May 27-June 1, 2018
Hotel Dos Templarios
Tomar, Portugal

Editors:   J. Provis, University of Sheffield
  C. Leonelli, Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  W. Kriven, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  A. Boccaccini, Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  A. Van Riessen, Curtin University, Australia

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, John L. Provis, Waltraud M. Kriven, Cristina Leonelli, Aldo Boccaccini, and Arie Van Riessen (Article)

Looking back to guide us on how to move forward for geopolymers, Arie van Riessen and Evan J amieson (Abstract)


Investigation of the relationship between the condensed structure and the chemically bonded water content in the network of geopolymer cements, Herve Tchakoute Kouamo, Sorelle J. K. Melele, Claus H. Rüscher, Elie Kamseu, and Cristina Leonelli (Abstract and Presentation)


Real soils versus fake soils: Does something other than clay minerals influence geopolymerisation behavior in real soils?, Alastair Marsh, Pascaline Patureau, Mark Evernden, Pete Walker, and Andrew Heath (Abstract and Presentation)

Hydration of clinker phases in alkaline conditions, María Jose Sánchez-Herrero, A. Palomo, and A. Fernández-Jiménez (Abstract)

Molecular model of geopolymers with increasing level of disorder in the atomic structure, Francesca Lolli, Hegoi Manzano, John L. Provis, Maria Chiara Bignozzi, and Enrico Masoero (Abstract)

Aluminosilicate network formation during geopolymerization followed by in-situ 27Al nutation NMR, Virginie Benavent, Jean-Baptiste d’Espinose de Lacaillerie, Guylaine Ducouret, Jan-Philip Merkl, Maxim Pulkin, and Karsten Seidel (Abstract)

Experimental study and numerical simulation of the dissolution of blast furnace slag in alkaline solution, Yibing Zuo and Guang Ye (Abstract)

Synthetic glass with high alkali-reactivity and near-zero RM- CO2 emissions, Paivo Kinnunen, Harisankar Sreenivasan, Chris Cheeseman, and Mirja Illikainen (Abstract)

Understanding the relationship between micro and macro-scale properties in sodium silicate activated slag-fly ash binders, Waltraud M. Kriven, Kaushik Sankar, and Xu Chen (Abstract)

Retardation in alkali-activated materials via zinc oxide: Mechanism and implications, Nishant Garg and Claire E. White (Abstract)

Rheological behavior of fresh inorganic polymer paste: Polymer bridging effect of the alkali silicate solution, Glenn Beersaerts, Lubica Kriskova, and Yiannis Pontikes (Abstract)

Amorphous, self-healed, geopolymers (ASH-G and ceramics (ASH-C) made by the geopolymer processing route, Patrick F A Keane, Abdul W. Bhuiya, Daniel Ribero, Michael Hu, and Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Effect of chemical structure on the efficiency of shrinkage reducing admixtures in alkali activated systems, Lukas Kalina, Pavlina Sistkova, Eva Bartonickova, and Vlastimil Bilek Jr (Abstract)

Influence of different types of superplasticizers on one-part alkali- activated slag mortars, Elena Crotti, Elena Crotti, and Denny Coffetti (Abstract)

Development of geopolymer composites reinforced with fiber felts using an industrial approach, Alberto Conte, Gianluca Passante, Andrea Donà, and Paolo Colombo (Abstract)

Drying shrinkage behavior of metakaolin-based and bamboo fiber reinforced geopolymers, Ruy A. Sá Ribeiro, Marilene G. Sá Ribeiro, Marilia G. Sá Ribeiro, Mauro R. Sardela, and Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Environmentally friendly immobilization of radioactive wastes in an alkali activated cement matrix, Pavel Krivenko (Abstract)


Acid geopolymer materials based on different aluminosilicate sources, Sylvie Rossignol, Jenny Jouin, Virginie Mathivet, and Michel Parlier (Abstract and Presentation)

Study of geopolymerization mechanisms by 27Al-NMR and calorimetry correlation, Julien Aupoil, Jean-Baptiste Champenois, and Arnaud Poulesquen (Abstract)

Use of soda lime glass waste as silica supplier in fly ash based geopolymers, Nicoletta Toniolo, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Acacio Rincon, and Enrico Bernardo (Abstract)

Performance of sodium carbonate/ silicate activated slag materials, John Provis and Susan A. Bernal (Abstract)


Effect of recycled geopolymer concrete aggregate on strength development and consistence of Portland cement concretes, Napoleana-Anna Chaliasou, Andrew Heath, Juliana Calabria Holley, and Kevin Paine (Abstract and Presentation)

Factors influencing setting time of alkali activated blast furnace slag, Henk Nugteren, Davy Boom, and Joost Koevoets (Abstract)

