April 23-28, 2023
Cancun, Mexico

Chairs:   Laura A. Palomares, Instituto de Biotecnología, UNAM, Mexico
  Chetan Goudar, Amgen, USA
  Tongtong Wang, Genentech, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.


Transcriptional response to recombinant protein production in isogenic multi-copy CHO cells, Giulia Scapin, Daria Sergeeva, Gyun Min Lee, Lise Marie Grav, and Lars Keld Nielsen (Abstract)

A microplate-based assay for analyzing purity and mispairing of bispecifics and other complex molecules in cell culture samples, Sebastian Giehring, Christine Wosnitza, Kristina Lechner, and Aris Perrou (Abstract)

Prediction of CHO cell line stability using expression of DNA repair genes, Lauren Cordova and Kelvin Lee (Abstract)

Methylation inhibition for coping with epigenetic-based heterogeneity of CHO cell subclones and improving recombinant MAB production, Octavio Ramírez, Laura A. Palomares, Alberto Porras, César Coria, Vanessa Hernández, and Martha Contreras (Abstract)

Simultaneous genetic engineering and culture media manipulation improve rh-EPO productivity through lactate re-metabolization on CHO cell culture, Oscar Gatica, Mauricio Vergara, Constantza Collarte, Sebastian Vergara, Constanza Nuñez, Mauro Torres, Yessenia Latorre, Norma Valdez-Cruz, and Claudia Altamirano (Abstract)

Further accelerating cell Line development and CMC timeline: The journey from COVID to non-COVID programs, Sam Zhang, Kee Wee Tan, Weichang Zhou, and Junghao Wang (Abstract)

High-throughput clone ranking method for rapid clone selection, Zoe Horton and Jackie Gonzalez (Abstract)

Hybrid cell line development system utilizing site-specific integration and methotrexate- mediated gene amplification in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, Jae Seong Lee, Honggi Min, Dongwoo Kim, Sumin Lee, Solhwi Lee, and Seul Mi Kim (Abstract)

A mathematical modeling framework for determining the probability of obtaining a clonally-derived mammalian cell line, Jennitte Stevens, Chun . Chen, and Chetan T. . Goudar (Abstract)

Development of a high-density CHO-C system enables rapid protein production in 10 days, Joyce Chao-Yi Teng, Ying-Jie Wu, Ho-Lung Jiang, Yu-Hua Su, Wei-Kuang Chi, and Ying-Ju Chen (Abstract)

Subcellular fractionation coupled to shotgun proteomics allows the identification of novel targets of the classical secretion pathway associated with increased productivity in recombinant CHO cells, Norma A. Valdez-Cruz, Saumel Pérez-Rodríguez, Tune Wulff, Bjørn G. ; Voldborg, Claudia. Altamirano, and Mauricio A. Trujillo-Roldán (Abstract)

CRISPR/Cas9 as a tool to correct point mutations in a recombinant monoclonal antibody gene in the genome of CHO cells, Daniel Barreto-Cabrera, Sergio Valentinotti, Ana Ruth Pastor, Octavio T. Ramírez, Laura A. Palomares, Mabel Rodríguez, and Alejandro Sánchez (Abstract)

Assessment of cloning efficiency and error rates of different single-cell dispensing and high-resolution imaging technologies, Olga Rimkevich and Sven Loebrich (Abstract)

Investigating "Difficult-to-Express" mAb frameworks in transient and site-specific integration-based CHO expression systems, Alana Szkodny and Kelvin H. Lee (Abstract)

Enabling pandemic speed to clinic for SARS-CoV2 neutralizing antibodies, Peter Onyskiw, Ping Xu, Henrik Andersen, Anurag Khetan, Girish Pendse, Duncan Mcvey, Gabi Tremml, Kitty A garwal, Sen Xu, Erik Langsdorf, Glenn MacIsaac, Giovanni Rizzi, Chaojie Wang, Monica George, and May Ou (Abstract)

Profiling lnc-RNA in CHO cells using NGS technologies, Caterina Ruggeri, Nicolas Marx, Krishna Motheramgari, Nicole Borth, and Pelin Sahlén (Abstract)

Beyond exponential phase: Metabolic phenotypes in the stationary phase of CHO cell cultures, Jerneja Štor, David Ruckerbauer, Diana Széliová, Sarah Sacco, Jamey Young, Nicole Borth, and Jürgen Zanghellini (Abstract)

Slowly co-fluctuating gene expression patterns are heritable and associated with stress resistance and improved productivity in CHO cell line development, Mark Blenner, Spencer Grissom, Abhyudai Singh, and Mark Blenner (Abstract)

