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Conference Program
Samiul Amin, Paolo Arosio, and Miguel Rodrigues


Concept on self-assembly and structure of globular protein fluids
Komla AKO, Alice Vilotte, Hugues Bodiguel, Clément de Loubens, Deniz Zeynel Gunes, and Christophe Schmitt


Aggregation challenges in the formulation development of multi-dose peptide products
Jingtao Zhang, Katelyn Smith, Wei Xu, Yongchao Su, Suzanne D’Addio, Yogita Krishnamachari, Jameson Bothe, Daniel Yin, and Xinpei Mao


Activation energies define kinetic (in)stabilities of therapeutic antibodies
Richard Melien, David Ng, Nuska Tschammer, Patrick Garidel, Dariush Hinterberger, and Michaela Blech


Protein-stabilized emulsions and nanoemulsions
Nikolai Denkov and Slavka Tcholakova


Interfacial rheology of microcapsules and dynamics in flow
Clément de Loubens, Xie Kaili, and Léonetti Marc


Microfluidic and nanotechnology based assays for the development of safe biopharmaceuticals
Paolo Arosio, Marie R.G. Kopp, Marta Virginia Zucca, Umberto Capasso Palmiero, Alessia Villois, Adriana-Michelle Wolf Pérez, Brigitte Friedrichsen, and Nikolai Lorenzen


Predicting the stability of biotherapeutics in formulation
Sarah Hedberg, Analiz Gomez, and Daryl R. Williams

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