May 7-12, 2023
Schloss Hernstein (near Vienna), Austria

Co-Chairs:   Franco Berruti, ICFAR, Western University, Canada
  Anthony Dufour, CNRS, ENSIC, France
  Manuel Garcia-Perez, Washington State University, USA
  Wolter Prins, University of Ghent, Belgium

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference program - Pyroliq II: Pyrolysis and Liquefaction of Biomass and Wastes, Franco Berruti, Anthony Dufour, Manuel Garcia-Pérez, and Wolter Prins (Article)

Production of cheap sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs): The role of Gasification and Pyrolysis, Manuel Garcia-Perez and Aidan Garcia (Abstract)

Reaction pathways of monomers and oligomers during hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin, Maximilian Wörner, Dr. Ursel Hornung, and Nicolaus Dahmen (Abstract)

Pyrolysis’s Aqueous-Phase Liquid (APL) upgrade through Hydrothermal- Carbonization pre-treatment, Andrea Facchin, Cristian Torri, Daniele Fabbri, and Yusuf Küçükağa (Abstract)

Anaerobic digestion of aqueous pyrolysis condensate enhanced by biochar: a circular economy approach, Neha Batta, Tahereh Sarchami, Cesar M Moreira, Lars Rehmann, and Franco Berruti (Abstract)

Fast pyrolysis of contaminated biomass: The chemical and thermodynamic description of the intermediate liquid compound, Saartjie . Gouws, Marion . Carrier, Jean-Jacques Letourneau, Julien Brocus, and Laurent Cassayre (Abstract)

Conversion of hazelnut/almond shells into de-oxygenated biofuels: bio-oil characterization and modeling of catalytic hydro-deoxygenation, Pietro Mele, Lorenzo Bartolucci, Vincenzo Mulone, and Stefano Cordiner (Abstract)

Effects of mass transfers and heating rates during bark and wood hydrothermal treatment, Saad NADER, Yann LE BRECH, Cédric PARIS, Eric MASSON, Sébastien LECLERC, Robert WOJCIESZAK, and Anthony DUFOUR (Abstract)

Influence of feedstock particle size on the determination of pollutants in pyrolysis oils, Borja B. Perez-Martinez; Adriana Serras-Malillos; Alexander Lopez-Urionabarrenechea,; Esther Acha; and Blanca Maria Caballero (Abstract)

CO2 adsorption performance of pyrolized and activated waste streams, Christoph Pfeifer and Gregor Tondl (Abstract)

Pyrolysis atmosphere effect on biochar properties and PTEs behaviour, Grottola Corinna Maria, Paola Giudicianni, Davide Amato, and Raffaele Ragucci (Abstract)

Molecular-level interplays during co-pyrolysis of cellulose and thermoplastics, Hsi-Wu Wong, Fuat Sakirler, and Mihriye D. Tekbas (Abstract)

Fate of lead and other heavy metals during pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass, Davide Amato, Paola Giudicianni, Renata Migliaccio, Fernando Stanzione, Raffaele Ragucci, and Corinna Maria Grottola (Abstract)

Non-covalent catalytic and inhibitory interactions between cellulose and lignin during whole biomass fast pyrolysis, Hsi-Wu Wong, Fuat Sakirler, and Mihriye D. Tekbas (Abstract)

Understanding the formation of primary volatiles during fast pyrolysis of waste tyre in a wire mesh reactor, Md. Maksudur Rahman, Yun Yu, and Hongwei Wu (Abstract)

Autothermal slow pyrolysis of poplar wood chips in an auger reactor, Giacomo Lombardi, Andrea Maria Rizzo, and David Chiaramonti (Abstract)

Functionalized Pyrolysis Products for High Value Chemical Production, Stephanie MacQuarrie, K Hawboldt, Juliana Vidal, and Ali Shafiee (Abstract)

Pilot-scale continuous flow hydrothermal liquefaction of mixed textile waste and subsequent bio-oil upgrading, Aisha Matayeva and Patrick Biller (Abstract)

Isoconversional and Distributed Activation Energy Models for the Kinetic Study of Biomass Fast Devolatilization Based on MS Data, Manel Nasfi, Sylvain Salvador, and Marion Carrier (Abstract)

Elucidating pyrolysis oil oligomeric chemical structures: Experimental studies and DFT calculations, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Raiza Manrique, Melba Denson, Farid Chejne, Mariel Olarte, and Evan Terrell (Abstract)

Validating the applicability of vapor-liquid phase equilibria models for fast pyrolysis bio-oils through Advanced Distillation Curves, George Kofi Parku, Emmanuel Uche Aniekwe, Anke Krutof, Katharina Adolf, Axel Funke, and Nicolaus Dahmen (Abstract)

Changes in char’s porosity and evolved vapours’ composition – insights from a comprehensive study of single particle pyrolysis of beech wood cylinders, Przemyslaw Maziarka; Xia Wang; Hernán Almuina-Villar; Norbert Kienzl; Alba Diéguez Alonso; Vanessa Fierro; Niklas Hedin; and Frederik Ronsse, (Abstract)

