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Conference Program
Hitoshi Takamura, Roger De Souza, and Ryan O’Hayre


Photoconductivity analyzed in the frequency domain - an introductory case study of strontium titanate
Dino Klotz, Thomas Defferriere, Jennifer L. M. Rupp, and Harry L. Tuller


Effect of grain boundaries on ion migration in stabilized δ-Bi2O3 thin- film electrolyte
Seung Jin Jeong, WooChul Jung, Byung-Hyun Yun, Kang Taek Lee, and Incheol Jung


Transport properties of mixed ionic and electronic conductors - from bulk to nanostructure
Kathrin Michel, Juergen Janek, Christian Reitz, Torsten Brezesinski, and Matthias T. Elm


Tailoring non-stoichiometry and mixed ionic-electronic conductivity in nanostructured Pr-substituted ceria
George Harrington, Dmitri Kalaev, Bilge Yildiz, Kazunari Sasaki, Nicola H. Perry, and Harry L. Tuller


Departure from solid solution behavior in double perovskites
David N. Mueller, Daniel S. Bick, Felix Gunkel, Rainer Waser, Ilia Valov, Tomáš Duchoň, Claus M. Schneider, Jan Hempeelmann, Daniel Toebbens, and Jakub Drnec


A high-temperature Mössbauer study into ionic and electronic disorder in BSCF5582
Klaus-Dieter Becker, Piotr Gaczynski, and Ralf Kriegel


Preparation of Ba1-xLnxFeO3-δ and BaFe1-xLnxO3-δ (Ln: trivalent ion) with cubic perovskite structure and random distribution of oxide ion vacancy
Takuya Hashimoto, Yunosuke Matsumoto, Masaki Kitadume, Tsubasa Sato, Takashi Okiba, and Shogo Shimizu


Surface modification through oxide ALD to improve oxygen exchange rate on perovskite surface
Jongsu Seo, Bonjae Koo, WooChul Jung, YeonJu Kim, Sanghoon Ji, and Jeong Hwan Kim


Chemical strain in perovskite-like materials
Dmitry Tsvetkov, Andrey Zuev, Ivan Ivanov, Dmitry Malyshkin, and Vladimir Sereda


The Fermi energy in oxides: assessing and understanding the limits using XPS
Andreas Klein, N. Bein, C. Castro Chavarria, R. Giesecke, Y. Hermanns, B. Huang, S. Kashiwaya, C. Lohaus, K. Schuldt, H. Wardenga, and W. Jaegermann


Non-innocent role of fluorine as an electron donor in oxides
Tomas Duchon, Matthew J. Wolf, Miroslav Kettner, and Claus M. Schneider

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