October 1-6, 2017
Dubrovnik Sun Gardens
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Editors:   Karsten Durst, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Karsten Durst (Article)

Integrated experimental and simulation analysis of stress and strain partitioning in dual phase steel, Dierk Raabe, M. Diehl, P. Shantraj, L. Morsdorf, Y. Naunheim, F. Roters, and C. Tasan (Abstract)

Quantifying the commonalities in structure and plastic deformation in disordered materials, Daniel S. Gianola, Glenn H. Balbus, Daniel J. Strickland, Daniel J. Magagnosc, R. Ivancic, and Andrea J. Liu (Abstract)

Plastic deformation of sub-micron Al and Be wires: A TEM and in situ TEM study, Marc Legros and Frédéric Mompiou (Abstract)

The brittle-ductile transition of tungsten single crystals at the micro-scale, Johannes Ast, Juri Wehrs, Xavier Maeder, Johann Michler, Mikhail Nikolayevich Polyakov, and Jakob Schwiedrzik (Abstract)

Fracture mechanics of microsamples, Reinhard Pippan, Manuel Pfeifenberger, Stefan Wurster, Marlene Kapp, Stefan Hartl, and Daniel Kiener (Abstract)

In situ HR-EBSD during micro-mechanical testing for microstructure, stress and plastic deformation characterizations in material, Xavier Maeder, Johannes Ast, Yi Guo, Mikhail Polyakov, Ariyan Arabi-Hashemi, Johann Michler, and Jakob Schwiedrzik (Abstract)

Micromechanics of fully lamellar TiAl alloys, Jon Molina-Aldareguia, Teresa Pérez-Prado, and Alberto Palomares-García (Abstract)

In situ stable fracture of ceramic interfaces, Finn Giuliani, Ben Britton, and Giorgio Sernicola (Abstract)

Miniaturized fracture experiments on pearlitic steel: Challenges and solutions, Gerhard Dehm, Balila N. Jaya, Ashish K. Saxena, and Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Understanding the performance of nano-structured ferritic alloys through micro-mechanical testing, David Armstrong, Chris Jones, and Steve G. Roberts (Abstract)

Using simulations to investigate the apparent fracture toughness of microcantilevers, Steffen Brinckmann, Gerhard Dehm, Christoph Kirchlechner, and Kurt Matoy (Abstract)

Fracture of silicon at low length scales, Jeffrey M. Wheeler (Abstract)

Elastic-plastic fracture toughness of electrodeposited Ni-W thick films using in-situ microcantilever bend tests, Denise Yin and Christopher Marvel (Abstract)

Multiple cracking events in metal bi-layers on polymer substrates, Megan J. Cordill, B. Putz, and C. Semprimoschnig (Abstract)

Mechanical properties and failure of Ag nanowire transparent electrodes studied by means of in situ tensile testing, Nadine Schrenker, Mirza Mačković, George D. Spyropoulos, Manuela Göbelt, Silke Christiansen, Christoph J. Brabec, and Erdmann Spiecker (Abstract)

Fracture behavior of metallic thin films as evaluated by bulge-tests and in situ TEM deformation experiments, Mathias Göken, Benoit Merle, Jan Philipp Liebig, and Eva Preiss (Abstract)

Micro-mechanical testing of transition metal (oxy)nitride coatings, James S.K-L. Gibson, Shahed Rezaei, Holger Rueß, Oliver Hunold, Stephan Wulfinghoff, Jochen M. Schneider, Stefanie Reese, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Filamentary growth of metals: Microstructure and properties of (nano-) whiskers, Gunther Richter (Abstract)

Combined in situ mechanical testing and scale-bridging 3D analysis of nanoporous gold, Erdmann Spiecker, Thomas Przybilla, Julien Guénolé, Arun Prakash, Erik Bitzek, Zhuocheng Xie, Peter Schweizer, Mirza Mačković, Benjamin Winter, Florian Niekiel, Erich Thiess, Stephen T. Kelly, and Hrishikesh A. Bale (Abstract)

