Highly sensitive broadband phototransistors based on gradient tin/lead mixed thin film perovskites

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Highly sensitive broadband photodetectors are critical to numerous cutting-edge technologies such as biomedical imaging, environment monitoring, and night vision. While near-infrared I-II (NIR I-II, 750–1700 nm) photodetectors is indispensable for medical instruments, commercialized NIR photodetectors are primarily made of inorganic narrow-bandgap materials such as GaAs, PbSe, and InGaAs, which rely on expensive and complicated microfabrication processes. Here, we report ultrasensitive broadband phototransistors based on all-solution processed Sn/Pb mixed-perovskite films, which show spectral response from visible to NIR-II region benefitting from their narrowed bandgap energies compared with other pure Pb or Sn-based perovskites.

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