October 1-6, 2023

Chairs:   Ang Ee Lui, Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation, A*STAR, Singapore
  Yan Feng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  Li Zhi, National University of Singapore, Singapore



Conference program - ENZYME ENGINEERING XXVII, Ang Ee Lui, Yan Feng, and Li Zhi (Article)

Bacterial Phosphorothioate DNA Modification: New Defense Systems and Perspective Uses, Zi Xin Deng (Abstract)

Soluble expression of genes for enzymes in Escherichia coli, Yasuhisa Asano (Abstract)

CATALYZING GREEN CHEMISTRY: In silico protocols for the efficient discovery and design of industrial enzymes, Marina Cañellas (Abstract)

Expanding the enzymatic toolbox with de novo protein design, Indrek Kalvet and David Baker (Abstract)

Computational redesign of functional enzymes, Bian Wu (Abstract)

Machine-learning based prediction of glycosyltransferase substrates, Ditte Hededam Welner, David Teze, Christian Degnbol Madsen, Tiia Kittila, Mads Langhorn, Hani Gharabli, Mandy Hobusch, Onur Kírtel, Felipe Mejia Otalvaro, and Evelyn Travnik (Abstract)

Enzymatic recycling of plastics, Uwe T. Bornscheuer (Abstract)

Exploring transaminase stability for biocatalysis, Per Berglund (Abstract)

A growth selection system for the directed evolution of amine-forming or converting enzymes, Shuke Wu, Chao Xiang, and Uwe Bornscheuer (Abstract)

The Engineering of Directed Evolution, Jeff Moore (Abstract)

Discovery and engineering of nylon hydrolases for PA66 recycling, Joshua Michener, Patricia Saint-Vincent, Erin Drufva, John Cahill, Vilmos Kertesz, Hannah Valentino, Jerry Parks, Omar Demerdash, Catalin Gainaru, Vera Bocharova, and Serena Chen (Abstract)

Enzyme discovery and specificity fingerprints by analysis of correlated positions in CAZy family GH65, Emma De Beul, Alana Jongbloet, Tom Desmet, and Jorick Franceus (Abstract)

Molecular mechanisms of nucleases: A single-molecule perspective, Bo Sun, Xinshuo Jia, and Yanan Li (Abstract)

b-NAD as a Building Block in Natural Product Biosynthesis, Ikuro Abe (Abstract)

2-Hydroxyacyl-CoA synthases enable C1-based orthogonal biomanufacturing, Ramon Gonzalez (Abstract)

Enzyme engineereing of glutamate dehydrogenase for production of L- amino acids, Haoran Yu (Abstract)

Novel enzymes from the biosynthetic pathways of anthraquinone-fused enediynes, Zhao-Xun Liang (Abstract)

Discovery, evolution and synthetic applications of enzymes for chiral oxygen-containing compounds, Yong-Zheng Chen (Abstract)

Unlocking biocatalytic acylations by enzyme repurposing and engineering for amide synthesis, Christian Schnepel, Laura Rodríguez-Pérez, Yuqi Yu, Martin A. Hayes, Nicholas J. Turner, and Sabine L. Flitsch (Abstract)

Hydroxynitrile lyase engineering for promiscuous diastereoselective synthesis of β-nitroalcohols, Santosh Kumar Padhi and Ayon Chatterjee (Abstract)

Enzyme engineering for synthetic biology, Huimin Zhao (Abstract)

Enzyme Engineering in Synthetic Biology, Pimchai Chaiyen (Abstract)

Immobilized biocatalytic process to prepare enantiopure pregabalin intermediate using engineered hydantoinase, Haibin Chen, Yingxin Zhang, Yaoyao Ji, and Chengxiao Zhang (Abstract)

Engineering Hydroxylase and Ketoreductase Activity, Selectivity, and Stability for a Scalable Concise Synthesis of Belzutifan, Stephanie Galanie, Wai Ling Cheung-Lee, Joshua N. Kolev, William Morris, Daniel DiRocco, Wendy Zhong, Nastaran Salehi Marzijarani, Juan E. Velásquez, Matthew Winston, John McIntosh, Rekha Gangam, Jeffrey Moore, Birgit Kosjek, Stephanie Chun, Kevin Maloney, and Grant Murphy (Abstract)

αC including a novel three- component non-heme diiron monooxygenase system, Jun Ogawa, Ryotaro Hara, Michiki Takeuchi, and Makoto Hibi (Abstract)

Methanol-driven andnon-natural redox cofactor mediated biocatalysis, Zongbao Kent Zhao (Abstract)

Accelerating Discovery of Substrate Promiscuity in Biocatalyzed Oxidations, Joelle N. Pelletier (Abstract)

Evolution of higly efficient t7 Rna polymerase for Mrna production using aptamer-based fluorescence-activated droplet sorting, Guang-Yu Yang, Weitong Qin, Manjie Luo, and Liang Li (Abstract)


