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Conference Program
Jon Molina-Aldareguia


Recent progresses in in-situ and 3D HR-EBSD techniques to assess deformation mechanism of materials at small scale
Xavier Maeder, Szilvia Kalácska, Johannes Ast, Nicolò della Ventura, Daniele Casari, Jakob Schwiedrzik, and Johann Michler


In situ nanoindentation of Au crystals imaged by Bragg coherent X-ray diffraction
Thomas Cornelius, Florian Lauraux, Olivier Thomas, and Stéphane Labat


TEM observation and in situ compression tests of transition alumina prepared by high pressure compaction at room temperature
Karine Masenelli-Varlot, Lucile Joly-Pottuz, Agnieszka Krawczyńska, Inas Issa, Sylvie Le Floch, Denis Machon, and Vincent Garnier


The influence of 3-D interfacial structure and morphology on the mechanical behavior of nanocomposites
Nathan Mara, Youxing Chen, Justin Cheng, Kevin Schmalbach, Zhao Wang, Nan Li, Jon Kevin Baldwin, Lee Penn, David Poerschke, and Andreas Stein


On microstructural constraints for slip transfer in nanotwinned silver
Maya Katapadi Kini, Gerhard Dehm, and Christoph Kirchlechner


Christoph Kirchlechner, MPIE, Germany
Christoph Kirchlechner


Size effect in polymer-supported ultrathin metallic glass films
Oleksandr Glushko, Christoph Gammer, Megan Cordill, Christian Mitterer, and Jürgen Eckert


Compression of gold sub-micron crystallites: Method and experiments
Marc Verdier, Solène Comby-Dassonneville, Guillaume Parry, Fabien Volpi, and Guillaume Beutier

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