Invited; Contact effects towards mainstream thin-film transistor applications

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Thin-film source-gated transistors (SGTs) [1] have been developed steadily over the last couple of decades, demonstrating important properties which span virtually all thin-film material systems [2], [3]. By virtue of their control mechanism, which relies on an energy barrier deliberately engineered at the source, they present impressive intrinsic gain [4], [5], tolerance to variability [6], stability [7], and temperature sensing utility [8]. Recently, numerous groups have adopted the architecture [2], [3] and conceptual evolutions have led to new and highly functional TFT devices [9]–[11]. As the contact-controlled nature of these transistors introduces a relatively large temperature dependence of drain current, and also drastically reduces the current density, for a given geometry, recent research (Fig. 1-3) is focusing on shifting the balance away from these limitations [12]–[14], without compromising the structure’s advantages.

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