June 24-29, 2018
Kloster Irsee
Irsee, Germany

Editors:   Prof. Dr. Robert Vaßen, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany
  Brian Hazel, Pratt & Whitney, USA
  Prof. Dr. Uwe Schulz, German Aerospace Center, Germany
  Dr. Michael J. Maloney, Pratt & Whitney, USA
  Dr. Ram Darolia, GE Aviation (Retired), USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Robert Vaßen, Brian Hazel, Uwe Schulz, Michael J. Maloney, and Ram Darolia (Article)

Suspension plasma spray TBC applied on gas turbine components, Francesco Bozza, Simone Bursich, Nelso Antolotti, and Omar Ligabue (Abstract)

Development and application of advanced thermal barrier coating for high efficiency gas turbine, Taiji Torigoe and Yoshifumi Okajima (Abstract)

Current market situation on aircraft engines and increasing requirements of EB-PVD equipment, Jürgen Hotz and Stefan Kunkel (Abstract)

Operational experience with EB-PVD commercial equipment and processes, Damien Texier (Abstract)

High temperature tensile properties of β-γ-γ'-MCrAlY and β-Ni(Al,Pt) bond-coatings and interdiffusion zone with Ni-based single crystal superalloys, Damien Texier, Eric Andrieu, Daniel Monceau, Serge Selezneff, Arnaud Longuet, and Fabrice Crabos (Abstract)

Development of bondcoats for high lifetime suspension plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings, Mohit Gupta, Nicolaie Markocsan, Xin-Hai Li, and Björn Kjellman (Abstract)

Effect of specimen geometry and aps flash bond coating on TBC lifetime, Bruce A. Pint, M. J. Lance, and J. A. Haynes (Abstract)

Oxidation and interdiffusion in MCrAlY-type bondcoats and their correlation with TBC life, Dmitry Naumenko, Aleksandra Jalowicka, Rishi Pillai, Willem J Quadakkers, Roland Herzog, and Markus Ernsberger (Abstract)

Development of bond coats for extending lifetime of TBCs, Ping Xiao and Ying Chen (Abstract)

Development of thermal barrier coatings with excellent delamination resistant property by extreme internal oxidation, Kazuhiro Ogawa, Yuji ICHIKAWA, and Gota KATAYANAGI (Abstract)

Multifunctional thermal barrier coatings enabled by layered manufacturing, Sanjay Sampath (Abstract)

Axial suspension plasma spraying: Microstructure effect on coatings performance, Nicolaie Markocsan and Ashish Ganvir (Abstract)

Fabrication of double-ceramic-layer TBCs by suspension plasma spray, Seongwon Kim, Soyul Lee, Yoon-Suk Oh, Sung-Min Lee, Hyung-Tae Kim, and Byung-Koog Jang (Abstract)

Microstructure and thermal conductivities of suspension vacuum plasma sprayed YSZ coatings, Yeon Woo Yoo, Hunkwan Park, Uk Hee Nam, and Eungsun Byon (Abstract)

Thermal barrier coatings on polymer materials, Xueqiang Cao, Junbing Sun, Longhui Deng, Jianing Jiang, Xin Zhou, Shujuan Dong, and Wenzhi Huang (Abstract)

PS-PVD thermal/environmental barrier coatings with novel microstructures, Hui Peng, Hongbo Guo, Liangliang Wei, Jie Xiao, Huibin Xu, and Shengkai Gong (Abstract)

Optical emission spectroscopy for rate and composition control of plasma-assisted EBPVD processes, Burkhard Zimmermann, Bert Scheffel, Christoph Metzner, and Gösta Mattausch (Abstract)

Relationship between mechanical properties and microstructure of yttria stabilized zirconia ceramics densified by Spark Plasma Sintering, Arnaud Fregeac, Florence Ansart, and Claude Estournès (Abstract)

