Effects of X-ray irradiation on the noise behavior of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFTs

Conference Dates

May 19-23, 2019


X-ray active pixel sensor (APS) has attracted great attention because of higher signal to noise ratio (SNR) by amplifying the signal in pixels. Each APS circuit contains the X-ray detector and a-Si thin film transistors (TFTs). Due to the high mobility, low-temperature polycrystalline- silicon (LTPS) TFTs have been proposed as a suitable candidate to replace the a-Si TFT. Previous research revealed that the significant transfer curve change under X-ray irradiation can be observed. However, the effects and reliability of X-ray irradiation on the low frequency noise (LFN) are rarely discussed. In order to find out the noise behavior of LTPS TFTs under X-ray, we investigate the noise spectrum density of the LTPS TFTs under irradiation conditions in this paper.

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