September 17-22, 2023
Tomar, Portugal

Chair:   Franco Berruti (Western University, London, Ontario, Canada)
  David Chiaramonti (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
  Silvia Fiore (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
  Manuel Garcia-Perez (Washington State University, USA)
  Ondrej Masek (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK)



Conference Program - BIO-CHAR III: PRODUCTION, CHARACTERIZATION AND APPLICATIONS, Franco Berruti, David Chiaramonti, Silvia Fiore, Manuel Garcia-Pérez, and Ondrej Masek (Article)


Biochar in a circular economy, Johannes Lehmann (Abstract and Presentation)

Big box biochar: Scaled-up, in-woods biochar production, Darren McAvoy (Abstract)

Evaluation of pyrolysis processes and biochar quality in the operation of flame curtain pyrolysis kiln for sustainable biochar production, Anjali Jayakumar, David Morrisset, Vasileios Koutsomarkos, Christian Wurzer, Rory M. Hadden, Linda Lawton, Christine Edwards, and Ondřej Mašek (Abstract)

Heat, power and high-temperature biochar cogeneration, Anežka Sedmihradská and Michael Pohořelý (Abstract)

Activated char produced from chontaduro seeds: a new potential precursor, Luis Angel, Audrey Villot, Yves Andres, Claire Gerente, Manuel Rodriguez Susa, and Jaime Plazas-Tuttle (Abstract)

Does stirring influence hydrothermal carbonization experiments? A laboratory and computational study of a lignocellulosic biomass, Omar M. Abdeldayem, Md Abdullah Al-Noman, Capucine Dupont, David Ferras, Lat Grand Ndiaye, and Maria Kennedy (Abstract)

Process modelling and life cycle assessment of algal biochar- bioenergy system, Jiacheng Sun and Ondřej Mašek (Abstract)

Biochar seed-coatings for precision aerial seeding in forest restoration, Sean C. Thomas (Abstract)

Production, characterization and uses of N-doped chars and Metal-N- doped Bio-chars, Manuel Garcia-Perez (Abstract)

Transformation of zinc during waste tyre pyrolysis using various reactors, Bo Gu, Yun Yu, and Hongwei Wu (Abstract)

Green functionalization of biochar via mechanochemical approach, Maria Rosaria Acocella, Aida Kiani, Gianluca Viscusi, Elena Lamberti, Giuliana Gorrasi, Paola Giudicianni, Corinna Maria Grottola, Davide Amato, and Raffaele Ragucci (Abstract)

Use of plasticized biochar intermediate for producing biocarbons with improved mechanical properties, Robert L. Johnson, Kyle Castillo, Christian Castillo, Liang Wang, Øyvind Skreiberg, and Scott Turn (Abstract)


Bio-char post-processing – thermochemical activation of gasification carbon, David Gurtner, Michael Kresta, Angela Hofmann, Center Innsbruck, and Christoph Pfeifer (Abstract and Presentation)


Chemical nature, molecular structure, and formation mechanism of biochar: Molecular dynamics studies and experimental approach, Valentina . Sierra-Jimenez, Jonathan P. . Mathews, Anthony . Dufour, Farid Chejne Janna, and Manuel. Garcia-Perez (Abstract and Presentation)

Nutrients’ fate in cow manure during hydrothermal treatments, Mostafa Ahmed and Capucine Dupont (Abstract)

Molecular dynamics simulation of realistic biochar models with controlled porosity, Audrey Ngambia, Ondrej Masek, and Valentina Erastova (Abstract)

Physico-chemical qualities and potentials for biochar agro- environmental valorization, Eya Ghomri, Yann Le Brech, Marine Guilmont, Sebastien Leclerc, Sabine Bouguet-Bonnet, Nicolas Thevenin, and Roger Gadiou (Abstract)

Impact of temperature and technology on biochar properties from different agricultural residues, Konstantin Moser, Elisabeth Wopienka, and Christoph Pfeifer (Abstract)

Characterization and catalytic performances of biochars synthesized from a hyperaccumulator plant: Alyssum murale, Marine GUILMONT, Roger GADIOU, Yann LE BRECH, Marie-Odile SIMONNOT, Anthony DUFOUR, Jesus RAYA, and Claire COURSON (Abstract)

Production and characterization of spruce wood and bark biochar, Liang Wang, Alba Dieguez-Alonso, Maria N. P. Olsen, Julie Cathrine Guldahl, Øyvind Skreiberg, Alice Budai, and Daniel Rasse (Abstract)

Pore formation and porous structure evolution on CO2 activation processes, Javier Pallarés, Antonia Gil, Inmaculada Arauzo, and Cristóbal Cortés (Abstract)

Moroccan Two-phase olive mill wastes hydrothermal carbonization: effect of water phase recycling on hydrochar yields and properties, Akram DAHDOUH, Yann LE BRECH, Ismail KHAY, Mohamed BAKHOUYA, and Anas EL MAAKOUL (Abstract)