Thermophysical, microstructural characterization and non-destructive control of TBCs by photothermal and thermographic techniques: some lessons learned, Federico Cernuschi, Antonio Sposito, Lorenzo Lorenzoni, Paolo Bison, and Sergio Marinetti (Abstract)

Effect of cooling rate on phase transformation in 6-8 wt % YSZ APS TBCs, Emma Barbareschi, C. Gualco, H.P. Bossmann, and G. Roncallo (Abstract)

Phonon scattering mechanisms contributing to the low thermal conductivities of entropy stabilized oxides and high entropy carbides, Patrick E. Hopkins, Christina Rost, Lavina Backman, Jeffrey Braun, Ashutosh Giri, Mina Lim, Kevin Ferri, Trent Borman, Samuel Daigle, Zsolt Rack, Joshua Gild, Tyler Harrington, Cormac Toher, Pranab Sarker, Jian Luo, Kenneth Vecchio, Elizabeth Opila, Jon-Paul Maria, Donald Brenner, and Stefano Curtarolo (Abstract)

Temperature mapping above and below air film-cooled thermal barrier coatings using phosphor thermometry, Jeffrey I. Eldridge, Adam C. Wroblewski, Michael D. Cuy, Dongming Zhu, and Douglas E. Wolfe (Abstract)


Progress on luminescence coatings for temperature mapping on turbine engines, Christopher Pilgrim (Abstract and Presentation)

Fundamental challenges in CMAS mitigation, Carlos Levi and David L. Poerschke (Abstract)

Application of phase equilibrium modeling to understand and mitigate the CMAS threat in thermal and environmental barrier coatings, David Poerschke, Eeshani Godbole, Will Summers, and Carlos Levi (Abstract)

Criteria for development of new CMAS / volcanic ashes resistant TBCs in thermal gradient and FCT, Ravishankar Naraparaju, Juan J. Gomez Chavez, Kabir Mohammed Rizviul, Anil Kumar Sirigiri, Philipp Niemeyer, Peter Mechnich, Uwe Schulz, Wenjia Song, and Kai Uwe Hess (Abstract)

Computational tool to accelerate CMAS-resistant TBC design for aero-turbine applications, Dana Frankel, Nicholas Hatcher, Carlos Levi, David Poerschke, and Weiwei Zhang (Abstract)

Molten volcanic ash deposition in jet engines, Wenjia Song, Masahiro Fukumoto, Uwe Schulz, Ravisankar Naraparaju, Yan Lavallée, Yanchen You, and Donald B. Dingwell (Abstract)

Role of microstructure geometry and CMAS viscosity in CMAS Infiltration, Eric Jordan (Abstract)

CMAS interaction with yttrium based systems: Towards a promising solution?, Sandrine Duluard, Florence Ansart, Elodie Delon, Aurélien Joulia, André Malié, and Philippe Gomez (Abstract)

Novel thermal barrier coatings resistant to molten volcanic ash wetting, Siddharth Lokachari, Wenjia Song, Shanjie Yang, and Donald Bruce Dingwell (Abstract and Presentation)

Investigation of erosion behavior of EB-PVD-TBCs and sacrificial coatings after CMAS infiltration, Lars Steinberg, Christoph Leyens, Ravisankar Naraparaju, Uwe Schulz, Christoph Mikulla, and Filofteia-Laura Toma (Abstract)


Interfacial toughness evolution under thermal cycling by laser shock and mechanical testing of an EB-PVD coating system, Vincent Guipont, Vincent Maurel, Marion Bartsch, and Anne Dennstedt (Abstract and Presentation)

The influence of thermal transient rates on TBC spallation, Wesley Jackson, A. Staroselsky, T.J. Martin, L. Borkowski, and G.V Srinivasan (Abstract)

Experimental measurements of thermal barrier coating interfacial fracture toughness as a function of mode-mix, Kevin Hemker, Jalil Alidoost, and Simon Lockyer-Bratton (Abstract)

