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Conference Program
Umberto Arena, Thomas Astrup, and Morton Barlaz


Life Cycle Assessment of Multi-Loop Recycling: Opportunities and Challenges
Gloria Moscatelli and Thomas Fruergaard Astrup


LCA-Assisted Conception of a Digestate Recovery by Micro-Algae Production
Jean-Romain Bautista Angeli, Marilys Pradel, Fabrice Beline, and Lynda Aissani


Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Sludge Treatment Technologies Based on Uncertainty Analysis
Huimin Chang, Yan Zhao, Anders Damgaard, and Thomas H. Christensen


Data Quality of Organic Waste Characteristics in Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Management: A Review
Nomena Ravoahangy, Olivier Schoefs, and Guillaume Majeau-Bettez


Analysis of plastic waste circularity through LCA
Andres Font, Oksana Horodytska, and Dimitris Kiritsis


Supporting a circular economy strategy in South Tyrol, Italy: Integrated life‐cycle energy and greenhouse gas analysis
Joana Bastos, Gianluca Grazieschi, Antonello Durante, Samuele Zilio, and Valentina D’Alonzo

*Updated as of 10/02/22.