Plastic deformation and anisotropy of long-period-stacking-ordered structures in Mg-Zn-Y alloys, Stefanie Sandlöbes, Ran Chen, Christoffer Zehnder, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, and Dierk Raabe (Abstract)

Mechanical hysteresis of the MAX phase Ti2AlN: A nano-mechanical testing study, Christophe Tromas, Wilgens Sylvain, Anne Joulain, Ludovic Thilly, Patrick Villechaise, and Marc Legros (Abstract)

Plasticity of an atomically layered crystal: A combined nanomechanical and ab initio study on Mo2BC, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, Stefanie Sandlöbes, Tobias Klöffel, and Bern Meyer (Abstract)

The impact of grain boundary character on the size dependence of Bi- crystals, Christoph Kirchlechner, Nataliya V. Malyar, and Gerhard Dehm (Abstract)

Mechanical testing of nanotwinned alloys, Andrea M. Hodge and Nathan Heckman (Abstract)

Mechanical testing of copper and copper alloy micropillars containing a single twin boundary, Benoit Merle, Jan P. Liebig, Sebastian Krauß, and Mathias Göken (Abstract)

Interface strength and toughness measurements in multi-layered systems, Daniel Kiener, Ruth Konetschnik, Darjan Kozic, Hans-Peter Gänser, and Roland Brunner (Abstract)

Room temperature plasticity in sub-micrometer thermally grown oxide scales, Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander, Krystyna Stiller, and Anand H. S. Iyer (Abstract)

Femtosecond laser and FIB: A revolutionary approach in rapid micro- mechanical sample preparation, Manuel J. Pfeifenberger, Reinhard Pippan, Daniel Kiener, and Anton Hohenwarter (Abstract)

Microscale additive manufacturing of metal – mechanical properties, Alain S. Reiser, Jeffrey M. Wheeler, and Ralph Spolenak (Abstract)

Spatially resolved depth profiling of residual stress by micro-ring-core method, Marco Sebastiani, Zeeshan M. Mughal, Alexander M. Korsunsky, T. Sui, E. Salvati, A.G.J. Lunt, Rostislav Daniel, and Jozef Keckes (Abstract)

Novel in situ nanomechanical tests: a new insight into the hydrogen embrittlement, Afrooz Barnoush, Tarlan Hajilou, Bjørn Rune Rogne, and Yun Deng (Abstract)

Development and application of an in situ-SEM nanoindenter coupled with electrical measurements, Fabien Volpi, Solène Comby, and Marc Verdier (Abstract)

Interfacial adhesion of compositional gradient ternary FCC alloy films, Rachel L. Schoeppner, Calum G. Ferguson, Aidan A. Taylor, Carlos Guerra-Nuñez, Mikhail N. Polyakov, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Strain rate influence on the thermo-mechanical deformation behavior of Aluminum thin films, Johannes Zechner, Tariqul Islam, Mirko Bernardoni, and Michael Nelhiebel (Abstract)

Nanoscale compressive deformation mechanisms and yield properties of hydrated bone extracellular matrix, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Aidan Taylor, Johann Michler, Uwe Wolfram, and Philippe Zysset (Abstract)

Cyclic indentation test to characterize viscoelastic behavior of polymers, Olga Smerdova, Marina Pecora, Marco Gigliotti, and Sylvie Castagnet (Abstract)

Probing crystalline phases in cubic boron nitride as a function of boron content by massive nanoindentation and microsample testing, Joan Josep Roa Rovira, Victor Lamelas, Saloua Abouelaz, Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, Luis Llanes, Hossein Besharatloo, and Joel Cugnoni (Abstract)

Anisotropic deformation of ZrB2 ceramic grains during in-situ micropillar compression up to 500°C, Tamás Csanádi, Ján Dusza, Juri Wehrs, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Room temperature and high temperature micromechanical testing of SiC- SiC fiber composites for nuclear fuel cladding applications, Yevhen Zayachuk, David Armstrong, Steve G. Roberts, and Peter Hosemann (Abstract)