Failure behavior of modern double-layer thermal barrier coatings subjected to compression tests, Marcel Adam, Falk Müller, Matthias Oechsner, and Christian Kontermann (Abstract)


The influence of heating and cooling rates on TBC failure in high heat flux tests, Philip Howell, Uwe Rettig, Thorsten Steinkopff, Ramesh Subramanian, Andreas Wolff, and Stefan Lampenscherf (Abstract and Presentation)

Thermally sprayed protective coatings under demanding load conditions, Daniel Emil Mack, Robert Mücke, Olivier Guillon, Robert Vaßen, and Emine Bakan (Abstract)

Virtual testing and design of barrier coating systems, Matthew R. Begley (Abstract)

Lifetime evaluation of various new EB-PVD and APS TBCs in thermal in thermal gradient and FCT, Uwe Schulz, Ravisankar Naraparaju, Lukas Hochstein, and Berndhard Kanka (Abstract)

T-EBC coating system failure modes, Hayden Wadley,; Jeroen Deijkers; Bradley Richards; and Matt Begley (Abstract)

Interface toughness measurement of environmental barrier coatings for SiC/SiC composites, Hideki Kakisawa (Abstract)

Towards multifunctional thermal-barrier and environmental-barrier coatings, Nitin Padture (Abstract)

Environmental barrier coatings for SiC/SiC and Ox/Ox CMCs, Emine Bakan, Robert Vaßen, Daniel E. Mack, and Hagen Klemm (Abstract)

Microstructural evolution of environmental barrier coatings in high-temperature steam, Elizabeth Opila, Robert Golden, Cory Parker, and Mackenzie Ridley (Abstract)

Semiconductor process chamber coatings: Improving performance and uptime, David A. Britz (Abstract)

Oxidation behavior of two-phase (γ’+β) Ni-Al coatings doped with Dy and Hf, Shixing wang, Qing He, Weiping Wang, and Hongbo Guo (Abstract)


Multiple-scale modeling of Pt effect on durability of aluminide coatings, Kuiying Chen and Prakash C. Patnaik (Abstract)

Design of novel γ’ bondcoats and interdiffusion with Re-rich superalloys, Thomas Gheno, Martine Poulain, Stéphane Landais, Catherine Rio, and Odile Lavigne (Abstract)

Sustained peak low-cycle fatigue: The role of oxidation resistant bond coatings, Marissa A. Lafata, Ming Y. He, and Tresa M. Pollock (Abstract)

Superior performance of plasma sprayed YSZ thermal barrier coatings with oxide dispersion strengthened bond coats, Christoph Vorkötter, Olivier Guillon, Robert Vaßen, and Daniel Emil Mack (Abstract)

Microstructural evaluation with type i hot corrosion degradation of gas turbine alloys during burner-rig testing, Maryam Zahiri Azar, Daniel R. Mumm, and Kliah N. Soto Leytan (Abstract)

The modification of rare earth Yb doped yttrium aluminum garnet ceramic thermal protective coating material, Yue Ma, Zhaolou Xue, hong-bo guo, and Xiaolan Zeng (Abstract)

Mechanical and thermal properties of nanostructured Gd2O3 doped YSZ coatings prepared by atmospheric plasma spraying, Lei Jin (Abstract)

Synthesis and phase stability of the ZrO2-Ln2O3-Ta2O5 compositions for high tetragonality zirconia-based thermal barrier coatings, Ivan Mazilin, Nikolay Zaitsev, Lev Baldaev, and Eugeny Sazonov (Abstract)

Phonon scattering mechanisms contributing to the low thermal conductivities of entropy stabilized oxides and high entropy carbides, Patrick E. Hopkins, Ashutosh Giri, Jeffrey Braun, Christina Rost, Lavina Backman, Elizabeth Opila, Mina Lim, Zsolt Rack, Samuel Daigle, Kevin Ferri, Donald Brenner, Trent Borman, Jon-Paul Maria, Joshua Gild, Tyler Harrington, Jian Luo, Kenneth Vecchio, Cormac Toher, Pranab Sarker, and Stefano Curtarolo (Abstract)

