Invited; New development on plasma-based copper etch at room temperature

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Copper (Cu) is the most popular interconnect material for ULSICs, large-area TFTs, and many optoelectronics. Its high conductivity is critical to signal transmission. It also has high reliability which warranties the product’s long lifetime. However, Cu cannot be etched into fine lines using the conventional plasma etching method due to the low volatility of the reaction product. There are many efforts in removing the plasma-Cu reaction product, such as exposing the surface to the high ion bombardment energy or high energy light source. They are not suitable for production requirements with regard to the etch rate, uniformity, and cost. The CMP method was introduced to the industry to solve the problem. Although it is widely used in IC production, there are many issues, such as complicated process steps, poor endpoint control, dishing, high cost, and potential environmental contamination.

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