Nanoindentation of Au nanoparticles – A combined experimental/computational multiscale study, Dan Mordehai, Shyamal Roy, Riccardo Gatti, and Benoit Devincre (Abstract)

A new type of superelastic and shape memory materials: ThCr2Si2- structured novel intermetallic compounds at small length scales, Seok-Woo Lee, John T. Sypek, Keith J. Dusoe, Hetal Patel, Amanda M. Giroux, Hang Yu, Alan I. Goldman, Sergey L. Bud'ko, Andreas Kreyssig, Paul C. Canfield, and Christopher R. Weinberger (Abstract)

Wide dynamic range 2-D nanoindentation: Friction and partial slip at contacts, John B. Pethica, Warren C. Oliver, and P Sudharshan Phani (Abstract)

Investigation of contact-induced near-surface materials transformations using nanomechanical testing., Guillaume Kermouche, Gaylord Guillonneau, Richard Chromik, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

New methods for nanoindentation mapping to account for size dependence, Andy Bushby and Alexandra Cackett (Abstract)

Scratching the surface of Lateral Size Effects (LSE): A critical comparison between indentation and scratch hardness size effects, Nigel Jennett, Xiaodong Hou, Anna Kareer, and Sarah Hainsworth (Abstract)

The formation and evolution of cracks during nanoindentation of fused quartz, Brittnee A. Mound and George M. Pharr (Abstract)

Constitutive modeling of indentation cracking in fused silica, Sebastian Bruns, Hamad ur Rehman, Karsten Durst, Kurt E. Johanns, and George M. Pharr (Abstract)

Constant contact stiffness indentation relaxation test, Jean-Luc Loubet, Jean-Luc Loubet, Gaylord Guillonneau, Jean-Michel Bergheau, and Guillaume Kermouche (Abstract)

Spherical nanoindentation – advancements and prospects towards its application as a multifunctional testing technique, Alexander Leitner, Daniel Kiener, and Verena Maier-Kiener (Abstract)

Identification of macroscopic hardening law through spherical indentation: definition of an average representative strain and a confidence domain., Charbel Moussa, Xavier Hernot, Gérard Mauvoisin, and Olivier Bartier (Abstract)

Size effect observed in spherical indentation test of single crystal copper, Stanisław Kucharski, Henryk Petryk, and Stanisław Stupkiewicz (Abstract)

Temperature dependence of indentation size effects, pile-up and strain rate sensitivity in polycrystalline tungsten from 25-950 C, Ben D. Beake, Adrian Harris, Jonathan Moghal, and Dave Armstrong (Abstract)

Nanoindentation at elevated temperatures, Warren C. Oliver, Sam T. Bacon, Richard L. Anthony, and P. Sudharshan Phani (Abstract)

Microcompression high cycle fatigue tests up to 10 million cycles, Gaurav Mohanty, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Mikhail N. Polyakov, Laszlo Petho, Jean-Marc Breguet, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

The effect of thermally induced stresses on indentation experiments, Ude D. Hangen (Abstract)

Nanoindentation study of the temperature dependence of plastic instability in Al alloys., Henry Ovri and Erica Lilleodden (Abstract)

Determination of mechanical properties of different sized silicon and silica nanowires tested in SEM, Nicole Wollschläger, Axel Kranzmann, Mustafa Yilmaz, Zuhal Tasdemir, and B. Erdem Alaca (Abstract)

Initiation of fatigue damage in ultra-fine grained thin films: Schmid, Taylor or Hall-Petch?, Oleksandr Glushko (Abstract)

Bulk metallic glass composites: microstructural influences on mechanical properties, Lisa Kraemer, Verena Maier, Marlene Kapp, Reinhard Pippan, Karoline Kormout, and Yannick Champion (Abstract)