Autogenous shrinkage induced stress of alkali activated slag and fly ash concrete under restraint condition, Zhenming Li, Albina Kostiuchenko, and Guang Ye (Abstract)

Ultra-high performance alkali activated material with silica fume and nanosilica, Alexander Wetzel and Bernhard Middendorf (Abstract)

Effect of geopolymer composition and curing conditions on efflorescence in lightweight porous geopolymers, Sujeong Lee, Chul-Min Chon, and Byoungkwan Kim (Abstract)

Understanding the autogenous shrinkage in alkali-activated slag/fly-ash blends, Siva Uppalapati and Özlem Cizer (Abstract)

Combining chemical and mechanical foaming in geopolymer foam concretes, Ailar Hajimohammadi, Tuan Ngo, and Priyan Mendis (Abstract)

Steel corrosion in different alkali-activated mortars, Nina Gartner, Miha Hren, Vilma Ducman, Andraž Legat, Tadeja Kosec, Gaëtan Touze, Stéphane Poyet, and Valérie L'Hostis (Abstract)

Steel reinforcement corrosion in alkali-activated fly ash mortars, Petr Hlaváček, Gregor J. G. Gluth, Gino Ebell, Hans-Carsten Kühne, Jürgen Mietz, and Steffi Reinemann (Abstract)

On the acid resistance of alkali-activated cements: What role does magnesium play?, Juan Pablo Gevaudan, Zoey M. Craun, and Wil V. Srubar III (Abstract)

Structure, acid-resistance and high-temperature behavior of silica-based one-part geopolymers and geopolymer-zeolite composites, Gregor J. G. Gluth, Patrick Sturm, Christian Jäger, Sebastian G reiser, H.J.H. Brouwers, and Hans-Carsten Kühne (Abstract)

Assessing the long-term structural changes of metakaolin geopolymers encapsulating strontium loaded ion-exchanger, Xinyuan Ke, Susan A. Bernal, and John L. Provis (Abstract)

Synthesis of geopolymer foams for decontamination of liquid nuclear waste, Svetlana Petlitckaia, Yves Barré, and Arnaud Poulesquen (Abstract)

Retention of Re in metakaolin based geopolymer in the presence of an organic reductant – an experimental study, Ofra Klein-BenDavid, Janelle Branch, Peng Zhang, David S. Kosson, Rossane Delapp, Gabriela Bar-Nes, and Michal Arbel-Haddad (Abstract)

Stabilization of sulphidic mine tailings with MgO activated blast furnace slag, Minna Sarkkinen, Kauko Kujala, and Seppo Gehör (Abstract)

MK-GGBS foams: Relation between mechanical parameters and morphological parameters, Martin Cyr, Gabriel Samson, Christophe Tenailleau, and Benjamin Duployer (Abstract)

Evaluation of alkali-activated binders suitability for the stabilization/solidification of tunnel boring muds, Thomas Wattez, Martin Cyr, Cédric Patapy, Julien Waligora, François Olard, Laurent Frouin, and Nicolas Musikas (Abstract)

Geopolymers for hazardous cations and anions inertization, Cristina Leonelli, Luisa Barbieri, Isabella Lancellotti, Giacomo Boldrini, Silvia Zamponi, Michela Ciabocco, Mario Berrettoni, and Eugenio Caponetti (Abstract)

Cesium incorporation in metakaolin-based K-geopolymer, Yuka Morinaga, Satoshi Yoshida, Elakneswaran Yogarajah, Tsutomu Sato, Toyoharu Nawa, and John Provis (Abstract)

Hybrid concrete: Alternative future, Cyril Attwell (Abstract)

Development of alkali activated adhesive applicable for alkali activated panels, Vilma Ducman, Marco Natali, and Adriana Bernardi (Abstract)

30 cubic meters batching, delivering, and pouring of activated fly ash concrete, Nawamonwan Sirima, Charcrist Kuhakarn, Chalermphol Bunsong, and Smith Songpiriyakij (Abstract)

Geosil – ready to use alkaline activator solutions for geopolymers, Martin Leute and J. Krakehl (Abstract)

PQ CuresilTM - Alkaline silicate activators for geopolymer, Abraham Araya (Abstract)

Practical approaches for the development of alkali activated concrete - a durability- and sustainability-driven optimization, Katja Dombrowski-Daube, Marcel Weil, and Jan Sachl (Abstract)

Low-temperature alkaline activation of feldspathic solid solutions: Development of high strength geopolymers, Elie Kamseu, A. Sola, M. Messori, C. Leonelli, A. Nana, and H. K. Tchakoute (Abstract)

Development of a new alkali-activated binder incorporating dredged sediments, Reine Karam, Dimitri Deneele, and David Bulteel (Abstract)

Sustainable alkali binders: Waste activating wastes, Ana Fernández-Jiménez, Cristelo N, Miranda T, and Palomo A (Abstract)