Quality of sewage sludge-derived biochar from the point of organic pollutants and pyrolysis parameters, Jaroslav Moško, Matěj Hušek, and Michael Pohořelý (Abstract)


Stable polycyclic aromatic carbon (SPAC) content as an improved parameter for determining biochar stability, Clement Uguna, Will Meredith, Colin Snape, and Philippa Ascough (Abstract and Presentation)

Physical and mechanical properties of pyrolyzed pellets, Magdalena Joka Yildiz, Christian Wurzer, Ondrej Mašek, and Thomas Robinson (Abstract)

Evaluation of the effect of torrefaction and slow pyrolysis on porosity and adsorption performance of biochar and activated carbons obtained from palm kernel shell, Marlon Cordoba, Farid Chejne, Jader Aleán, and Carlos Gómez (Abstract)

Comparison of hydrochar fractionation and composition in batch and continuous hydrothermal liquefaction, Maria J. Rivas-Arrieta and Patrick Biller (Abstract)


Characterization of biochars by nuclear magnetic resonance, Yann LE, Roger GADIOU, Luc DELMOTTE, Jésus RAYA, Younes BOUIZI, Gwendal KERVERN, Sebastien LECLERC, Sabine BOUGUET-BONNET, and Anthony DUFOUR (Abstract and Presentation)

Biochars from bioresidues, grouped for easier logistics in fertilizer application, Rianne Visser (Abstract)

Characteristics of sewage sludge biochar produced at a wide range of pyrolysis temperatures, Yassir Makkawi and Omar Moussa (Abstract)

Passivation of contaminated biochars by tar conversion over their surface, Patrycja Wąsik, Agnieszka Korus, Andrzej Szlęk, and Franz Winter (Abstract)

Study of possibility to foresee the activated chars properties knowing the intrinsic characteristics of raw biomass, Luis Angel, Audrey Villot, Jenny Peña, Maxime Hervy, Mohamad Dieme, Yves Andres, Claire Gerente, Manuel Rodriguez Susa, and Jaime Plazas-Tuttle (Abstract)

Pore engineering and surface functionalization of biochars from sugar beet pulp, Süleyman Şener Akın, Ali Bertan Kır, and Feyza Kazanç (Abstract)


Use of commercial biochar for river water purification in the Lazio region, Italy, Lorenzo Animali, Sveva Corrado, Mauro Giorcelli, and Paola Tuccimei (Abstract and Presentation)

Innovative applications of biomass gasification char in adsorption and catalysis, Ali Abdelaal, Audrey Villot, Francesco Patuzzi, Claire Gerente, and Marco Baratieri (Abstract)


Biochar as a catalyst for hydrogen production from methane conversion, Anthony DUFOUR, Alain CELZARD, Vanessa FIERRO, François BROUST, Jean-Noël ROUZAUD, and André ZOULALIAN (Abstract and Presentation)


The Mexico City hydrothermal carbonization plant - An alternative for the management of the organic fraction of the municipal solid waste (OFMSW) in urban areas, Gustavo A. Gutiérrez Fernández; Daniel Camarena Elizondo,; Luis Álvarez Icaza Longoria; and Christina Siebe (Abstract and Presentation)

High carbon wood ash biochar for mine tailings remediation: a field assessment of planted tree performance and metals uptake, Jasmine M. Williams and Sean C. Thomas (Abstract)

Opportunities and challenges with the production and use of biochar- based catalysts, Naomi Klinghoffer and Alexandra Frainetti (Abstract)

Assess the mechanisms and adsorption capacities of ten biochar types for the removal of micropollutants from wastewater effluent, Hadeel Hosney, Ahmed Mahmoud, Eleonora Borén, and Eleonora Borén (Abstract)

Adsorption mechanisms of biochar for removal of organic contaminants in water, Griffin Loebsack Western, Franco Berruti, Ken Yeung, and Naomi Klinghoffer (Abstract)


Adsorption of emerging pollutants with different biochar adsorbents, Heejin Lee, Bruna De Luca, Silvia Fiore, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)

Biochar as additive for enhanced dark fermentation and anaerobic digestion, Mingyu Hu and Prof. Ondřej Mašek (Abstract)


Application of biochar for the treatment of retting effluent and use as growth substrate, Neha Batta, Spencer M. Heuchan, Franco Berruti, and Cesar Moreira Valenzuela (Abstract and Presentation)


Balanced mixture of biochar and synthetic fertilizer increases seedling quality of acacia mangium”, Giovanni Reyes M (Abstract and Presentation)

Processing of hydrothermal liquefaction biochar from biogas residue for direct use as fertilizer, Kamaldeep Sharma and Thomas Helmer Pedersen (Abstract)


Co-composted biochar improves barley yield, manure use efficiency and offsets chemical fertilizer demand in organic agriculture under low rainfall conditions, Tommaso Barsali, Damiano Stefanucci, David Casini, Francesca Tozzi, Silvia Baronti, Francesco Primo Vaccari, Massimo Valagussa, and David Chiaramonti (Abstract and Presentation)