Blueprint from nature: Multi-omics comparison of CHO and plasma cells unveils novel cell engineering targets to improve productivity, Linus Weiss, Nadja Raab, Nikolas Zeh, Robin Kretz, Larissa Walter, Anna Stadermann, Benjamin Lindner, Simon Fischer, Dieter Stoll, and Kerstin Otte (Abstract)

From observational to actionable: Rethinking omic studies in biopharmaceutical protein production, Hooman Hefzi and Christina Alves (Abstract)

Investigation of the role of ubiquitination in ER stress mechanisms in recombinant CHO cells, Paula Meleady, Esen . Efeoglu, Michael Henry, Christiana Sideri, and David Ryan (Abstract)

Role of TXNIP in metabolic shift to lactate consumption in CHO cell fed-batch cultures, Bhanu Chandra Mulukutla, Shelby Breen, and Christopher Damiani (Abstract)

Workflow for mining process relevant knowledge from transcriptomics, Meeri Mäkinen; Hubert Schwarz; Magnus Lundqvist; Markella Zacharouli; Johan Rockberg; and Veronique Chotteau, (Abstract)

Model-based medium optimization methodologies in high-cell density perfusion culture, Mirko Pasquini, Yu Wang, Kevin Colin, Meeri E.L. Mäkinen, Veronique Chotteau, Hubert Schwarz, Håkan Hjalmarsson, and Elling W. Jacobsen (Abstract)

Learning mechanistic metabolic models with small datasets, Yen-An Lu, Wei-Shou Hu, and Qi Zhang (Abstract)

Leveraging single-cell and bulk transcriptomics towards improved insect cell factories for biopharmaceuticals, Filipa Moura, Nikolaus Virgolini, Marco Silvano, Ricardo Correia, Ryan Hagan, Paula M. Alves, Colin Clarke, Inês A. Isidro, and Antonio Roldão (Abstract)

Integrated platform for high-throughput media optimization 79 Integrated platform for high-throughput media optimization, Dirk Mueller, Swapnil Chaudhari, Ali Safari, and Jaeho Shin (Abstract)


Amino acid degradation pathway inhibitors trigger apoptosis in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, Veronica Martinez, Karen Rodriguez, Tim McCubbin, Junjie Tong, Evan Shave, Stephen Mahler, Trent P. Munro, Kym Baker, Esteban Marcellin, and Metabolomics Australia (Abstract and Presentation)

Improving bone morphogenetic protein production in CHO cells by understanding its maturation, signaling, and endocytosis, Gyun Min Lee, Mi Gyeom Kim, and Kyungsoo Kim (Abstract)

NEXT-FLUX (Neural-net EXtracellular Trained Flux Constraints), Benjamin Strain, James Morrissey, Gianmarco Barberi, and Cleo Kontoravdi (Abstract)

Targeted DNA methylation of endogenous promoters and the CMV promoter entails distinct and subsequent histone modification changes in CHO cells, Nicolas Marx; Heena Dhiman; Valerie Schmieder,; Catarina Freire; Ly Nguyen; Gerald Klanert,; and Nicole Borth (Abstract)

Comprehensive meta-analysis of the CHO coding transcriptome, Markus Riedl; Caterina Ruggeri; Nicolas Marx; and Nicole Borth, (Abstract)

Establishment and application of a multiomics systems biology approach for cell culture process development and optimization, Chris Lowe, Pubali Banerjee, and Norbert Schuelke (Abstract)

Metabolic engineering of CHO cells towards cysteine prototrophy, Laura Greenfield, Jeffrey . Mitchell, and Bhanu. Chandra Mulukutla (Abstract)

Screening of chemically defined basal and feed media formulations for IgM production, Abhinav Rabindra Jain, Marvin Peterson, and Saloni B Khurana (Abstract)

Enhancing CHO cell productivity through a novel dual selection system using Aspg and Gs in glutamine free medium, Nathan Lewis, Karen Julie la Cour Karottki, Tae Kwang Ha, Che Lin Kim, Andreu Òdena, Hooman Hefzi, Gyun Min Lee, Helene Faustrup Kildegaard, Lars K. Nielsen, and Lise Marie Grav (Abstract)

Mechanistic insights into the metabolization of S-Sulfocysteine by CHO cells using a multi-omics approach, Melanie Nguyen, Maxime Le Mignon, Aline Zimmer, Martina Zimmermann, and Alisa Schnellbächer (Abstract)

Genome-scale modelling of resource allocation in CHO cell metabolism, James Morrissey (Abstract)

Using next-generation sequencing technology, RNA-Seq, to understand the Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell transcriptome under industrially relevant conditions, Benjamin Synoground, Yogender Gowtham, Christopher Saski, and Sarah Harcum (Abstract)

