March 20 – 23, 2022
Marseille, France

Chairs:   Magali Barbaroux, Sartorius, France
  Martina Micheletti, University College London, UK

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Magali Barbaroux and Martina Micheletti (Article)

Post-approval changes to disposables/SUS, Patricia Hughes (Abstract)


Enablement by single-use technology of production of two billion vaccine doses of adenovirus-vectored vaccine in under a year, Carina Citra Dewi Joe, Jinlin A Jiang, Richard Turner, Thomas Linke, and Alexander D. Douglas (Abstract and Presentation)

Proactive and reactive supply chain strategies for risk mitigation, Hana Sheikh (Abstract)

Company and assembly redundancy – a case study, Sheryl Kane, Terence Jackson, and Heather Larivee (Abstract)


Implementing X-ray for single use systems sterilization, Samuel Dorey, Mélanie Gauthier, Isabelle Gay, Nina Girard-Perier, Fanny Gaston, Nathalie Dupuy, and Sylvain R.A Marque (Abstract and Presentation)


Qualifying X-ray irradiation of single-use systems to address new challenges associated with single-use growth, James Hathcock (Abstract and Presentation)

UNICAN: Dual capability in single use bioreactors, Ekta Mahajan (Abstract)


Building the future with on demand 3D printing, Lena Achleitner and Peter Satzer (Abstract and Presentation)

Improving bioreactor performance using mobile sensors, Jonas Bisgaard and Tue Rasmussen (Abstract)

The impact of baffles and probes on flow and power consumption in single- use bioreactors, Artemis Danae Charalambidou, Tom Wyrobnik, Anne de Lamotte, Andrea Ducci, and Martina Micheletti (Abstract)

Single-Use optical and electrochemical pH sensors in upstream bioprocessing, Erica Berilla (Abstract)


Measuring the liquid volume in a flexible bioprocess container with Single Use Pressure Sensors, Nick Troise and James Furey (Abstract and Presentation)

Intensified bioprocessing enabling single-use technologies, Martin Glenz and Marc Bisschops (Abstract)

From N-1 to purified product in a closed and connected single use technology process industry, Andreas Castan and Helena Öhrvik (Abstract)

Process intensification: Impact on cost, facility footprint and sustainability matrix, Miriam Monge, David Pollard, Priyanka Gupta, and Andrew Sinclair (Abstract)

cGMP friendly single-use TFF filter for continuous biologics manufacturing, Francisco Pelaez (Abstract)

Pathways to evaluate and improve the sustainability of plastics – an overview, Hans-Josef Endres (Abstract)

Process development for improved Car-t production utilizing an automated single use perfusion stirred-tank bioreactor, Tiffany Hood, Fern Slingby, Quentin Vicard, Nicola Bevan, Viktor Sander, Winfried Geis, and Qasim A. Rafiq (Abstract)

Integrated upstream and midstream processing with scalable pre- configurated single-use assemblies for accelerated commercial reach, Thomas Robert (Abstract)

Scale-down of an orbital shaken bioreactor: High cell density cultivation in perfusion mode and virus production, Sven Göbel, Lars Pelz, Ilona Behrendt, Matthias Proemmel, Jennifer Altomonte, Tibor Anderlei, Tim Bürgin, Yvonne Genzel, and Udo Reichl (Abstract)

Microbiome product manufacture out of a SU facility set up, Christopher McChalicher and Dave Ege (Abstract)


Sustainable resins for single-use technologies, Hans de Brouwer (Abstract and Presentation)

Growth through sustainable business model innovation using ICIS Framework, Chor Sing Tan, Brian Ho, Lacy Linney, Christian Anderson, and Karin Daar (Abstract and Presentation)

Reduction of water and water-related energy consumption by in-situ media and buffer preparation on demand in continuous integrated, Daniel Komuczki, Alois Jungbauer, Daniel Komuczki, Tommaso De Santis, and Peter Satzer (Abstract)

Learning from flexpack industry: Closing the loop, Jürgen Betz (Abstract)

High-cell density cryopreservation strategy, Julien Muzard, Jonathan Cartoux, and Muhammad Siddiqui (Abstract)

A high-throughput single-use platform for vaccine bioprocess development, Sarah L. Slack and Gary J. Lye (Abstract)

Supply of customized Single-Use-Mixer’s under tight circumstances became an issue under COVID, Per Stobbe (Abstract)

Tight controlled scalable Perfusion-SUBs from 250 ml and up, Per Stobbe (Abstract)

Automated microscale tools for speeding up both single use and reusable process development during pandemic scenarios, Jasmin Samaras and Martina Micheletti (Abstract)

SARS-COV-2 production in a single-use scalable high cell density bioreactor, Anna Offersgaard; Carlos Rene Duarte Hernandez; Anne Finne Pihl; Rui Costa; Nandini Prabhakar Venkatesan,; Xiangliang Lin; Long Van Pham; Shan Feng; Ulrik Fahnøe; Troels Kasper Høyer Scheel; Santseharay Ramirez; Udo Reichl; Jens Bukh; Yvonne Genzel; and Judith Margarete Gottwein (Abstract)

Bioprocess characterization at the micro-scale: Optical sensor integration in a novel capillary-wave micro-bioreactor, Kevin Viebrock, Lasse Frey, Dominik Rabl, Detlev Rasch, Sven Meinen, Andreas Dietzel, Torsten Mayr, and Rainer Krull (Abstract)