Alkali activation of fly ashes, Part I: Mechanical pre-processing for the improvement of the fly ash reactivity, Olga Maltseva, Ana Fernández-Jiménez, and Ángel Palomo (Abstract)

Alkali-activated mineral wools, Juho Yliniemi, Mirja Illikainen, Paivo Kinnunen, Brant Walkley, and John Provis (Abstract)

Silica source for formation of C-S-H in waste sediment-steel slag mixtures, Kanako Toda, Tsubasa Otake, Tsutomu Sato, Haruna Sato, Nilan Weerakoon, and Satoshi Nishimura (Abstract)

Lightweight foamed geopolymer, Oday Hussein, Daniel A. Geddes, Susan A. Bernal, and John L. Provis (Abstract)

Study on surface degradation of LCFA-GGBF geopolymers by partial water absorption and silane impregnation techniques, Kazuo Ichimiya, Koji Harada, and Ko Ikeda (Abstract)

Geopolymer-bound intumescent coatings for fire protection, Gregor J. G. Gluth, Patrick Sturm, Simone Krüger, Bernhard Schartel, and Marie-Bernadette Watolla (Abstract)

Achievement and exploitation of porous geopolymer-based spheres, Elettra Papa, Valentina Medri, Elena Landi, and Juliette Lizion (Abstract)

Multi-scale analysis on soil improved by alkali activated fly ashes, Enza Vitale, Giacomo Russo, Dimitri Deneele, and Michael Paris (Abstract)

Immense potential of geopolymeric nanomaterials for sustainability applications, Dong-Kyun Seo, Shaojiang Chen, and Dinesh Medpelli (Article)

Geopolymers as inorganic binder in 3D printing application in construction, Vera Voney, Gnanli Landrou, Pietro Odaglia, Andrei Jipa, Isolda Agusti Juan, Benjamin Dillenburger, and Guillaume Habert (Abstract)

Investigation of lightweight geopolymer mortars as fireproofing coatings, Lorenza Carabba, Giordano Emrys Scarponi, Alessandro Tugnoli, Maria Chiara Bignozzi, and Raffaela Moricone (Abstract)

Lightweight insulating geopolymer material based on expanded perlite, Annalisa Natali Murri, Elettra Papa, Elena Landi, and Valentina Medri (Abstract)

Behavior of shrinkage reducing admixtures based on polyether structure in various alkaline solutions, Eva Bartonickova, Lukas Kalina, Vojtech Enev, and Vlastimil Bilek (Abstract)

New insights into the role of hydroxide ions and silicate species during geopolymerization, Jean-Baptiste Champenois; Julien Aupoil; Arnaud Poulesquen; and Jean-Baptiste d’Espinose de Lac0aillerie, SIMM (Abstract)

Synthesis of geopolymer emulsions, Arnaud Poulesquen, Angélique Barneoud-Chapelier, and Jérémy Causse (Abstract)

Geopolymer-based bricks may be the next generation of bricks: A case study of MINEALITHE as an alkaline activator, Nicolas Youssef, Mélanie Denecker, Zakaria Dakhli, François Waendendries, Zoubeir Lafhaj, and Ecole Centrale de Lille (Abstract)


Geopolymers including CDW for application as a building material, Matteo Panizza, Marco Natali, Adriana Bernardi, Matteo Panizza, Enrico Garbin, Michele Secco, and Vilma Ducman (Abstract and Presentation)

Geopolymers based on natural zeolite and metazeolite, Henk W. Nugteren, Ivan Rostovsky, and Aleksandar Nikolov (Abstract)

Alkali activation of MSWI bottom ash: Effects of the SiO2/Na2O ratio, Boyu Chen, Arno Keulen, and Guang Ye (Abstract)

PVA fiber/matrix interface characterization in alkali-activated slag/fly ash system: Effect of SiO2/Na2O ratio, Shizhe Zhang, Bahman Ghiassi, and Guang Ye (Abstract)

Mechanical properties and creep behaviour of an alkali-activated concrete, Albina Kostiuchenko, Zainab Aldin, Bahman Ghiassi, Guang Ye, and Jiahua Liu (Abstract)

Metakaolin based geopolymers as soil stabilizers, Dotan Gabber, Gabriela Bar-Nes, Avraham Dody, and Alva Peled (Abstract)

Investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of FA/GGBS -based geopolymer after exposure at elevated temperature, Apriany Saludung, Yuko Ogawa, and Kenji Kawai (Abstract)

Effect of microstructure on physical properties of blast furnace slag - fly ash based alkali activated materials, Kenta Sasaki and Kiyofumi Kurumisawa (Abstract)

Alkali activation of fly ashes part II: Mechanochemical pre-processing as way to optimize the reactivity, Angel Palomo, Palomo A, and Maltseva O (Abstract)

