January 8 - 13, 2024
Tomar, Portugal

Chairs:   Daniel Schmidt, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg
  Nikhil Gupta, New York University, USA
  Eric Eastwood, KCNSC/Honeywell FM&T, USA
  Brett Compton, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
  Gary M. Gladysz, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA



24 conference program - Innovative Materials & Methods for Additive Manufacturing II (IM²AM), Daniel Schmidt, Nikhil Gupta, Eric Eastwood, Brett Compton, and Gary Gladysz (Article)

Tailor made polymeric feedstocks for additive manufacturing using polymer science principles, Mark Dadmun, Neiko Levenhagen, Austin Riggins, Kaizhong Guan, and Akan George (Abstract)

Conformal and custom radiation shielding composites for human extremity protection enabled by non-planar additive manufacturing, Nicholas Baumann, Jacob Mingear, Jay Chen, and John Bernardin (Abstract)

Comparison of HDPE manufactured via compression molding versus selective laser sintering, Joseph Torres, Matthew Dirmyer, Rachel Collino, Natasha Story, Steven Williams, Matthew DeSmith, Alex Hatmaker, Michael Blair, and Estevan Sandoval (Abstract)

3D-printing liquid crystal polymers to replicate the anisotropic complexity of wood, Kunal Masania, Caroline Houriet, Vinay Damodaran, and Daniël Peeters (Abstract)

The development of high temperature organic materials for SLS at Sandia National Laboratories, C. Garrett Campbell (Abstract)

Direct ink writing of custom UV curable rubbers with radiation absorbing particles and its challenges, Jacob Mingear, Jason Benkoski, John Bernardin, and Nick Baumann (Abstract)

Kinetic modeling of cure behavior to enable simulation of material extrusion AM of reactive thermoset polymers, Madeline Wimmer and Brett Compton (Abstract)

Novel rheological measurements to understand structural stability of DIW- printed epoxy composites during thermal curing, Stian Romberg, Sarah Lehrman, Chad Snyder, Jonathan Seppala, and Anthony Kotula (Abstract)

Enabling digital manufacturing cyber-physical system for future manufacturing, Nikhil Gupta and Ramesh Karri (Abstract)


The thermoresponsive character of biopolymers and its impact on the scaffold performance in 3D bioprinting, Tijana Kavrakova, Luciano Vidal, and Jean-Yves Hascoët (Abstract and Presentation)

Additive manufacturing of elastomer, ceramic and metal multi-functional structures, Eric MacDonald (Abstract)

Focus on some peculiar behaviors of polymers in the context of additive manufacturing processes, René Fulchiron, Clément Perrinet, Thomas Maulet, Edwin-Joffrey Courtial, Christophe Marquette, and Claire Barrès (Abstract)

3D and 4D printing of polypropylene having different content of copolymer, Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Mariapaola Staropoli, and Lukas Hentschel (Abstract)

Understanding AM feedstock recyclability using small angle X-ray scattering, Samantha Talley, Samantha J. Rinehart, and Mark Dadmun (Abstract)

4D printing of hybrid materials with material extrusion method, Mika Salmi, S. Siddharth Kumar, and Jan S. Akmal (Abstract)

Material extrusion additive manufacturing of thermoset-based short fiber composites, Brett Compton (Abstract)

Directed assembly of ceramic particle microstructures to realize emergent mechanical and thermal properties, Randy Erb (Abstract)

Binder jet additive manufacturing of functional 4D components from NiMnGa magnetic shape memory alloy powders, C. Virgil Solomon, Matthew P. Caputo, Yash Trivedi, and Stephen Isacco (Abstract)

Lunar regolith as a feedstock for selective laser melting, Joris Kadok, Simon Bulou, and Patrick Choquet (Abstract)

3D/4D printing of high-performance nanocomposites and AI/ML strategies, Rigoberto C. Advincula (Abstract)


Mapping the light scattering distribution in a three-phase photopolymer resin system to predict cured dimensions, Darshil Shah, Joshua Morris, Alireza Amirkhizi, and Christopher Hansen (Abstract and Presentation)

Anchoring-based control of dissimilar material interface for multi-material laser direct energy deposition, Qing-Ye Jin and Wookjin Lee (Abstract)

Phase evolution and high temperature compressive strength of Ti-based alloy developed by micro-plasma powder additive manufacturing, Pradyumn Kumar Arya, Dan Sathiaraj, Neelesh Kumar Jain, and Pankaj Kumar (Abstract)

CNT-free ESD DIW silicone development - Mechanical & dissipative response, Luke Urry, Luke Joyner, Jennifer Heyes, and Gabrielle Davies (Abstract)

Optimisation of pre-print processing and thermal treatment of DIW printed silicone pads, Gabrielle Davies, Luke Urry, and Luke Joyner (Abstract)

Utilizing small angle X-ray scattering to understand material failures and improve material lifetime, Bethany Wilburn, Samantha J. Talley, Mark Dadmun, and Bob Moore (Abstract)

Additive manufacturing of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) alloys, Christian Leinenbach, A. De Luca, C. Kenel, and D. Dunand (Abstract)

From pre-ceramic polymer to high-toughness ceramic: An SLA 3D printing approach, Hamidreza Yazdani Sarvestani, Thomas Lacelle, Ahmad Sohrabi, Vahid Karamzadeh, Yadienka Martinez-Rubi, Michael Jakubinek, and Behnam Ashrafi (Abstract)


Multipurpose ABS composites for fused filament fabrication, Shelbie Legett and Andrea Labouriau (Abstract and Presentation)

Field-assisted assembly and printing of functional composites, Matthew Begley, Keith Johnson, Corie Cobb, and Emilee Armstrong (Abstract)

3D printed ceramics structures - Challenges and applications, Pedro Cortes (Abstract)

Enhanced thermal conductivity and fracture toughness in additive manufacturing through graphene-diamond composites, Shani Ligati Schleifer and Oren Regev (Abstract)

Effect of Co-content on microstructure and phases of laser additive manufactured Cox(CrNi)100-x alloy, Poonam Deshmukh, Dan Sathiaraj, and CP Paul (Abstract)

Tensile, fracture, and damage resistance characterization of 3D printed PLA with Morse code architectures, Deepesh Yadav and BN Jaya (Article)

Multi-material printing of thermoplastic and highly filled resin materials, Christopher Hansen, David Kazmer, Robert Lahaie, Alireza Amirkhizi, Darshil Shah, and Thomas Plaisted (Abstract)

Nanostructuring of an additively manufactured CoCrFeNi multi-principal element alloy using severe plastic deformation, Kamilla Mukhtarova, Megumi Kawasaki, Zoltán Dankházi, Márk Windisch, György Zoltán Radnóczi, Károly Havancsák, and Jenő Gubicza (Abstract)

Adapting new materials for SLS: A case study, Daniel Schmidt and Vincent Berthé (Abstract)

Additive manufacturing of anisotropic graphene-based composites for thermal management applications, Oren Regev and Shani Ligati (Abstract)