A fluorescent optical ammonia sensor - Suitable for online bioprocess monitoring, Maximilian Maierhofer, Veronika Rieger, and Torsten Mayr (Abstract)

µRAMOS: Online monitoring of respiration activities in 96-Deepwell Microtiter plates, Robert Dinger, Clemens Lattermann, David Flitsch, and Jochen Büchs (Abstract)

Challenges of the workflow for integration of sensors into single-use systems, Karl Beer and Henry Weichert (Abstract)

In-line monitoring and control of glucose concentration with single-use sensors in CHO and stem cell applications, Jan Müller, Valentin Jossen, Regine Eibl, and Dieter Eibl (Abstract)

Enhancements for a more reliable single-use pH sensor, Stefan Bardeck (Abstract)

Developing a flexible automated continuous downstream processing system for research to clinical supply, Ben Gay, Louise Taylor, Harvey Branton, Daniele Messina, Philip Corner, John Welsh, Aude Iwaniec, Spyridon Gerontas, Martyn Hulley, Richard Krucia-Tran, Brian Keith, Tibor Nagy, and Ferran Sanchez (Abstract)

Advances in hollow fiber membrane technology for high density perfusion cell culture, Jessica McRoskey, Tristan Winneker, Thomas Lazzara, Christian Julien, and Thomas Vandromme (Abstract)

Advantage of high turndown SUB for intensified process, Edward Chan (Abstract)


Clarification of cell culture broth using single use disposable BioSettlers, Dhinakar Kompala and Christopher Glascock (Abstract and Presentation)

Integrated upstream and midstream processing with scalable pre-configurated single- use assemblies for accelerated commercial reach, Tania Pereira Chilima (Abstract)


The science behind the integrity of single-use system: Investigating liquid leak and microbial ingress mechanisms to determine the maximum allowable leakage limit, Nathalie Pathier, Marc Hogreve, Anilkumar Paramathma, Tomasz Urbania, and Marie-Christine Menier (Abstract and Presentation)

Isolation of acellular derivatives of human amniotic fluid in single-use implementation, Mikhail Skliar (Abstract)

Fluid dynamics in a novel single-use bioreactor for personalised T-cell therapies, Gergana Georgieva Atanasova, Andrea Ducci, and Martina Micheletti (Abstract)

Manual visual inspection for particulates in single-use systems: Method development and validation, Klaus Wormuth, Olivier Benoit, Dany Laruelle, and Dounia Kateb (Abstract)

Standardization of visible particles measurement in single-use systems, an advantage for the emerging applications, Fanny Gaston Melanie Gauthier,; Klaus Wormuth; Melanie Gauthier; Nelly Montenay; and Veronique Cantin (Abstract)

Process development of a serum-free and scalable lentiviral vector production in a single-use bioreactor, Carme Ripoll Fiol, John Welsh, and Qasim Rafiq (Abstract)

A new single-use disk stack separator for pilot scale CHO cell-based antibody productions, Vivian Ott, Jan Müller, Regine Eibl, Dieter Eibl, Cedric Schirmer, Rüdiger Göhmann, and Andreas Biewald (Abstract)


Addressing the pain-points of single-use intensified multi-product downstream and liquid processing in a dancefloor production room layout, Stuart Tindal, Ganesh Kumar, Fritjof Linz, Michael Koch, Fabien Rousset, David Johnson, Franziska Froboese, and Geert Lissens (Abstract and Presentation)

Cell growth performance with a new single-use film, Diana Perez, Kimberly Mann, Stefano Berti, Patricia Kumpey, and Alison Dupont (Abstract)

Driving innovation in sustainability through product Life Cycle Assessments, Nicole Hunter and Christian Jermyn (Abstract)

Preliminary evaluation of PendoTECH® single use sensors post X-ray irradiation, Nick Troise and James Furey (Abstract)

Engineering characterisation of a cubic single-use bioreactor geometry, Jordan Delbridge, Timothy Barrett, Andrea Ducci, and Martina Micheletti (Abstract)

Design verification testing methodology for new Rosemount pH sensor, Jacalyn Saint Rudolph, Benjamin Arriola, Andrew Dierker, and Brandon Haschke (Abstract)

Assessing alternate sparger configurations to mitigate supply chain risks in single-use bioreactors, Stephanie Ketcham, Alexandra N Tsoras, Calvin Leung, Michael DiFiore, Susan Egan, Jianlin Xu, Jeffrey Savard, C Eric Hodgman, and Amanda M. Lewis (Abstract)

Study of mechanical behavior on single use bags welding under gamma irradiation, Nina Perier, Fanny Gaston, Nathalie Dupuy, Sylvain R. A Marque, Lucie Delaunay, and Samuel Dorey (Abstract)

The challenges of performing high density perfusion processes in single use bioreactors, Anita Dabek, Anthony Beaney, Mauran Mahendra, Anastasia Eftychidou, Colin Jaques, Joanna Kolacz, and Mikayla Olin (Abstract)

Risk-based qualification of X-ray sterilization for single-use systems, Timo Neumann, Jessica Shea, Monica Cardona, and Paul Killian (Abstract)