Accessing bacterial dark matter for improved enzyme discovery and engineering, David F. Ackerley, Michelle H. Rich, Hannah R. Lee-Harwood, Sarah R. Messenger, Jenni J.B. Francis, Thomas W. Skurr V, Edward M. McGuinniety, Alexandra J. Linton-de Boer, Jeff S. Mumm, Abigail V. Sharrock, Alistair S. Brown, and Mark J. Calcott (Abstract)

The use of in silico analysis to engineer the best immunogenic epitope and produce the corresponding prophylactic antigen-based vaccines with C1 production platform in order to rapidly respond to viral pandemics, Ronen Tchelet (Abstract)

An engineered gastrointestinally stable microbial leucine decarboxylase for potential treatment of maple syrup urine disease, Chinping Chng, Kristen Skvorak, Joyce Liu, Nikki Kruse, Roasa Mehmood, Subhamoy Das, Stephan Jenne, U Loi Lao, Da Duan, Jonathan Asfaha, Faye Du, Leanne Teadt, Charlene Ching, Antoinette Sero, James Riggins, Lianne Pope, Ping Yan, Moulay Hicham Alaoui Ismaili, Gjalt Huisman, Kerryn McCluskie, and Adam Silverman (Abstract)

Studying the effect of industrial operating conditions on enzyme kinetics and stability, John M Woodley (Abstract)

Biocatalyst optimization for process conditions, Andreas S. Bommarius (Abstract)

Process enhancement of enzyme-catalyzed reactions based on micro- and nano-reactors, Yunpeng . Bai (Abstract)

Next-Gen Enzyme Engineering – Fusing holistic wet lab data generation with artificial intelligence to identify and recombine key point mutations for superior enzyme performance, David SCHOENAUER, Kerstin CARDINIER, and Dr. Eduardo OLIVEIRA (Abstract)

Transforming protein engineering: advanced integration of deep learning and 3DM technology for superior protein function predictions, Henk-Jan Joosten, Bas Vroling, Stephan Heijl, and Tom van den Bergh (Abstract)

ENZYME ENGINEERING AT ALMAC: Case studies of enzyme discovery and engineering, Alexandra T. P. Carvalho, Daniel F. A. R. Dourado, Lyndsey Bannon, Derek Quinn, Stefan Mix, and Thomas Moody (Abstract)

Pet recycling: From enzyme and process optimization to an industrial plant, Alain Marty; Vincent Tournier; Nicolas Chabot; Isabelle André,; and Guy Lippens (Abstract)

Sustainability and oxidase biocatalysis – An overview, Stephanie Burton and Marilize le Roes-Hill (Abstract)

Engineering an artificial pathway for Cis-alpha-irone biosynthesis, Xixian Chen, Rehka T, Jérémy Esque, Congqiang Zhang, Leonard Ong, Sudha Shukal, and Isabelle André (Abstract)

Enzyme reactions for biocolors, ByungGee Kim (Abstract)

Repurposing Biology through Synthetic Enzymology – For Human and Planetary Health, Wen Shan YEW (Abstract)

Enzyme engineering of a membrane-bound monooxygenase as key step of an artificial metabolic pathway towards Tulipalin A, Robert Kourist, Andrea Nigl, Kamela Myrtollari, and Andreas Taden (Abstract)

Next-generation plastic degrading enzymes, Sierin Lim, Farid Ghadessy, Barindra Sana, Ding Ke, Siau Jia Wei, and Rupali Reddy Pasula (Abstract)

Efficient synthesis of steroid drugs enabled by engineered P450 monooxygenases, Aitao Li (Abstract)

Progressive enzyme engineering for rapid discovery of a detergent protease with enhanced sustainability and cleaning performance benefits, Thomas Graycar (Abstract)


Engineering bacterial nitroreductases for anticancer gene therapy and targeted cell ablation, Abigail Sharrock, Elsie Williams, Vic Arcus, Jeff Mumm, and David Ackerley (Abstract)

Basecamp Research: Predictive enzyme development through nature and AI, Ahir Pushpanath and Valerio Pereno (Abstract)

Metagenomic discovery and directed evolution of genes that defend against chemotherapeutics, Alexandria Linton-de Boer, Dr Abigail Sharrock, Michelle Rich, Prof David Ackerley, and Elsie Williams (Abstract)

The effect of ionic strength on the kinetic stability of NADH oxidase in a bubble column, Amalie Vang Høst, John M. Woodley, and Andreas S. Bommarius (Abstract)

Engineering a biocatalytic platform for modified oligonucleotide production, Anders Knight; David Entwistle; Stephanie Forget; Mikayla Krawczyk; Michelle Li,; Simon Ng; Nick Porter; Amani Shoubber; Leann Teadt; Ljubica Vojcic; Jonathan Vroom; David Watts; and Leland Wong (Abstract)

