October 1-6, 2017
Dubrovnik Sun Gardens
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Editors:   Karsten Durst, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.


Indentation modulus and Young's modulus of Cu‐Cr‐Zr alloy at macro‐scale level, Alessandro Schiavi, Claudio Origlia, Chris Hardy, Alexandra Cackett, and Davide Signore (Abstract)

Effect of pre‐existing dislocations on the strength of gold at very small scales, Paula O. Guglielmi, Markus Ziehmer, and Erica T. Lilleodden (Abstract)

From Reactive multilayer nanofoils to self‐healing metallic systems, Stefano Danzi, Volker Schnabel, Alla Sologubenko, Henning Galinski, and Ralph Spolenak (Abstract)

Portevin‐Le Chatelier effect studied at small scale, Yuan Xiao, Jeffrey M. Wheeler, and Ralph Spolenak (Abstract)

Plasticity and size effects in germanium: From cryogenic to elevated temperatures, Ming Chen, Jeffrey M. Wheeler, and Ralph Spolenak (Abstract)

An almost unifying theory for grain boundary‐based plasticity, Marc Legros, Armin Rajabzadeh, Sylvie Lartigue-Korinek, and Mayerling Martinez (Abstract)

Thermo oxidative aging of polymers and polymer‐matrix composites studied with cyclic indentation, Olga Smerdova, Marco Gigliotti, and Marina Pecora (Abstract)

Fracture toughness of thermal barrier coatings determined by micro cantilever bending tests, Sven Giese, S. Neumeier, M. Göken, and R. Vaßen (Abstract)

Experimental design for uniaxial tensile measurements at the microscale, Daniele Casari, Jakob Schwiedrzik, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Nanomechanical test specimen preparation techniques by microfabrication and two‐photon lithography to avoid FIB induced Ga implantation damage, Laszlo Pethö, Jeff Wheeler, Patrik Schürch, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Laetitia Philippe, Maxime Mieszala, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Indentation relaxation test: Opportunities and limitations, Paul Baral, Jean-Luc Loubet, Gaylord Guillonneau, Guillaume Kermouche, and Jean-Michel Bergheau (Abstract)

A new push‐pull sample design for microscale mode 1 fracture toughness measurements under uniaxial tension, Johann Jakob Schwiedrzik, Xavier Maeder, Laszlo Pethö, Johann Michler, and Johannes Ast (Abstract)

In situ micromechanical testing inside the scanning electron microscope at subambient temperatures, Johann Jakob Schwiedrzik, Johann Michler, Juri Wehrs, Michael Deckarm, and Rainer Birringer (Abstract)

Small‐Scale Mechanical Testing of Nuclear Structural Materials, Vineet Bhakhri, Colin Judge, Jaganathan Ulaganathan, Chris Dixon, Clinton Mayhew, Daniel Arnold, Heidi Nordin, Sterling St Lawrence, Peter Hosemann, and Cameron Howard (Abstract)

Size effects in electrodeposited Ni – coatings, Michael Griepentrog, Philipp Reinstädt, Nicole Wollschläger, and Uwe Zeigmeister (Abstract)

High temperature nanoindentation up to 800°C for characterizing high temperature properties of materials, Nicholas Randall, Marcello Conte, Gaurav Mohanty, Johann Michler, and Jakob Schwiedrzik (Abstract)

Nanomechanical testing of Ti/Ni multilayer thin films, Vilma Bursikova, Jiri Bursik, Lukas Zabransky, Richard Vaclavik, Pavel Soucek, Tomas Fort, Anna Campbell Charvatova, and Radek Slesinger (Abstract)

Methods of actual indenter shape determination, Jaroslav Čech, Petr Haušild, and Ondřej Kovářík (Abstract)

Influence of the Interface and the microstructural length scale on the grid indentation, Petr Hausild, Jaroslav Čech, Jiří Matějíček, Aleš Materna, and Jiří Nohava (Abstract)

Limitation of Hall‐Petch relationship for interpreting scratch on polycrystalline copper using spherical indenter, Xiaodong Hou and Hannah Zhang (Abstract)

Annealing effect on the Fracture Toughness of CrN/TiN Superlattice Systems, Rainer Hahn, Matthias Bartosik, Paul H. Mayrhofer, Mirjam Arndt, and Peter Polcik (Abstract)

(Nano‐)Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of the topologically closed packed Fe‐Mo55 µ‐Phase at room temperature, Sebastian Schröders, Carola Birke, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, Matthias Loeck, and Stefanie Sandlöbes (Abstract)

Investigating the local fatigue properties of materials by dynamic micropillar Compression, Benoit Merle (Abstract)

Influence of modulus‐to‐hardness ratio and harmonic parameters on continuous stiffness measurement during nanoindentation, Benoit Merle, Verena Maier-Kiener, and George M. Pharr (Abstract)