Invited; Atomic-order surface reaction of reactant gas on group IV semiconductor (100) surface

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Atomic-order surface reactions of reactant gases on group IV semiconductor (100) surface in ultra-clean hotwall low-pressure CVD are described as a function of reactant gas partial pressure with the fitting parameters. Now, assuming that one reactant molecule occupies one free surface site according to Langmuir-type model, total adsorption site density n0 on the (100) substrate surface is given by the sum of free site density Qs and the site density QMs where reactant molecule M is adsorbed. Surface adsorption velocity on the surface is given by dQMs/dt = kMsPMQs - k-MsQMs = kMsPMn0 - (kMsPM + k-M)QMs, where kMs and k-Ms is adsorption and desorption rate constants of M, respectively, and PM is partial pressure of M.

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