Prediction of Biocrude Yield in Hydrothermal Co-liquefaction of Different Biomass Feedstocks, Quan (Sophia He) and Jie Yang (Abstract)

Hydrothermal liquefaction of food waste: optimization and kinetic modelling, Giulia Zoppi, Konstantinos Anastasakis, and Patrick Biller (Abstract)

On-line Photoionisation Mass Spectrometry: an Interesting Technique to Study Biomass Pyrolysis, Anthony DUFOUR, Liangyuan JIA, Yann LE BRECH, Guillain MAUVIEL, Mathias BENTE-VON FROWEIN, Sven EHLERT, Fei QI, and Ralf ZIMMERMANN (Abstract)

Biofuels in the transition of Maersk, Jacob Hjerrild Zeuthen (Abstract)

Biowaste to biochar: hydrothermal carbonisation & high temperature torrefaction of food waste anaerobic digestate, Will Meredith, Colin Snape, Disni Gamaralalage, Jon Mckechnie, Helen West, Jessica Alce, and Andy Gill (Abstract)

A novel free-fall reactor for (catalytic) pyrolysis of biomass and plastics, H.J. Heeres, J. Osorio Velasco, P. Badr, B. Sridharan, H. van de Bovenkamp, S. He, and R.H. Venderbosch (Abstract)

Two-stage hydrothermal liquefaction for multilayer plastic valorization, Edoardo Tito, Juliano Souza Dos Passos, Samir Bensaid, Patrick Biller, and Raffaele Pirone (Abstract)

Modelling fast pyrolysis in a fluidized bed reactor: the role of heterogeneous secondary reactions and char loading, Maurizio Troiano, Roberto Solimene, and Piero Salatino (Abstract)

State of the art auger reactor design and scale up for biomass fast pyrolysis, Eugen Aschenbrenner, Axel Funke, and Nicolaus Dahmen (Abstract)

Current markets and business opportunities for pyrolysis liquids, Jamie C (Abstract)

Chemical Speciation of constituents in pyrolytic liquid from cassava harvest residues by APPI-Orbitrap MS, Wenes Ramos da Silva, Polyana Santos Rabelo, and Alberto Wisniewski Jr (Abstract)

Valorisation of municipal and tannery sludge via hydrothermal liquefaction: Effect of the substrate chemical composition on yield and quality of bio-crude, Francesca Di Lauro, Marco Balsamo, Roberto Solimene, Maria Laura Alfieri, Paola Manini, Piero Salatino, and Fabio Montagnaro (Abstract)

Catalytic upgrading of microalgal hydrothermal oil: Impact of algae species and catalyst for biofuel production, Dorothée . Laurenti, Bruno . da Costa Magalhães, Pavel Afanasiev, Christophe Geantet, Chantal Lorentz, and Ruben Checa (Abstract)

Energetic and material valorization of digestate via hydrothermal liquefaction, Christian Klüpfel, Benjamin Herklotz, and Patrick Biller (Abstract)

Thermodynamic-based Solvent Selection for the Separation of Lignin- derived Molecules, Amir Jalalinejad, Jaber Yousefi Seyf, Axel Funke, and Nicolaus Dahmen (Abstract)

The co-pyrolysis and kinetic behaviour of extrudates produced from discard coal fines and recycled plastic binders, Carel Marais, John Bunt, Nthabiseng Leokaoke, Hein Neomagus, and Romanus Uwaoma (Abstract)

Co-hydrotreatment of bio-oil and yellow greases using NiMo catalyst, Melba D. Denson, Mariefel V. Olarte, and Manuel Garcia-Perez (Abstract)

PyroMar - Marine fuel blendstock from biobased waste, Tim Schulzke, Verena Angenendt, Martin Peters, Dr. Kim Matschuk, Dr. Fanny Langschwager, and Ulrike Schuemann (Abstract)

Co-pyrolysis of beech wood and polyamide-6: Effect of HZSM-5 catalyst and of plastic concentration on the properties of pyrolysis oils, William de Rezende Locatel, Chetna Mohabeer, Yves Schuurman, Nolven Guilhaume, and Dorothée Laurenti (Abstract)

Methodology of isoprene quantification from oil obtained from ex-situ pyrolysis of waste tyre in a wire mesh reactor, Md. Maksudur Rahman, Yun Yu, and Hongwei Wu (Abstract)

Trickle bed co-processing of yellow greases and pyrolytic lignin, Mariefel V. Olarte, Ph.D.; Manuel Garcia-Perez,; Daniel “Miki” Santosa; Igor Kutnyakov; and Gary Neuenschwander (Abstract)

Potential value of pyrolysis oil derived from shellfish processing by-product, Kelly Hawboldt, Stephanie MacQuarrie, Haley Oliver, and Daniel Kelly (Abstract)

Liquid and gas products from lead acid battery (LAB) derived plastics via pyrolysis: a techno-economic assessment to maximize the value, Maddalena Laghezza, Silvia Fiore, and Franco Berruti (Abstract)