Locally Resolved Fracture Mechanisms By Using In-Situ Microscopic Testing, Markus Alfreider, O. Kolednik, and D. Kiener (Abstract)

High‐resolution structural‐mechanical characterization and simulation of novel barrier coatings, André Clausner, Martin Gall, Willy Kunz, Ehrenfried Zschech, Markus Löffler, Emre Topal, and Paweł Rokicki (Abstract)

Evolution of thickness dependent buckle geometries, Alice Lassnig, Barbara Putz, and Megan J. Cordill (Abstract)

Changes in amorphous silica mechanical properties induced by femtosecond laser irradiation, Guillaume Kermouche, Paul Baral, Maxime Royon, and Istvan Groma (Abstract)

Residual stress characterization in DLC coating by focused ion beam milling and finite element modeling, Sergio Sao Joao, Christophe Héau, and Christophe Donnet (Abstract)

Combining high strength and moderate ductility in wear resistant coatings: a MO2BC study, Rafael Soler, Stephan Gleich, Christoph Kirchlechner, Christina Scheu, Gerhard Dehm, Hamid Bolvardi, and Jochen M. Schneider (Abstract)

Nanoindentation and optical properties of transparent metal oxide multilayers, Chelsea D. Appleget and Andrea M. Hodge (Abstract)

Mechanical behavior and size effects of polymer/amorphous NiB composites with 3D micro‐ architectures, Johann Michler, Gaylord GUILLONNEAU, Maxime MIESZALA, Laetitia PHILIPPE, Jens BAUER, and Oliver KRAFT (Abstract)

Effects of indenter geometry on micro‐scale fracture toughness measurement by Pillar splitting, Marco Sebastiani, Matteo Ghidelli, Kurt E. Johanns, and George M. Pharr (Abstract)

High‐speed nanoindentation for fast mechanical property mapping and surface patterning, Riccardo Moscatelli (Abstract)

Mechanical testing of twinned copper and copper alloy micropillars, Sebastian Krauß, Mathias Göken, Benoit Merle, and Jan Philipp Liebig (Abstract)

Small‐scale insights into superplasticity using micromechanical testing methods, Patrick Feldner, Benoit Merle, and Mathias Göken (Abstract)

Ductile‐brittle‐transition of flash annealed Fe‐based metallic glass ribbons, Christian Minnert, Markus Kuhnt, Enrico Bruder, and Karsten Durst (Abstract)

Indentation size effect and 3D dislocation structure evolution in (001) oriented SrTiO3: HR‐ EBSD and etch‐pit analysis, Farhan Javaid, Enrico Bruder, Karsten Durst, and Alexander Stukowski (Abstract)

In‐situ Bragg coherent X‐ray diffraction during tensile testing of an individual Au nanowire, Jungho Shin, T.W. Cornelius, S. Labat, M.-I. Richard, F. Laura, G. Richter, D.S. Gianola, and O. Thomas (Abstract)

A model for size‐effects in flat punch nanoindentation, Christopher James Campbell and Simon Gill (Abstract)

Portevin‐Le Chatelier effect in AlMg3% studied using elevated temperature nanoindentation, Gaurav Mohanty, Jakob J. Schwiedrzik, Johann Michler, Christophe Tromas, and Marcello Conte (Abstract)

An in‐situ indentation system for high dynamic nanomechanical measurements, Damian Frey, Gaurav Mohanty, Jean-Marc Breguet, Quentin Longchamp, Jakob J. Schwiedrzik, and Jean-Marc Breguet (Abstract)

Superelasticity and micaceous plasticity of the novel intermetallic compound CaFe2As2 at small length scales, John T. Sypek, Seok-Woo Lee, Christopher R. Weinberger, Paul C. Canfield, and Sergey L. Bud’ko (Abstract)

Ultra‐high elastic strain energy storage in hybrid metal‐oxide infiltrated polymer nanocomposites, Keith Dusoe, Seok-Woo Lee, Xinyi Ye, Aaron Stein, Chang-Yong Nam, and Kim Kisslinger (Abstract)

