Ultra-sensitive and portable organic electrochemical transistors for noninvasive saliva glucose monitoring

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Abstract: Currently, there is no available approach for non-invasive glucose monitoring in the human saliva fluid because of its low glucose density, complex salivary composition, and poor blood correlation. Here, we report a non-invasive, ultra-sensitive, enzymatic stable, and continuous saliva glucose monitoring system based on an organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs), which can be real-time and wirelessly monitored and analyzed saliva glucoses with a portable meter and a mobile smartphone. The system presents a stable sensing performance in monitoring saliva glucose for over 12 hours with high sensitivity (1 × 10-9 M). The clinical trials results for saliva glucose showed a monoclinic relationship between the fasting glucose levels of saliva and blood with little deviation (~10%) in 102 human samples in different gender/age groups of with and w/o diabetics. A delay of glucose level in saliva to blood with a more complicated relationship was obtained in continuous saliva glucose measurement. This approach paves the way to clinically non-invasive and continuous glucose monitoring based on thin film transistors.

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