Formation and luminescence studies of Ge/Si core-shell quantum dots

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Si-based quantum dots (QDs) have attracted much attention as an active element in Si-based optoelectronic applications because their light emission properties due to carrier confinement have the potential to combine photonic processing with electronic processing on a single chip. We have focused on CVD formation and characterization of Si-QDs with Ge core and reported their photoluminescence (PL) properties attributable to type II energy-band alignment between the Ge–core and the Si-shell [1-2]. In addition, we have also demonstrated stable electroluminescence in the near–infrared region from diode structures having a 3-fold stacked Si-QDs with Ge core with an areal dot density of ~2.0×1011 cm−2 under pulsed bias applications [3]. To gain fundamental knowledge and better understanding of the PL properties and to enhance the radiative recombination rate in photoexcited QDs, it would be effective to increase electronic states assisting radiative transition with impurity doping into the QDs and to reduce or not to increase in non-radiative centers if any.

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