Micro‐fracture experiments on nanocomposite hard coatings, Matthias Bartosik, Rainer Hahn, Paul H. Mayrhofer, and Zaoli Zhang (Abstract)

Deformation behavior of gold/copper multilayer systems, Hauke L. Honig, Dong Wang, Marcus Hopfeld, and Peter Schaaf (Abstract)

Determination of stress‐strain relation using instrumented ball indentation at micron scale, Alexey Useinov, Alexey Useinov, and Vladimir Reshetov (Abstract)

New Tools to solve known problems at critical nanoindentation measurements, Wolfgang Alfred Stein, Martin Knieps, and Dennis Bedorf (Abstract)

Nanoindentation tests using flat punch indenter ‐ Contact formation and tilt correction, Dennis Bedorf, Wolfgang Stein, and Martin Knieps (Abstract)

Microcompression experiments on glasses ‐ strain rate sensitive cracking behavior, Christoffer Zehnder, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, James S. K.-L. Gibson, and Doris Möncke (Abstract)

Room temperature deformation mechanisms of the C14 Laves Phase in the Mg‐Al‐Ca system, Christoffer Zehnder, Stefanie Sandlöbes, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, James S. K.-L. Gibson, and Konrad Czerwinski (Abstract)

Using impact‐nanoindentation to test glasses at high strain rates and room temperature, Christoffer Zehnder, Jan-Niklas Peltzer, James S. K.-L. Gibson, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, and Doris Möncke (Abstract)

Observing the size effect in copper‐chromium‐zirconium using spherical indentation, Alexandra Joanna Cackett, Chris Hardie, Alessandro Schiavi, and Andy Bushby (Abstract)

Determination of Mechanisms of Abrasion in WC/Co hard metals by In situ micro‐tribology experiments, Mark Gee, John Nunn, Helen Jones, Ken Mingard, and Bryan Roebuck (Abstract)

Analyzing the onset of plasticity in Fe‐3wt.%Si, Nousha Kheradmand, Stéphane Dumoulin, and Afrooz Barnoush (Abstract)

Hydrogen enhanced cracking studies by in‐situ electrochemical micro cantilever bending test, Tarlan Hajilou, Afrooz Barnoush, and Nousha Kheradmand (Abstract)

Real‐time in situ micro‐mechanical testing of hard metals using FIB‐SEM, Helen Jones, Roger Morrell, Bryan Roebuck, Ken Mingard, Mark Gee, and David Cox (Abstract)

Hydrogen‐microstructure interactions in bcc FeCr alloys by in‐situ nanoindentation, Maria Jazmin Duarte Correa, Xufei Fang, Gerhard Dehm, and Steffen Brinckmann (Abstract)

Micropillar compression of hexagonal and cubic NbCo2 Laves phases, Wei Luo, Christoph Kirchlechner, Frank Stein, and Gerhard Dehm (Abstract)

Indentation behavior of single‐crystalline tungsten, Jin Wang, Tillmann Volz, Sabine M. Weygand, and Ruth Schwaiger (Abstract)

Nanoindentation of ferritic‐martensitic steels – a comparative study of static and dynamic measurements, Ana Ruiz Moreno and Peter Hähner (Abstract)

Monitoring the breath through mechanical movements of the chest using continuous wave bioradar system, Giovanni Cerasuolo, Luigi Marciano, Orsola Petrella, Francesco Soldovieri, and Gianluca Gennarelli (Abstract)

Heat flux gauge calibration using the blackbody, Giovanni Cerauolo, Carlo Purpura, Orsola Petrella, and Luigi Marciano (Abstract)

Micromechanical testing of Mo‐B‐C layers prepared by magnetron sputtering, Jiří Buršík, Ivo Kuběna, V. Buršíková, L. Zábranský, P. Vašina, and P. Souček (Abstract)