sebastián Cravero, Mihaela Eliza Cristea, and Javier A. C. Velasco (Abstract and Presentation)

Strain-life testing in hydrogen; Adapting equipment for fully reversed loading of pressure vessel steels in hydrogen, Peter E. Bradley, Damian S. Lauria, Matthew J. Connolly, May L. Martin, Andrew J. Slifka, Chris P. Looney, and Robert L. Amaro (Abstract)

Hydrogen permeation through surface oxides of titanium iron alloys, Andrew Rowberg, ShinYoung Kang, Jonas Kaufman, Brandon Wood, and Nathan Keilbart (Abstract)

Measurements of hydrogen isotopes permeation in 316L stainless steel at low temperature, Stéphanie Thiébaut, Isabelle Moro, and Bruno Ricetti (Abstract)

A study on mechanical properties of natural gas pipe material in high pressure hydrogen gas environment, Won Jung Kim, Hyung Goun Joo, and Chang Nam You (Abstract)

Hydrogen effects on fatigue and fracture properties of 17-4PH stainless steel, Robert Wheeler, Chris San Marchi, and Joseph Ronevich (Abstract)

Multi-layer hydrogen-barrier coating for natural gas transmission pipelines, Gianluca Roscioli (Abstract)


Low cycle fatigue testing in high pressure gaseous hydrogen using tubular specimens, Heiner Oesterlin, Thorsten Michler, Carl Fischer, and Steffen Schönborn (Abstract and Presentation)

Hydrogen-induced degradation of mechanical properties despite reduction in brittle fracture-features in a 1.5 GPa dual-phase steel, Rama . Srinivas Varanasi, Motomichi . Koyama, Shuya Chiba, and Eiji . Akiyama (Abstract)


Observation and analysis of low temperature leak characteristics of the O-ring for hydrogen electric vehicles, Sang Min Lee, Byeong-Lyul Choi, Jong Hee Kim, Byung Ryeol Lee, and Byoung-Ho Choi (Abstract and Presentation)

Effects of C and Al on hydrogen embrittlement mechanism in medium Mn-Ni steels, Min Young Sung, Sang Yoon Song, Young-Kyun Kim, Young-Sang Na, and Seok Su Sohn (Abstract)

Semantic segmentation of microscopy images of lower bainite and tempered martensite high-strength steels, Xiaohan Bie, Manoj Arthanari, and Jun Song (Abstract)

Hydrogen embrittlement evaluation of HSLA steels using small punch and slow strain rate tests, Rodrigo Alvarenga, Luiz Fernando Almeida, Guilherme Martiniano, Daniel Ferreira, Waldek Bose Filho, and Sinésio Franco (Abstract)

Hydrogen effects in thermoplastics and elastomers in high-pressure and low- pressure cycling environments under ambient and cold temperature conditions, Nalini Chulliyil Menon, April Nissen, Bernice Mills, Taylor Kendall, Keri McArthur, and James McNair (Abstract)

Resonant tunneling of Hydrogen in Pd, Takahiro Ozawa, Ryota Shimizu, Taro Hitosugi, Koichi Kato, Hiroshi Nakanishi, and Katsuyuki Fukutani (Abstract)

Hydrogen embrittlement of an X70 pipeline steel assessed by slow strain rate tensile tests, Margo Cauwels, Robin Depraetere, Stijn Hertelé, Wim De Waele, Kim Verbeken, and Tom Depover (Abstract)

Hydrogen barrier coatings and liners for steel pipelines, Ömer Doğan, Kaimiao Liu, and Zineb Belarbi (Abstract)

Microstructural effects on fracture resistance of vintage pipeline steels in gaseous hydrogen, Milan Agnani, Joseph Ronevich, and Chris San Marchi (Abstract)

Fatigue cracks initiation in a low alloy steel: Impact of hydrogen on plasticity, Marie Lemaitre, Laurent Briottet, Cédric Bosch, Maxime Bertin, and Jacques Stolarz (Abstract)

Hydrogen induced cracking of ultra high strength 350 grade maraging steel, Cédric Bosch, Elia Tohmé, Vincent Barnier, Krzysztof Wolski, and Frédéric Christien (Abstract)

Influence of nano-sized VC and TiC carbides on hydrogen embrittlement in ferritic AHSS, Tim Boot, Amarante Böttger, and Vera Popovich (Abstract)

Structural integrity analysis of trunnion studs under cathodic protection based on pre-cracked and notched specimens, Rodrigo Freitas da Silva Alvarenga; Daniel Correia Freire Ferreira,; Guilherme Antonelli Martiniano; Neilon de Souza da Silva; Marcelo Torres Piza Paes; Francisco Francelino Ramos Neto; Rômulo Fernando Guerra Rigoni; Gabriel Vanni; and Carlos Eduardo Fortis Kwietniewski (Abstract)

Effect of microstrcuture on hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of martensitic and bainitic high strength steels, Salim Brahimi, Manoj Arthanari, Sriraman Rajagopalan, Evelin Barbosa De Melo, Steve Yue, and Jun Song (Abstract)

A combined micromechanics/materials science approach to understanding high temperature hydrogen attack, Kshitij Vijayvargia, Mohsen Dadfarnia, Petros Sofronis, Masanobu Kubota, Aleksandar Staykov, Kentarou Wada, Thi Nguyen, John Pugh, and Tom Eason (Abstract)