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Conference Program
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Beisler, Preedee Ngamsantikul, Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Herbert Klapperich, Prof. Tarcisio Celestino, and Chuchai Sujivorakul


3D Tunnel Inspection with Photogrammetric and Hybrid Systems
Michael Mett, Heiner Kontrus, Nina Müller, and Stefan Eder


Stability Analysis and Reinforcement of the Existing Karst Cave Passing through Yujingshan Tunnel
Junsheng Yang, Yipeng Xie, Chaoyun Zhou, Cong Zhang, and Xiong Liang


Plastic Shrinkage Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete
Kyong-Ku Yun, Yoon-Sik BAEK, Seung-Yeon HAN, and Yong-Gon KIM


Development of a sprayable geopolymer concrete for fire protection improvement and upgrading of underground traffic structures
Eugen Kleen, Mansour Habi, Anna-Lena Hammer, Markus Thewes, Götz Vollmann, Thorsten Weiner, Joachim Budnik, Christian Thienert, Christoph Klaproth, and Frank Leismann


Investigations regarding the pumping process of wet-mix shotcrete improvement and upgrading of underground traffic structures
Johannes Flotzinger, Maria Thumann, Florian Steindl, Florian Mittermayr, Benedikt Lindlar, and Wolfgang Kusterle


Geological 3D Analyses of Tunnel Faces with Software and Hardware tools of DIBIT
Stefan Eder, Heiner Kontrus, Florian König, and Stefan Eder

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