Design of experiments guided control of waste inhibitory by-products in high density CHO cell cultures, Pranay Ladiwala, Venkata Gayatri Dhara, Jackson Jenkins, Bingyu Kuang, Duc Hoang, Seongkyu Yoon, and Michael J. Betenbaugh (Abstract)

Intracellular factors influencing protein aggregation in CHO cell culture, Krishnakumar Malu and Yizhou Zhou (Abstract)

A user-friendly tool using systems biology models to infer cell functions from omics, Helen Masson, Anne Richelle, Nathan E. Lewis, and Kimberly Robasky (Abstract)

Multi-Omics strategy for cell culture medium optimization in Fed-Bach CHO Cell Cultivation, Chengjian Tu, Sarah Baron, Alex Abreu, Vyncent Nguyen, Km Shams Ud Doha, Andrew Campbell, and Chengjian Tu (Abstract)

Advanced cell culture performance by rational media design based on in depth process understanding, Jochen Schaub, Michael Loeffler, Andreas Unsoeld, Matthias Brunner, Thomas Wucherpfennig, and Jochen Schaub (Abstract)

Elucidating dipeptide utilization and metabolism by CHO cells for improved cell culture performance, Xiangchen Cai, Harnish Mukesh Naik, Pranay Ladiwala, Michael J. Betenbaugh, and Maciek R. Antoniewicz (Abstract)

Precision editing of the CHO genome via CRISPR-based prime editing: Progress and challenges, Nicholas Sandoval and Danqia Peng (Abstract)

Scale-down model qualification study identifies parameters to improve full-scale robustness, Abasha Williams, Farima Barati, Julianne Baker, and Hugh Graham (Abstract)

Feedback control of intensified fed-batch mammalian cell culture using inline raman spectroscopy, Thaddaeus Webster, Brian Hadley, Brandon Downey, Carrie Mason, and Mikayla Olin (Abstract)

Loss of cell viability is tracked by decreased cytoplasmic conductivity, Michael Butler; Bergin, A; Thomson D; Bridges, G; Braasch, K; Afshar, S; Fazelkhah, A; and Salimi, E (Abstract)

A completely automated high inoculation density fed batch process that accommodates clonal diversity and routinely doubles space time yield as compared to low inoculation density processes, Brandon Downey, Mikayla Olin, Brian Russell, Hunter Crittenden, Julia Armstrong, Shannon Hendrick, Thaddeus Webster, Brian Hadley, Carrie Mason, James Graham, and Nicolas Wolnick (Abstract)

Development of a new control strategy based on prior knowledge that enables rapid and streamlined process characterization, Michael Handlogten (Abstract)

Robust cell culture performance facilitated by comprehensive equipment characterization – the importance of hydrodynamic stress, Thomas Wucherpfennig, Maike Kuschel, Ondrej Srom, Erik Hasenfus, Miroslav Soos, and Jochen Schaub (Abstract)

Getting a foot in the door: Implementing online cell growth monitoring in manufacturing for both legacy and new processes, Alexandra Tsoras, Eric Hodgman, and Chris Barry (Abstract)

Introducing seahorse analyzer to mammalian cell culture process development, Mitch Raith, Kevin Garcia, and Pritam Sinharoy (Abstract)

Multivariate data analysis of GMP cell culture bioprocessing in Pfizer, Guogang Dong, Jin . Guo, Hooman Farsani, Alexander Miller, Sachin Jadhav, Inci Ozdemir, and Jeff Salm (Abstract)

Fully-automated bioreactor process control eliminates hands-on time through closed-loop cloud software integration, Adam Carcella, Nick De La Torre, Will Johnson, Kevin D. Smith, Alec A.K. Nielsen, and Lucas Corley (Abstract)

A scalable 3D printed bioreactor for the expansion of anchorage-dependent stem cells, Nicholas McMahon, Rogelio Zamilpa - GenCure, and Jian Ling (Abstract)

Achieving product quality targets while maintaining high titer in CHO cell culture processes, Ryan Graham, Thomas DiRocco, Sharat Varma, Nattu Vijayasankaran, and Austin Abdun-Nabi (Abstract)

Improving iron tolerance and CHO cell culture performance via adaptation in high-iron chemically defined media, Karthik Jayapal, Xiaolin Zhang, Malik Padellan, Jack Huang, and Henry Lin (Abstract)

Hybrid dynamic model of monoclonal antibody production using CHO cells, Mariana Monteiro and Cleo Kontoravdi (Abstract)

