Invited; Epitaxy and heterostructure of germanium tin-related group-IV alloy semiconductors for future electronic and optoelectronic applications

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


GeSn and related group-IV alloys have been much attracted as one of novel semiconductor materials for nextgeneration nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and thermoelectronics applications. GeSn semiconductor promises high carrier mobility, highly efficient optoelectronic conversion, low thermal conductivity, and also low thermal budget process those properties are appropriate for the integration on Si ULSI platform. On the other hand, there are some challenges for practical applications of GeSn thin films integrating into Si ULSI. One is realizing a high substitutional Sn content over several percents in GeSn and related alloys, since the thermal equilibrium solid-solubility of Sn in Ge is as low as 1% (0.1% in the case of Si). In addition, the strain control of GeSn heteroepitaxial layers with a high crystalline quality is required for energy band engineering. Thus, it is necessary to understand and establish the crystal growth science and technology of GeSn-related group-IV thin films to control those crystalline and electronic properties.

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