Influence of biochar filler on mechanical properties of basalt fiber reinforced polyamide-6 composite for automotive applications, Mohammad Mezbah Ul Hoque, Avishek Chanda, Muhammad Khusairy Bin Bakri, Vikram Yadama, and Manuel Garica-Perez (Abstract)


Effect of Redmud addition on electrical and magnetic properties of hemp-derived-biochar-containing epoxy composites, Mauro Giorcelli, Silvia Zecchi, Fabrizio Ruscillo, Giovanni Cristoforo, Griffin Loebsack, Kang Kang, Erik Piatti, Roberto Gerbaldo, Gianluca Ghigo, Daniele Torsello, Franco Berruti, and Alberto Tagliaferro (Abstract and Presentation)


Biochar performances as drug-carrier of bioactive molecules used for intestinal disease treatment, David Chiaramonti, Michaela Luconi, David Casini, Damiano Stefanucci, Andrea Maria Rizzo, and Giulia Lotti (Abstract and Presentation)


Gasification of waste wood fractions in a staged process – characterization of resulting bio-char, Michael Kresta and David Gurtner (Abstract and Presentation)

Status of Biochar and Carbon sequestration policy: how can market development be driven?, David Chiaramonti (Abstract)

Economic analysis of business models with multiple potential value streams: Application to the biochar system, Yuzhou Tang and Tim T Cockerill (Abstract)

Techno-economic evaluation of pulp and paper mill derived biochar, liquid and gaseous biofuel precursors, Murlidhar Gupta, Elisa Dorn, Carter Macklin, and Andrew McFarlan (Abstract)

Scaling up biochar production. What to aim for? What to choose?, Rianne Visser and Christiaan van de Meijden (Abstract)

Expansion of the pacific northwest biochar atlas to a nation-wide decision support tool: Online resources for biochar users and producers, Kristin Trippe and Rachel Baschieri (Abstract)


Agricultural residues: Going full circle on biochar resourcefulness, Isabel M. Lima (Abstract and Presentation)

How biochar can increase profitability in palm oil industry, Luis Tejado (Abstract)


Biochar benefits green infrastructure: a global meta-analysis and synthesis, Wenxi Liao, Md Abdul Halim, Imrul Kayes, Jennifer A. P. Drake, and Sean C. Thomas (Abstract and Presentation)

Effects of aging on biochar stability and soil amendment properties, Taísa Andrade Barbosa, Raimundo Rodrigues Gomes Filho, Alberto Wisniewisk Jr, and Ondrej Masek (Abstract)

Analysis of manure digestate and its major components as adsorbents solids for biogas cleaningcx, África Navarro-Gil, Noemí Gil-Lalaguna, Isabel Fonts, Joaquín Ruiz, Jesús Ceamanos, and Javier Ábrego (Abstract)

Facile functionalization of charcoal in water solution, Aida Kiani, Giuseppe Valvano, and Maria Rosaria Acocella (Abstract)

Production and characterization of biochar from industrial sludge for potential agronomic use, Florencia Ponte, Alejandro Amaya, Hector Garcia, and Capucine Dupont (Abstract)

One-step activation of residual wood – a contribution to the circular economy, Dominik Bosch, Jan O. Back, Luca Nohel, Angela Hofmann, and Anke Bockreis (Abstract)

Study of pyrolysis for biochar production from biomass feedstocks using a simplified Aspen Plus model, Disni Gamaralalage, Clement Uguna, Will Meredith, Jon McKechnie, and Colin Snape (Abstract)

Understanding biochar functionalities based on feedstock characteristics and processing conditions, Isabel M. Lima and Amir Hass (Abstract)

Development of pilot scale pyrolysis reactors for biocarbon sequestration, Murlidhar Gupta, Guillaume Gagnon-Caya, Ben Bronson, and Leslie Nguyen (Abstract)

Effect of pressure and gas velocity on biochar formation: hindered tar evaporation or tar cracking?, Eya GHOMRI, Jana ALKOUSSA, Yann LE BRECH, Andrew KABUGO, and Guillain MAUVIEL (Abstract)

Effects of biochar addition on long-term behaviour of concrete and mortar, Malcevschi A, Belletti B, Milanese D, Sciancalepore C, Sirico A, and Bernardi P (Abstract)


Qualterra – Scalable biomass processing technologies for sustainable agriculture, Seanna Hewitt, David Drinkard, and Amit Dhingra (Abstract and Presentation)

An Exploration into Large‑Scale Hydrochar Production and Application: Effects, Evolution and C Permanence, Gustavo A, Daniel Camarena Elizondo, Luis Álvarez Icaza Longoria, Christina Siebe, and Lucy Mora (Abstract)

Effect of pyrolysis atmosphere on biochar production from spruce bark, needle, twig and forest residue, Liang Wang, Jone Dambås, Julie Cathrine Guldahl, Elisa Magnanelli, and Nikalet Everson (Abstract)

Production and characterization of biochar from biomasses, Liang Wang, Roger A. Khalil, Jørn Bakken, Julie Cathrine Guldahl, and Øyvind Skreiberg (Abstract)