Strength and elastic behavior of metakaolin-based and bamboo fiber reinforced geopolymers, Ruy A. Sá Ribeiro, Marilene G. Sá Ribeiro, Marilia G. Sá Ribeiro, Mauro R. Sardela, and Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Geopolymer-zeolite composites for CO2 adsorption, Elettra Papa, Valentina Medri, Elena Landi, Patricia Benito, Matteo Minelli, and Angelo Vaccari (Abstract)

Geopolymer oxygen carriers for chemical-looping combustion, Annalisa Natali Murri, Elena Landi, Valentina Medri, Francesco Miccio, and Riccardo Bendoni (Abstract)

Mixture optimization of an alkali-activated steel slag to maximize binder strength using optimal design of experiments, Pavel Leonardo Lopez Gonzalez, and Yiannis Pontikes (Abstract)

Impact of sodium aluminate on the hydration process of alkali-activated ground granulated blast furnace slag, Artur Kiiashko, M. Chaouche, V. Montouillout, and L. Frouin (Abstract)

Reinventing the structural fired clayey bricks through the geopolymerisation of laterites, Elie Kamseu, Kaze Rodrigue, and C. Leonelli (Abstract)

Different fiber materials as reinforcement for geopolymer composite, Meital Cahana, Gabriela Bar Nes, and Alva Peled (Abstract)

Effect of sulfides in the passive layer of steel reinforcement in alkali-activated slags, Susan A. Bernal, John Provis, Shishir Mundra, Maria Criado, and Dinghao Liang (Abstract)


Performance evaluation of metakaolin clay geopolymers synthesised with bamboo wood ash as an activator, Mary B. Ogundiran and Olalekan P. Akinola (Abstract and Presentation)


Analcime geopolymers as sorbents in water treatment, Hanna Runtti, Sari Tuomikoski, and Janne Pesonen (Abstract and Presentation)

Adsorption of copper and zinc with alkali-activated blast furnace slag from mine water, Johanna Kutuniva, Hanna Runtti, Tero Luukkonen, and Ulla Lassi (Abstract)

Zeolite-based ceramic components through hydrothermal dry synthesis, Alberto Conte, Paolo Colombo, Alessandro Angeleri, Agusti Sin Xicola, and Francesco Vannucci (Abstract)

3D printed geopolymeric lattices: Effect of different filler materials on mechanical properties, Paolo Scanferla, Giorgia Franchin, and Paolo Colombo (Abstract)

Electrochemical characterisation of cement hydration and properties by alternating current impedance spectroscopy, Aldo Fernando Sosa Gallardo, John Provis, and Derek C. Sinclair (Abstract)

Effect of calcination method and clay purity on the performance of metakaolin-based geopolymers, Daniel Geddes, John L. Provis, Susan A. Bernal, and Martin Hayes (Abstract)

Mechanical performance of alkali activated mixtures based on electric arc furnace slag, Nuno Cristelo, Filipe Almeida, Tiago Miranda, Fernando Castro, João Coelho, Cândida Vilarinho, Luís Segadães, and Ana Fernández-Jiménez (Abstract)

Potential of IGCC slag as an alkali activated material, Byoungkwan Kim, Sujeong Lee, Chul-Min Chon, and Hong-Shik Choi (Abstract)

Benefits of adding calcium hydroxide to metakaolin-based geopolymers on fast setting and strength enhancement, Byoungkwan Kim, Sujeong Lee, Joobeom Seo, and Shinhu Cho (Abstract)

Geopolymer ultrahigh performance concrete: Material and performance, Weiliang Gong, Carole Palfray, Nathan Masera, Hui Xu, Werner Lutze, and Ian L. Pegg (Abstract)

Geopolymer waste forms for radioactive wastes, Weiliang Gong, Hui Xu, Werner Lutze, and Ian L. Pegg (Abstract)

Freezing and thawing resistance of slag alkali activated concrete with different activators, Vlastimil Bilek (Abstract)

Geopolymer matrix for the inertization of gold mine tailings, Isabella Lancellotti, Jenni Kiventerä, Mirja Illikainen, Michelina Catauro, Scienze di Base, and Cristina Leonelli (Abstract)

Geopolymer materials based on different aluminosilicate sources, Sylvie Rossignol, Virginie Mathivet, Jenny Jouin, and Michel Parlier (Abstract)

Durability of lightweight geopolymers for passive fire protection: steel corrosion behavior in chloride-rich environment, Giulia Masi, Lorenza Carabba, and Maria Chiara Bignozzi (Abstract)

Amorphous, Self-Healed (ASH-G) geopolymer and (ASH-C) ceramic composites, Patrick Keane, V. Chadha, W. M. Kriven, and C. P. Marsh (Abstract)