Most Recent Additions*


2020 conference program: Innovative Materials For Additive Manufacturing (IMAM)
Daniel Schmidt, Brett G. Compton, Nikhil Gupta, and Chua Chee Kai


Approaches to thermoset resins for direct-ink-write additive manufacturing
Leah Appelhans, Jessica Kopatz, Jaclynn Unangst, Derek Reinholtz, and Adam Cook


New developments in dual cure epoxies
Daniel F. Schmidt, Weiqing Xia, Alessandro Cassano, Scott Stapleton, and Sara Najafian


Controlled conversion approaches to selective laser sintering (SLS) printing of high Tg thermosets
Christopher G. Campbell, Dominik Astorga, Rachel Collino, and Mathew C Celina


AI driven identification and parameter adjustment of self-supporting directwrite features
Marshall Johnson, Kevin Garanger, Surya Kalidindi, Eric Feron, Dan Berrigan, and James Hardin


Mechanical metamaterials by DLP printing
Christopher Hansen, Alireza Amirkhizi, Darshil Shah, Joshua Morris, Weidi Wang, Thomas Plaisted, and John La Scala


Extrusion deposition additive manufacturing utilizing high glass transition temperature latent cured epoxy systems
Gary Gladysz, Christopher Hershey, John Lindahl, Karana Shah, Alejandrina Campanella, and Vlastimil Kunc


Large-format 3D printing enabled by dual-curing urethane elastomers
Brian Howell, C. C. Cook, and E. V. Bukovsky


Large scale reactive additive manufacturing and what to expect when scaling up
Christopher J. Hershey, John M. Lindahl, Vlastimil Kunc, Stian K. Romberg, and Brett G. Compton


Printing criteria for material extrusion of high temperature thermoplastic composites
Chad Duty, Christine Ajinjeru, Vidya Kishore, Brett Compton, Ahmed Hassen, Vlastimil Kunc, and John Lindahl


Understanding print stability in material extrusion additive manufacturing of thermoset composites
Stian K. Romberg, Mohammad Islam, Michael DeVinney, Chad Duty, Chris Hershey, and Brett Compton


Field-assisted printing for electronic devices
Tyler R. Ray, Philip Li, Daniel Hines, and Siddhartha Das


Beyond intuitive microstructures for 3D printed composites
Randall Erb, Chunzhou Pan, Jessica Faust, and Robert Zando

*Updated as of 09/19/20.