Improving KMO via enzyme engineering for industrally competitive oxidases, Ariadna Pié Porta, Elif Erdem, and John M. Woodley (Abstract)

Flavin-N5OOH: A most powerful nucleophile and base in nature, Binju Wang, Qiaoyu Zhang, Qianqian Chen, and Sason Shaik (Abstract)

Engineering a hyperactive TcBuster transposase for efficient gene delivery for cell therapy applications, Bryan J. Jones, Blake Barnes, Trevor Zarecki, Joseph G. Skeate, Emily J. Pomeroy, Nicholas J. Slipek, Bryce J. Wick, Walker S. Lahr, Erin Stelljes, Xiaobai Patrinostro, Dalton Smedley, David Hermanson, Beau R Webber, Branden S. Moriarity, and Neil Otto (Abstract)

Laboratory evolution of a fungal heme-thiolate enzyme promoting peroxidase or peroxygenase activity, Carsten Pichler, Vanessa Holzschuster, and Anton Glieder (Abstract)

Post-transcriptional association of proteins to study spatial organisation within multi-enzyme complexes, Cédric Y. MONTANIER, Louise Badruna, Vincent Burlat, Pierre Roblin, Thomas LAUTIER, Tiffany CHAU, and Claire DUMON (Abstract)

Nature-inspired engineering of an artificial RNA ligase created by in vitro selection, Cher Ling Tong, Nisha Kanwar, Burckhard Seelig, and Dana Morrone (Abstract)

Controlling enantioselectivity of limonene synthases by exploring natural diversity combined to molecular engineering, Clement P.M. Scipion; Shreyash Pramod Borkar; Jérémy Esque; Sophie Bozonnet, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, TBI, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, INRAE, France; Magali Remaud-Siméon; Xue Bo; Wen Shan Yew; Chen Xixian; and Isabelle André (Abstract)

Next-gen enzyme engineering – A wet lab data-driven approach to identify and recombine key point mutations with EnzyMAP AI and EnzyREC AI for superior enzyme performance, David SCHOENAUER, Dr. Eduardo OLIVEIRA, and Kerstin . CARDINIER (Abstract)

Molecular docking and kinetic study of transglycosylation reaction for naringenin using amylosucrase from Deinococcus wulumuqiensis, Dong-Ho Seo, Su-Jeong Yu, and Cheon-Seok Park (Abstract)

Synthetic biology for combinatorial biosynthesis of novel alkylating agents, Ed McGuinniety, David Ackerley, and Mark Calcott (Abstract)

Understanding the effect of Air-liquid interface on enzyme stability in the presence of hydrophobins, Elif Erdem and John M. Woodley (Abstract)

Improved thermostability of a plant sucrose synthase for the sustainable recycling of UDP-glucose, Felipe Mejia Otalvaro, Gonzalo Bidart, and Ditte Welner (Abstract)

Precision in medicinal chemistry: Harnessing enzymes for advanced halogenation, Fong Tian Wong, Guang Rong Peh, Gregory A. Gunawan, Jiawu Bi, Terence Tay, Elaine Tiong, Lee Ling Tan, Shimin . Jiang, Yi Ling Goh, Suming Ye, Joel Wong, Chris Brown, Huimin Zhao, Ee Lui Ang, and Yee Hwee Lim (Abstract)

7d-grid-ai technology: A technology that translates enzymes from a computer to business with limited lab experiments, Gladstone Sigamani, Pravin Kumar, and Roopa L (Abstract)

Putting the spotlight on toluene o-xylene monooxygenase “A good biocatalyst candidate for biotechnological applications”, Gönül Vardar-Schara (Abstract)

A growth selection system for the directed evolution of Sucrose Synthases, Gonzalo Bidart, Se Hyeuk, Lei Yang, Tobias k Benedikt Alter, and Ditte Welner (Abstract)

Assessing the evolutionary potential of novel resistance elements to the candidate antibacterial, niclosamide, Hannah Lee-Harwood, Alistair Brown, Michelle Rich, and David Ackerley (Abstract)

Coupled molecular dynamics mediates interaction between long-range mutations and its application in enzyme engineering, Haoran Yu and Lirong Yang (Abstract)

Molecular basis for a toluene monooxygenase to govern substrate selectivity, Huili Yu, Meng Dai, and Aitao Li (Abstract)

Unlocking the potential of enzyme engineering with Intelligent Architecture platform, Irmantas Rokaitis, Vykintas Jauniskis, Masoud Kazemi, Donatas Repecka, Linas Zakrys, and Laurynas Karpus (Abstract)

Discovery and evolution of primordial antibiotic resistance genes from soil microbes, Jennifer J. B. Francis, Abigail V Sharrock, Michelle H Rich, and David F. Ackerley (Abstract)