Fibers and sol-gel matrix based thermal barrier coating systems for outstanding durability, Sandrine Duluard, Florence Ansart, Jean-Pierre Bonino, Elodie Delon, Daniel Monceau, Aurélie Rouaix-Vande Put, Carole Thouron, Ronan Mainguy, Aurélienx Joulia, André Malié, Philippe Gomez, and Luc Bianchi (Abstract)


Structure and properties of condensed gradient coatings with NiAl-bond coat doped with Y or Dy, A.V. Mykytchyk, K. Yu Yakovchuk, Yu.E. Rudoy, E.V. Onoprienko, and R.A. Tkach (Abstract)

Tailored thermal barrier coatings deposited by hybrid water-stabilized plasma torch, Radek Musalek, Jan Medricky, Tomas Tesar, Frantisek Lukac, Jan Cizek, and Ksenia Illkova (Abstract)

Dense ceramic coatings deposited by aerosol deposition for multilayered architecture towards thermal/environmental barrier coatings, Kentaro Shinoda and Jun Akedo (Abstract)

2-layers TBC by EBPVD, Valerii Topal (Abstract)

Thermal shock performance of PS-PVD YSZ coating through water quenching cycle test, Chunming Deng, Kesong Zhou, Jie Mao, Min Liu, and Changguang Deng (Abstract)

Laser Flash technique: A critical analysis of testing parameters and models for fitting experimental data, Federico Cernuschi, Paolo Bison, and Stefano Boldrini (Abstract)

The possibilities of using optical properties measurement methods for TBC research, Zdeněk Veselý, Petra Honnerová, and Milan Honner (Abstract)

Factors affecting ceramic abradable coating damage accommodation, Kara J. Phillips Bridges and Daniel R. Mumm (Abstract)

Segmentation cracks in plasma spray coatings: Formation dynamics and chracterization, Sanjay Sampath and Shalaka Shinde (Abstract)

CMAS-resistance of a yttria graded thermal barrier coating fabricated by plasma activated EB-PVD, Hui Peng, Shengkai Gong, Yanling Pei, Shusuo Li, and Hongbo Guo (Abstract)

Gradient damage spreading of molten volcanic ash on thermal barrier coatings, Shanjie Yang, Wenjia Song, Siddharth Lokachari, Donald Bruce Dingwell, and Hongbo Guo (Abstract)

High temperature interactions between environmental barrier coating (EBC) ceramics and calcia-magnesia-alumina-silicate (CMAS) glass, Laura R. Turcer, Hector Garces, Lin Zhang, Nitin P. Padture, and Amanda R. Krause (Abstract)

High temperature infiltration behavior of three volcanic ashes of YSZ APS-deposited thermal barrier coatings, Marco Antonio Rivera Gil, Juan Muñoz Saldaña, Juan José Gómez Chávez, Chintalapalle Ramana, Ravisankar Naraparaju, and Uwe Schulz (Abstract)

Molten volcanic ash deposition in jet engines, Wenjia Song, Masahiro Fukumoto, Uwe Schulz, Ravisankar Naraparaju, Yan Lavallée, Yanchen You, and Donald B. Dingwell (Abstract)

Volcanic ash versus thermal barrier coatings of jet engines – a holistic experimental approach, Dirk Müller, Donald B Dingwell, Kai-Uwe Hess, Gerhard Wolf, Volodymyr Palchyk, and Pawel Rokicki (Abstract)

Material damage in TBCs by a synthetic CMAS and the non-destructive detection:-An exploration via a single crystal YSZ-, Masakazu OKAZAKI, Satoshi YAMAGISHI, and Yuuki HAYASHI (Abstract)

