Indentation modulus and Young's modulus of Cu‐Cr‐Zr alloy at macro‐scale level

Conference Dates

October 1-6, 2017


In this communication the first experimental results of indentation modulus and Young’s modulus (tensile modulus) of seven samples of Cu-Cr-Zr alloy (chemical composition: 1%Cr, 0.06%Zr, rest Cu), in the macro-scale range at room temperature, are presented and compared.

Six Cu-Cr-Zr samples have been aged from different heat treatments for 2 hours in a vacuum furnace at 400C, 480C, 550C, 600C, 650C, 700C, and a single sample is kept as received. In the alloys here investigated, Cr is coherent in the Cu matrix for the as-received condition and the precipitates grow in size up to ~32 nm for the 700C condition.

The experimental procedures for the measurement of indentation modulus, by using the primary hardness standard machine at INRIM, and the Young’s modulus, by means of engineering tensile tests at CIRA, are described.

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