Quantitative assessment of desirability of platform cell culture media, Kimberly Curtis, Kim Rawlins, Peggy Lio, and Zhou Jiang (Abstract)

Integrated microfluidics for at-line culture monitoring of proteins and metabolites, Meeri Mäkinen, Inês F. Pinto, Leila Josefsson, Saara Mikkonen, Debbie van der Burg, Fabien Abeille, Sebastian Gierhing, Matthias Stich, Christian Krause, David Sergeant, Cari Sänger, Åsa Emmer, Aman Russom, and Veronique Chotteau (Abstract)

Developing a control strategy for sequence variants, Amy Johnson, Colleen Engler, Audrey Rodriguez, Kydah Dang, Ann Kim, Jiann-Kae Luo, Haibo Qiu, Ning Li, Shawn Lawrence, Hanne Bak, and John Reeves (Abstract)

Short chain fatty acids produced by CHO cells enhance their specific productivity in fed- batch cultures, Cameron Harrington, Quentin Bethune, and Bhanu . Chandra Mulukutla (Abstract)

Image-based machine learning model development of cell culture attributes in bench top bioreactors, Joseph Fantuzzo, Nicholas Zill, Craig Seamans, Balrina Gupta, and John Bowers (Abstract)

Understanding the impact of high gas entrance velocity on CHO cell culture processes to improve process scale up, Robin Luo, Garima Chaudhary, Meena George, Lia Tescione, Anurag Khetan, and Henry Lin (Abstract)

NAD+ supplementation improves mAbs productivity in CHO cells via a glucose metabolic shift, Jong Youn Baik (Abstract)

A less-traveled path for data in bioprocess development: From dynamic experiments to dynamic process models, Yu Luo, Zach Hatzenbeller, Alexis Parrillo, Jared Balaich, Sameer Talwar, Diana Ritz, Antonio Ubiera, and Duane Stanton (Abstract)

Explore a probabilistic network model application for biopharma manufacturing process, Jun Luo, Yiming Peng, and Tony Pourmohamad (Abstract)


The power of at-line amino acid measurements for accelerated process and media development of a mAb-expressing CHO cell line, Graziella Piras, Milla Neffling, Ji Young Anderson, William Morgan-Evans, Bethany Kerr, Samantha Colbeck, Danny Pearce, Jérémie Barbau, Graziella Piras, and Scott Miller (Abstract and Presentation)

Challenges we just couldn’t IgG-nore: Case studies of process optimization for next- generation, highly engineered multispecifics, Michael Dolan; Hema Bhatia,; Sheldon Oppenheim; Kyo Izumida; Judy Miao; Skaison Kim; Anna Tchoudakova; George Baviello; Pubali Banerjee; Francis Bacon; and Christopher Lowe (Abstract)

Modeling the effect of gradients on cell culture performance in various large scale bioreactors, Katherine R audenbush and Marianthi Ierapetritou (Abstract)

Modeling the effect of bioreactor pH on Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell metabolism and site-specific N-linked glycosylation of VRC01, Jayanth Venkatarama Reddy, Eleftherios T. Papoutsakis, and Marianthi Ierapetritou (Abstract)

Targeted modulation of biochemical pathways to optimize the balance between productivity and product quality in biosimilars, Rama Bhupal Reddy Kandula,; Vikas . Chandrawanshi; Sampath Kumar Veeramally; Suman Bandyopadhyay; and C Nirmala Raju (Abstract)

Modulation of product quality of biosimilars using metabolic modelling to achieve robust process control, Suman Bandyopadhyay, Chitti Babu Gottimukkala, Vikas Chandrawanshi, Ravi Kumar Marikanti, Veerabhadra Madurai Veeraraghavan, and Nirmala Raju (Abstract)

Peptide-based solutions to reduce undesired cell culture media chemistry – New options for stabilized media formulations, Martin Schilling, Anne Benedikt, Stephan Brinkmann, and Christina Jost (Abstract)

Achieving desirable product quality by modulating cell culture via real time analysis, Meena George, Joyce . Luke, and Anoushka Durve (Abstract)

Achieving product quality comparability while making cell culture process changes, Eleanor Oates, Thomas DiRocco, and Nattu Vijayasankaran (Abstract)

Development of real-time monitoring system and Data-driven digital twin models for forecasting multi-step ahead cell culture performance, Seo-Young Park, Cheol-Hwan Park, Sun-Jong Kim, Yung Doug Suh, and Dong-Yup Lee (Abstract)


Upstream Process Development approach to selectively reduce one or more unpaired cysteines of a monoclonal antibody, Coralie Borrossi, Simon Fradin, Dean Houston, and Periklis Selevos (Abstract and Presentation)