RE2O3 dissolution kinetics and mechanisms in CAS silicate melt: Influence of the rare earth, François Perrudin, M-H. Vidal-Sétif, C. Rio, C. Petitjean, P-J. Panteix, and M. Vilasi (Abstract)

Calcium–magnesium–alumina–silicate (CMAS) resistance of LaPO4 thermal barrier coatings, Lei Guo, Mingzhu Li, Zheng Yan, Fuxing Ye, and Chenglong Zhang (Abstract)

An experimentally-validated computational framework for CMAS degradation of environmental barrier coatings, William D. Summers, Matthew R. Begley, Carlos G. Levi, Frank W. Zok, and David L. Poerschke (Abstract)

Kinetics of thermal barrier oxide interactions with molten silicates, Collin S. Holgate, David Poerschke, and David Poerschke (Abstract)

Raman studies on EB-PVD 7%Yttria - Stabilized Zirconia coatings with CMAS deposits, Estefania Bohorquez, Chance Barrett, Ryan Hoover, Laurene Tetard, Seetha Raghavan, Ravisankar Naraparaju, and Uwe Schulz (Abstract)

Y2O3-ZrO2 ratio studies for CMAS resistant thermal barrier coatings prepared by EB- PVD, Juan J. Gomez Chavez, Ramana Chintalapalle, Peter Mechnich, Ravisankar Naraparaju, and Uwe Schulz (Abstract)

Calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate induced degradation of La2(Zr0.7Ce0.3)2O7/YSZ double-ceramic–layer thermal barrier coatings prepared by electron beam-physical vapor deposition, Xin Zhou, Shujuan Dong, Xueqiang Cao, Chao Wang, Hongqi Zhang, Xuyang Xie, and Limin He (Abstract)

Correlation between porosity, amorphous phase and CMAS corrosion behaviour of LaMgAl11O19 thermal barrier coatings, Shujuan Dong, Jinyan Zeng, Junbin Sun, Jianing Jiang, Longhui Deng, Xin Zhou, and Xueqiang Cao (Abstract)

Investigation of CMAS resistance of SPS- and SHVOF-alumina topcoats on EB-PVD 7YSZ layers, Christoph Mikulla, Ravisankar Naraparaju, Uwe Schulz, Filofteia-Laura Toma, Lars Steinberg, and Christoph Leyens (Abstract)


On coatings delamination; some analytical solutions, Konstantin B. Ustinov (Abstract)

Crack morphology in a columnar thermal barrier coating system, Vincent Maurel, Anne Dennstedt, Vincent Guipont, Fabrice Gaslain, and Marion Bartsch (Abstract)

Experimental characterization of elastic stiffness and delamination toughness in commercial thermal barrier coating systems, Jalil Alidoost and Kevin Hemker (Abstract)

Thermal stress analysis of double-ceramic-layered thermal barrier coatings based on rare earth element, Janggyun Lim and Moon Ki Kim (Abstract)

Development of environmental barrier coatings for Al2O3/Al2O3 CMCs with improved Adhesion by texturing with laser ablation, Caren Sophia Gatzen, Olivier Guillon, Daniel Emil Mack, and Robert Vaßen (Abstract)

Advances in the deposition of ceramics by soft chemistry process : example of rare- earth silicate coatings, Manon Prioux, Sandrine Duluard, Florence Ansart, Aude Paillassa, Jessica Mollicone, Guillaume Pujol, Philippe Gomez, and Lisa Pin (Abstract)

Development of yttrium and ytterbium silicates from their oxides and an oligosilazane precursor for coating applications to protect SI3N4 ceramics in hot gas environments, Mateus Lenz Leite, Gilvan Barroso, Walter Krenkel, and Günter Motz (Abstract)

From the lab to the industrial scale: EBC thermal spray powders, Ursa Pirnat, Markus Gasser, Karl Korner, and Nicholas Curry (Abstract)

Measurements of mechanical properties of an air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating using micro-cantilever bending, Ying Chen (Abstract)