Invited; Progress of p-channel oxide-TFT development and how we improve the performances

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


It is well known that n-channel oxide-TFTs, i.e. a-IGZO-TFT is a great success in TFT back-plane technology for the state-of-art AMFPDs because of their excellent device performances including high-mobility and low-off current characteristics and good mass-product liability compatible with large sized glass substrates. There are remaining issues such as the development of higher electron mobility and better stability channels and intense device and material developments still take place. Therefore, several high mobility n-channel oxide-TFT have been developed already. (Fig.1) On the other hand, the absence of practical device quality of p-type channel oxide-TFT still remains the largest issue in an oxide semiconductor and is recognized as the technological barrier that should be overcome for next-generation oxide device technology because many circuit applications such as CMOS require a counterpart of n-channel-TFTs.

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