Invited; Latch-up issue between high-voltage circuit domain and low-voltage circuit domain in TFT LCD driver IC fabricated with BCD process

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


To drive the TFT LCD display panel, the driver ICs must be equipped with the low-voltage (LV) circuits and highvoltage (HV) together in a single chip to achieve the necessary circuit functions. The LV circuits are used to receive and decode the input signals from computers, as well as the HV circuits are used to send the output signals to the TFT LCD panel for display. With mixed-voltage circuits integrated in a single chip, the parasitic lateral latch-up path wouldl be formed between the neighboring HV-to-LV circuit blocks. When such a parasitic latch-up path was triggered on by external overshooting/undershooting transient noises, it would cause serious burned-out failure located between the HV-to-LV circuit blocks in the chip.

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