Validation of the model-based cell culture media design platform “CELIA” for biomass and product optimization in a bioreactor setting, Ziomara P. Gerdtzen, Ivan Paredes, Andrea Villanueva, Diego Narváez, Daniel Morales, Bastián Carvajal, Ana Luz Quiroga-Campano, and J. Cristian Salgado (Abstract)

Next-gen glycoengineering: Combining cellular and metabolic engineering to fine-tune β1,4-Galactosylation, Apostolos Tsopanoglou, Mina Ghahremanzamaneh, Itzcoatl Gomez Aquino, Alfonso Blanco, Sara Carillo, Jonathan Bones, and Ioscani Jimenez del Val (Abstract)

Lectin-aided flow cytometry reveals a close correlation between cell surface and mAb glycosylation- aided flow cytometry reveals a close correlation between cell surface and mAb glycosylation, Apostolos Tsopanoglou, Mina Ghahremanzamaneh, Itzcoatl Gomez Aquino, Alfonso Blanco, Sara Carillo, Jonathan Bones, and Ioscani Jimenez del Val (Abstract)

CHO stable pool fed-batch process development of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein production, Juan Sebastian Reyes Davila, Phuong Lan Pham, Yves Durocher, and Olivier Henry (Abstract)

Synthetic cell lines for recombinant AAV production, Min Lu, Zion Lee, Wen Cai, Yu-Chieh Lin, Ibrahim Irfanullah, and Wei-Shou Hu (Abstract)

Small scale cell culture based assay for predicting antibody reduction susceptibility, Antonio Barberio, Kevin Halloran, Charles Budde, Daryl Powers, Henry Lin, and Katherine Amrein (Abstract)

Quantitation of amino acids in diverse mammalian cell culture media types with the REBEL at-line analyzer, Kenion Blakeman, Reagan Draper, Scott Miller, Hannah Wilker, and Ji Young Anderson (Abstract)

Characterization of cell cycle and apoptosis using flow cytometry for bioprocess monitoring, Xiaodan Ji, Tom Eyster, Alexis Parrillo, Sybille Galosy, Zhaohui Ao, and Yuan Zhu (Abstract)

Achieving high titer in a non-platform CHO cell culture process when converting to an internal medium platform, Tom Hayes, Daryl Powers, and Henry Lin (Abstract)

Real time monitoring of commercial manufacturing and quality control for enhanced process and method reliability, Neeraj J Agrawal, (Abstract)

Amino acid analysis to support a genome-scale nutrient minimization forecast algorithm for controlling essential amion acid levels in CHO cell cultures, Ji Young L. Anderson, Yiqun Chen, Venkata Gayatri Dhara, Michael J. Betenbaugh, and Harnish Mukesh Naik (Abstract)

Closing the loop on cell culture analyzer variability, Paul Steve, Colin E.. Orr, Belinda Tang, Kyle Doce, and Shawn M. Lawrence (Abstract)

Dynamic pH profiles drive higher cell specific and volumetric productivity, Sarah Harcum, Stephanie R. Klaubert, Dylan G. Chitwood, Danqia Peng, and Nicholas R. Sandoval (Abstract)

Accelerating attribute-focused cell culture process development through the deployment of an automatic assay preparation platform, Chao-Hsiang Wu, Chetan . Goudar, Becky Chan, Zac Sarich, Alicia Zeng, Yaokai Duan, Janice Chen, Jiu-Li Song, Mike Berke, Patrick Gammell, and Gang Xue (Abstract)

Computer simulations of the shear stress/energy dissipation in peristaltic pumps, Jeffrey Chalmers, Eric Plencner, Claudia Berdugo, and Oscar Lara (Abstract)

Development of a high-throughput workflow for upstream process control, Michael Skoumal and Yang Yang (Abstract)

Controlling pCO2 in high density perfusion cultures, Colin Jaques, Anita Dabek, Anthony Beaney, Marissa Dickson, Brian Hadley, Joanna Kolacz, Natalia Papalamprou, Mauran Mahendra, Anastasia Eftychidou, and Mikayla Olin (Abstract)

At-line investigation of capacitance for assessing biomass of mammalian cell culture and fixed cell calibration standard, An Zhang and Kevin Ramer (Abstract)

Investigating cell culture process parameters and galactosylation using media buffering experiment and digital twin modeling, Woo Suk Ahn, Kevin Legg, Lia Tescione, and Canghai Lu (Abstract)

Cell culture oxygen utilization as orthogonal measure of biomass for feed control, Christopher Jackman, Nicolas Langenegger, Gouthami Nandikur, Josh Ingle, and Kevin Ramer (Abstract)