Most Recent Additions*


Conference Program
Marc-Olivier Coppens and Bharat Bhushan


Bulk supercrystalline ceramic-organic nanocomposites: New processing routines and insights on the mechanical behavior
Diletta Giuntini, Berta Domènech, Büsra Bor, Alexander Plunkett, and Gerold A. Schneider


Structure-property relations of highly ordered bio-nanocomposites
Suellen Pereira Espindola, Ben Norder, Jure Zlopasa, and Stephen J. Picken


Nature-inspired flow-fields and water management for PEM fuel cells
Jason Cho, Panagiotis Trogadas, Billy Wu, Dan Brett, and Marc-Olivier Coppens


Electrochemical materials discovery and intelligence
Kourosh Malek, Qianpu Wang, and Michael Eikerling


Influence of pulsating flow on dispersion in helically coiled tubes and coiled flow inverters
Gleb Valitov, Damiano Rossi, Asterios Gavriilidis, Luca Mazzei, and Chris Price


Process intensification and process scale-up: Gaps and opportunities
Jacob Thiart, Bryan A Patel, Carla S. Pereira, James Bielenberg, and Anastasios Skoulidas

*Updated as of 11/16/19.