Pyrolysis of plastic waste: effect of feedstock pretreatment and fate of contaminants, M. Pilar Ruiz, Homer Genuino, Hero J. Heeres, and Sascha R.A. Kersten (Abstract)

Hydrothermal liquefaction of three types of polyurethane wastes; effect of ethanol on decomposition and chemical recovery, Sogand Musivand, Paolo De Filippis, Martina Damizia, Maria Paola Bracciale, and Benedetta De Caprariis (Abstract)

Characterization of sulfur and chlorine behavior during pyrolysis of biomass and waste, Hala BRAIDY, Sylvie VALIN, and Fabrice PATISSON (Abstract)

Hydrothermal liquefaction of ocean plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Juliano Souza dos Passos and Patrick Biller (Abstract)

Continuous coprocessing of biomass with waste plastic by fast and catalytic pyrolysis, Charles A. Mullen, Candice Ellison, and Manuel Garcia-Perez (Abstract)

Studying pyrolysis products of bottom-of-the-barrel fuel with Py-GCxGC- TOF/CSD/FID, Elia Colleoni, Chiara Canciani, Paolo Guida, Vasileios Samaras, and William L. Roberts (Abstract)

Integral recycling of end-of-life fibre reinforced epoxy and polyester plastic waste: thermal upgrading of pyrolysis oils, Adriana Serras-Malillos,; Borja B. Perez-Martinez; Esther Acha; Alexander Lopez-Urionabarrenechea,; and Blanca Maria Caballero (Abstract)

Recycling of spent solid CO2 adsorbents via catalytic pyrolysis for the recovery of mesoporous silica and valuable heteroaromatic chemicals, Angelos A. Lappas, Stylianos D. Stefanidis, Lee Stevens, Colin E. Snape, and Daniele Fabbri (Abstract)

Pyrolysis of plastics: highlighting the potential interest of a reflux to control liquid products, Anthony DUFOUR, Richard LAINE, Nabil HASSIBI, Yann LE BRECH, Guillain MAUVIEL, and Valérie BURKLE-VITZTHUM (Abstract)

Hydrothermal liquefaction of mixed plastic waste to obtain bio-crude and a residue composed by pure poly-olefins, Benedetta de Caprariis, Maria Paola Bracciale, Martina Damizia, Paolo De Filippis, and Sogand Musivand (Abstract)

Hydrotreating of waste plastic pyrolysis oil with increased chlorine and nitrogen content, Miloš Auersvald,; Vojtěch Krupka; Dan Vrtiška; Pavel Šimáček; Petr Straka; and Lukáš Kejla (Abstract)

Valorization of CO2-Riched Gaseous to Formic Acid via Electrochemical Routes: Current Status and Perspectives, Federica Proietto, Claudia Prestigiacomo, Onofrio Scialdone, and Alessandro Galia (Abstract)

Municipal solid waste valorization through catalytic fast hydropyrolysis over natural zeolites, Alejandro Márquez, Jose Mª Sánchez-Hervas, Isabel Ortiz, Luis Arteaga-Pérez, and Serguei Alejandro-Martín (Abstract)

Stand-alone slurry hydroprocessing of lignocellulosic bio-oils with unsupported catalysts – catalyst and process development, Tyko Viertiö, Niko Vuorio, and Juha Lehtonen (Abstract)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) waste valorisation via pyrolysis: Face masks and nitrile gloves products, characterisation and challenges, Aimaro Sanna, Ross . Baird, and Raffaella . Ocone (Abstract)

Wet Oxidation as an enabling technology for hydrthermal liquefaction, Patrick Biller, Lars Bjørn Silva Thomsen, and Konstantinos Anastasakis (Abstract)

Carbonyl content determination in bio-oils with increased nitrogen content, Miloš Auersvald, Michal Šiman, Lukáš Kejla, Petr Straka, Vojtěch Krupka, Tim Schulzke, Juliano Souza dos Passos, and Patrick Biller (Abstract)

30 years of hydroprocessing at UCT Prague: The transition from petroleum feedstocks to bio-oils from HTL and pyrolysis, Petr Straka, Miloš Auersvald, and Josef Blažek (Abstract)

Resource-efficient recycling of composites via pyrolysis, Ann-Christine Johansson and Tommy Öman (Abstract)

Customized catalytic hydropyrolysis of biomass to high-quality bio-oil suitable for co-processing in FCC refining unit, Hoda Shafaghat, Ann-Christine Johansson, Elena Wikberg, Olov G.W. Öhrman, and Prakhar Arora (Abstract)

Modeling fast pyrolysis of waste biomass: Improving predictive capability, Frederico G. Fonseca, Axel Funke, and Nicolaus Dahmen (Abstract)

High temperature fluidized bed pyrolysis of different polyethylene structures to investigate the gas phase composition, Konstantin Matthiesen and Gerrit A. Luinstra (Abstract)

Overcoming challenges in fast pyrolysis of lignin: Strategies and experiments, Ana Araujo, Axel Funke, Antigoni Margellou, Konstantinos Triantafyllidis, and Nicolaus Dahmen (Abstract)