Invited - Metal-oxide thin-film transistor: An enabling technology for smart sensor construction and 3-D monolithic integration

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Presently described is a 300 oC TFT technology based on semiconducting MOs. A parallel, double-gate (DG) TFT with its channel sandwiched between two gate electrodes can be readily realized (Fig. 1). The threshold voltage referenced to one electrode of such a TFT can be modulated by the bias applied on the other electrode (Fig. 2).

The TFTs could be applied as signal-coupling elements in a tactile sensor array to couple the output of the PVDF sensor to an in-pixel amplifier (inset of Fig. 3). The piezo-cap is elevated above all other features by proper stacking of the component layers, thus facilitating the sampling of a distributed force load applied on the top of the sensor (Fig. 3).

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