The correlation between NAD(P)H oxidase kinetics and its stability exposed to gas- liquid interface, Jingyu Wang, Luca Schmermund, Elif Erdem, Volker Sieber, and John M. Woodley (Abstract)

Structure-based self-supervised learning enables ultrafast prediction of stability changes upon mutation, Jinyuan Sun, Tong Zhu, Yinglu Cui, and Bian Wu (Abstract)

Comparison of Sds-page to automated parallel capillary electrophoresis for enzyme size and purity assessments, Kyle Luttgeharm (Abstract)

Enzyme engineering for valorization of agrowaste-derived levulinic acid to versatile 4-hydroxyvaleric acid, Kyoungseon Min (Abstract)

Using Glucan Water Dikinase for in vitro glucan phosphorylation, Thibaud Laffargue, Nina Cooper, David Guieysse, Claire Moulis, Magali Remaud-Simeon, and Gianluca Cioci (Abstract)

Overcoming the risks in synthetic biology product development through rapid, genome scale metabolic engineering, Matthew Biggs (Abstract)

An in-silico & in-vitro tournament for protein engineering, Mohamed Hassan Kane, David Estell, Chase Armer, Adil Yusuf, Henning Redestig, and Erika Alden DeBenedictis (Abstract)

Escaping patents using generative machine learning, Mohamed Hassan Kane and Adil Yusuf (Abstract)

Non-covalent interactions based machine learning approach to build a second active site on an enzyme for increased KCAT and dual function, Naveen Banchallihundi Krisha, Pravin Kumar R, Roopa Lalitha, and Gladstone Sigamani (Abstract)

Design of engineered active zymogen of microbial transglutaminase, Noriho Kamiya, Ryutaro Ariyoshi, Ryo Sato, Kounosuke Hayashi, Kosuke Minamihata, Rie Wakabayashi, Masahiro Goto, and Takashi Matsuzaki (Abstract)

Predictive modelling and machine learning-assisted engineering of AvPAL for improved thermal stability, Poojith N Rajendran, Rebecca Condruti, Jeevan Kallur Prakash, Todd C. Chappell, Likith M, Pravin Kumar R, and Nikhil U. Nair (Abstract)

Rationally controlling selective steroid hydroxylation via scaffold sampling of a P450 family, Qian Li, Xiaodong Zhang, and Aitao Li (Abstract)

The use of in silico analysis to engineer the best immunogenic epitope and produce the corresponding prophylactic antigen-based vaccines with C1 production platform in order to rapidly respond to viral pandemics, Ronen Tchelet (Abstract)

Biocatalytic synthesis of indigo and indican for blue denim dyeing, Ruben M. de Boer, Gonzalo N. Bidart, and Ditte Hededam Welner (Abstract)

The efficient expression of nattokinase in Escherichia coli by sequence optimization, Huimin Yu, Ruizhao Jiang, and Yilong Zhou (Abstract)

Construction of artificial biosynthetic pathways for L-theanine production in Escherichia coli, Ryota Hagihara and Kazuhiko . Tabata (Abstract)

Combinatorial engineering of PET and PLA degrading enzymes, Santana Royan, Yvonne Joho, Alessandro Caputo, and Albert Ardevol Grau (Abstract)

Metagenomic domain substitution for the high-throughput creation of non-ribosomal peptide analogues, Sarah Messenger, Edward McGuinniety, Mark Calcott, and David Ackerley (Abstract)

Next-generation plastic degrading enzymes, Sierin Lim, Farid Ghadessy, Barindra Sana, Ding Ke, Siau Jia Wei, and Rupali Reddy Pasula (Abstract)

Improving thermostability of tryptophan 2-monooxygenase by semi-rational engineering, Sirus Kongjaroon, Duangthip Trisrivirat, and Pimchai Chaiyen (Abstract)

Harnessing environmental microbiota for the discovery of novel biocatalytic enzymes using microbial single-cell genome sequencing, Soichiro Tsuda, Takuya Yoda, Akiho Morimoto, Shigeru Sakurai, and Masahito Hosokawa (Abstract)

Enzymatic properties of a novel CYP152 fatty acid decarboxylase, Suppalak Phaisan, Duangthip Trisrivirat, Aisaraphon Phintha, and Pimchai Chaiyen (Abstract)

Thermophilic bioremediation of emerging pollutants using a recombinant thermophilic fungal peroxidase, Maryam Poolad, Iltaf Shah, and Syed Salman Ashraf (Abstract)

The discovery and characterization of tungsten insertase in tungsten cofactor biosynthesis, Uyen Thu Phan, Jeong Seok Ji, Yaejin Yun, Hyung Ho Lee, and Yong Hwan Kim (Abstract)

Oxidative biocatalysis without oxygen – Applying the less used side of hydrogenases, Volker Sieber (Abstract)