Solution processed ultrawide bandgap insulator to semiconductor conversion of amorphous gallium oxide via fermi level control

Conference Dates

May 15-18, 2023


Silicon and more recently wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor materials have dominated the integrated circuit (IC) and thin-film transistor (TFT) space, respectively. For instance, Si technology is widely used in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) architectures and as conventional channel material in TFTs in its amorphous and polycrystalline phases. On the other hand, WBG semiconductors such as amorphous InGaZnO have been recently poised to replace a-Si as the dominant TFT channel material especially in modern displays for their superior mobility, transparency, and low temperature processability. Nevertheless, a shift towards ultrawide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductors which have bandgaps (Eg) larger than 4.0 eV unlocks additional properties such as higher breakdown voltage, excellent transparency at wider wavelength range, and harsh environment resilience [1].

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